In a fuzzy daze from repetitive banning, John Hock issued his final concession. While people with jobs were busy sleeping very early Monday morning, John Hock was busy confirming the end of one career and the dawning of a new era of John Hock. A new one which involves a tad less clothing and a dash less annoyance.

Lora reports in Mydrama.


  1. Sexual Preference: Bi curious

    Oh yeah!

    I’m waiting for him to have butt sekz on cam!! (:
    At least he won’t get banned there!
    Just hopes he starts using that site a lot!

  2. Anon @ 11/25/08 3:57 this post was posted by LOLATYOU not sticky and it was more of putting something someone else advertised on the frontpage.

    Sticky doesn’t give a fuck about John, obviously.

  3. low low low. i went to cam4 and was like oo look at this chick thats about to get it on ill take a peak. turns out its a shemale. im pretty sure if i were to do a camsex website i wouldnt be on one with shemales. bad for the image. oh and dumb asses who say they are feeling bad for john are dumb. he has made a ton of bad choices and hasnt learned from him, thats his own damn fault not his parents so dont give him place to blame people other than himself fuck faces.

  4. I think you people need to get a life. I don’t even know John and I can see that he needs serious help and someone who will listen to him because this is all linked to not having parents when he was growing up. I really hope he gets the help he needs and I hope you stop obssesing over him.

  5. He’ll be banned….eventually..

    Life doesnt evolve around getting views…John, what happened to you, man?

    I was rooting for you…but this is just too far…. 🙁

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