Camwhores, cocksuckers, and boys whom cocksuckers want to make cocksuckers tore themselves away from Stickam this past weekend for The Bamboozle music festival in New Jersey.

West Coast attendees were mostly limited to e-celebs like Audrey Kitching and Matthew Lush, who as usual stood there smiling and did nothing remarkable. Aldo Vento prostituted himself to Comment Curtis, and soon will probably have a new Macbook. Jeffree Star performed (it would not be accurate to say he sang) and appeared on stage with Raquel Reed and Chris Crocker. In a shameless publicity stunt, the two repulsive gender-bending cocksuckers kissed at the end of Jeffree’s show.

Aside from the aforementioned no-talents, StickyDrama was fortunate to have been sent footage of several familiar users: Anthony Vanity, not smoking tobacco with Juli Hudson and Petey Plastic; Michael Kirk, shaking his enticing ass; Apocalypse Pony, freezing to death in the rag she was wearing; ODAMNDESI, whose nose looks fine in person; Toker Tommy, high as usual; and the now-deleted Mark Rocks.
With the exception of Comment Curtis, almost none of those users who attended SXSW were seen at Bamboozle. Since you wouldn’t grace us with your presence, Adam, will you at least do a meatspin for StickyDrama on the next STC? We’ve been asking for fucking months, don’t pretend you’re not reading.


  1. idk why you hate me?^ I’m not on stickam, and I only saw this because someone sent it to me saying how funny it was. And after reading over it and seeing how much people (even myself) over-react made me laugh.

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