“Flowers,” John Ruskin wrote in the Victorian Age, “seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.” How sophisticated our aesthetics have evolved, over a century later in the Digital Age, when nothing raises our spirits like unretouched photos of the so-called beautiful people.
For our part StickyDrama can scarcely imagine the profoundly uplifting effect on the masses triggered by this most unflattering image of Raquel Reed, who apparently was photographed in the midst of removing her many coats of makeup.

For those readers unfamiliar with popular Myspace personalities, Raquel is a professional makeup artist who has made somewhat of a name for herself online as an aspiring model.

Her onstage appearance at Bamboozle confirmed she was once again part of the exclusive Jeffree Star-Chris Crocker clique, comprised of cocksuckers and bimbos famous for doing nothing in particular.



  1. ok honestly i think shes alright without makeup all she needs is her eyebrows..if you realy think about it shes not that ugly.. its just her skin from all the makeup and the shaved eyevrows wich she keeps now..all am sayin is that she as a person not a model she look alright..
    she just needs eyebrows

  2. she looks better without makeup..
    i mean not in that pic.
    but personally i find she looks really dragqueen-ish when shes all cakefaced.

  3. that is years ago, because raquel now keeps her eyebrows “au natural”. her eyebrows are shaved in that picture, so obviously it’s old.

  4. Just to clear things up, Raquel was 13 in this photo and her skin had a bad reaction to MAC wipes.
    If you go onto her buzznet and click on the no makeup picture she has on there and scroll through the comments, she talks about the picture above.
    Anyway, everyone has a bad picture or two circulating around.

  5. this picture does look a bit old, but she looks pretty awful in it. she does wear a ridiculous amount of make up all the time and she really shouldn’t have to. going au naturale once in awhile wouldn’t hurt her.

  6. Lol @ arthur ford saying she’s disgusting. Arthur = piece of SHIT. Kill yourself.
    And lol @ the majority of you being hypocrites. I’m sure the majority of you were hit with the ugly stick, and then have the balls to come on here and talk trash at the appearances of other people.
    ps- Apocalypse Pony, you look like an under-decorated tranny, js.

  7. honestly with the makeout or without the makeout she looks like a trany. just whne i see her? i think of a boy that has blue hair

  8. shes ugly without make up and eyebrows come on now, stop blinding ureself and sucking her dick if you think thats hot

  9. Hey mellisa, you should ask your boyfran to stop giving out your nudes.
    And @ hair being fried, its kinda obvious.
    If ya need to ask how the chemicals have obviously mushed what was left of a brain.

  10. u think i look like shit? You should see Jeffree without his make-up, thats tragic. I know he gave you fags this pic. But I dont give a fuck, Im a singer/model/makeup-artist/myspace celeb.
    point blank.

  11. well all i can say is maybe if she didn’t wear makeup sher skin would be better
    i wear light brown eye makeup and nothing on my skin cause it will breakout if i do.

  12. What has Raquel really done to deserve this? This honestly isn’t news at all.
    It’s a poor quality photo taken not only with flash, but at an odd angle and an inopportune time. Leave the poor girl alone, she is beautiful.

  13. look guys
    stfu. no one looks that great all the time. if you know how to put on makeup and do your hair so you look drop dead fucking gorgeous then that’s fine.
    i know i don’t look that great until i paint my face on.
    get the fuck over it.

  14. nobody likes diva disaster
    shes like 3 and thinks shes the fucking shit by talking hard on the computer.
    shes a fucking annoying immature fuck

  15. LOL@DIVA.
    How would you know that my hair is fried, silly girl? And aren’t you a little young for this? Oh yeah, I forgot, you just had your 14th birthday. MY bad.

  16. i’ve been looking between this picture of raquel and the picture of matthew ravenstar on the stickycam for a few minutes, and i can’t figure out who’s the uglier of the two. ):

  17. I have a question? Why do all these internets personalities have such horrible teeth? Surely Raquel’s parents heard of braces. Why didn’t they get them for her? Nice white straight teeth are “I want to be a star 101,” right?

  18. Its easy to be caught off guard and take an unflattering picture that makes you look worse than you do.
    However, her hair…needs to be taken care of.

  19. this is mean. Shes such a nice person and she’s gorgeous this just isnt a good moment…she also looks a lot younger than she is now. She doesnt deserve this

  20. kiki kannibal said, May 19th, 2008 at 7:23 pm O shit, she’s Danny Noriega!
    omg this is why i love kiki.
    she doesn’t look ugly with or without makeup, and she’s funny and hell.

  21. obviously this is old. when is the last time raquels hair was black and blonde with a LITTLE blue at the end? like a billion years ago. and shes gotten new teeth, so STFU. kthxbye

  22. alright.
    i understand people have their own style. especially the scene population of drawing on eyebrows, tons of makeup, photoshop.
    i just think it takes away from you as a person.
    nobody really know what you look like because nothing is really you.
    im sure raquel is still just as beautiful a person with or without makeup, i just wish she was more real.

  23. Regardless of how old this picture is, it’s still scary. The combination of the orange eyelids, the gray spots where eyebrows should be, and her piss-colored brillo pad hair is HORRIFYING! If this pic is 5 years old then she was like 14/15? She’s had blue hair that long? This was probably why she became a make-up artist/magician.

  24. who cares omg. atleast she looks hot wifff makeup :]
    and this picture is, infact really old.

  25. make up clogs pores, clogged pores cause acne. so yea i think its really her. plus ppl of her “stature” feel they are exempt from natural beauty laws, but whatev. if ppl didnt pretend to be something they aren’t this site wouldn’t have as many views as it does. so when sticky exposes ppl for who they really are, everyone wants to get pissed. im sure this girl can be pretty, IF she had her own eyebrows, but whatev, beauty is only skin deep anyway.

  26. I’m sure most people don’t look
    wondeful without make-up. She doesn’t
    have eyebrows, which looks weird, but other than that it seems pretty normal.
    Hell, everyone gets acne at some point, and this obviously wasn’t a planned picture.

  27. “haha talk about people who do nothing,look at yourself,you run a website based off of people you supposedly hate and think are worthless,so if your taking the time to do things about these worthless people what does that make you?” you’re the one reading and replying to it

  28. old old photo,actually YEARS old.
    its a bad facial espression
    There are videos of her on the web,she isnt photoshop.
    and yeah she wears make-up omg so what??
    haha talk about people who do nothing,look at yourself,you run a website based off of people you supposedly hate and think are worthless,so if your taking the time to do things about these worthless people what does that make you?

  29. oh, and by the way, raquel is actually talented.
    like, she doesnt just stand around and pretend to sing like jstar.
    she actually has a paying job as a makeup artist, she does a lot of modeling, and she has her own clothing line that she does with her boyfriend.
    its stupid that you guys take nice, super pretty people and try to make people think theyre something theyre not.
    youre just so sick.

  30. shut the fuck up sticky.
    everybody has their bad days, and this picture was taken like 5 years ago.
    plus this is wayyy old news, i saw this picture posted on buzznet like 6 months ago, everyone has seen it.
    we all saw raquel on webcam, no photoshop, no makeup, and she looked hot.
    plus shes not a stuck up bitch like audrey or jeffree, shes actually really down to earth and so nice.
    and pretteir than almost any one of you.
    so dont hate.

  31. this picture is of her like 5 years ago
    peoples skin changes over that amount of time
    I’m sure almost every person who posted on here and the admins have had bad skin at some-point in time in their life
    ps its also old news
    Jeffree and Stevie posted this years ago

  32. Excuse me, Danny, I’m a real person, I wear makeup. Take a fucking look around. I DARE you to find like, more than a handful of ‘e-popular’ girls, (and guys, for that matter, ha.) who wear a lot of makeup, and/or photoshop the fuck outta themselves. F’real? Kthx.

  33. iv seen way worse on stickam put some of the ugly bitches from stickam who think their hott
    i would laugh.

  34. im justt going to keep sucking up to everyine so it dosnt matter im a fucking ugly cunt

  35. Ew. To everyone saying “she’s real!” no, she’s just disgusting.
    She plasters her makeup on so she obv. looks like shit without it.
    She’s fucking disgusting.

  36. i couldn’t even look at her face, i was staring in horror at her hair for like five minutes. girl needs some hairapy.

  37. Old picture apparently a bad reaction to a M.A.C makeup remover wipe. This is old news. I could have pulled this picture off a raquel reed buzznet browse ages ago. Good work sticky this is yet another half ass blog congrats.

  38. this def doesn’t look like her.
    i think she is is gorgeous with or without makeup though. you guys are all just jealous because you’re all fugs and fat. get the fuck over it cunts

  39. atleast she doesn’t like.. retouch her bone structure and crap.
    so she has acne, palse skin, and drawn on eyebrows. i’ve seen people look worse WITH makeup on.
    she looked beautiful when she was taking the makeup off on cam, so maybe this is fake.. idk.

  40. Yes they do plaster their bodies. If i didn’t draw on my brows im sure you would all say i look just as ugly. quit hating most of you say im ugly anyways. TRUTH HURTS RAQUEL.

  41. “Jeffree Star-Chris Crocker clique, comprised of faggots and bimbos famous for doing nothing in particular.”
    SO true. I couldn’t possibly agree more. The reason they are famous is because stickydrama makes them famous if people didn’t talk about them then well nobody would give a flying fuck.

  42. i agree with one of the anonymous people.
    “If she had eyebrows then I wouldn’t think she looked so weird but wtf?! And her hair is fried like bacon”

  43. um.
    that picture has to be older.
    ive seen her videos and she was on mtv in the background of true life and she looks great.
    so stop hatin.

  44. If she had eyebrows then I wouldn’t think she looked so weird but wtf?! And her hair is fried like bacon.

  45. this is almost as funny as the infamous picture of jeffree star without makeup.(for those of you reading whom have never seen it, just google jeffree star without makeup.)

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