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Raquel Au Naturel


“Flowers,” John Ruskin wrote in the Victorian Age, “seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.” How sophisticated our aesthetics have evolved, over a century later in the Digital Age, when nothing raises our spirits like unretouched photos of the so-called beautiful people.
For our part StickyDrama can scarcely imagine the profoundly uplifting effect on the masses triggered by this most unflattering image of Raquel Reed, who apparently was photographed in the midst of removing her many coats of makeup.

For those readers unfamiliar with popular Myspace personalities, Raquel is a professional makeup artist who has made somewhat of a name for herself online as an aspiring model.

Her onstage appearance at Bamboozle confirmed she was once again part of the exclusive Jeffree Star-Chris Crocker clique, comprised of cocksuckers and bimbos famous for doing nothing in particular.



  1. ok honestly i think shes alright without makeup all she needs is her eyebrows..if you realy think about it shes not that ugly.. its just her skin from all the makeup and the shaved eyevrows wich she keeps now..all am sayin is that she as a person not a model she look alright..
    she just needs eyebrows

  2. she looks better without makeup..
    i mean not in that pic.
    but personally i find she looks really dragqueen-ish when shes all cakefaced.

  3. that is years ago, because raquel now keeps her eyebrows “au natural”. her eyebrows are shaved in that picture, so obviously it’s old.

  4. Just to clear things up, Raquel was 13 in this photo and her skin had a bad reaction to MAC wipes.
    If you go onto her buzznet and click on the no makeup picture she has on there and scroll through the comments, she talks about the picture above.
    Anyway, everyone has a bad picture or two circulating around.

  5. this picture does look a bit old, but she looks pretty awful in it. she does wear a ridiculous amount of make up all the time and she really shouldn’t have to. going au naturale once in awhile wouldn’t hurt her.

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