“One way to measure the health of a society,” said Judge Tom Ross at the 2000 William Rehnquist Award Program, “is to examine the quality of its justice.”  Well, StickyDrama doesn’t know much about the quality of Iran’s justice—we imagine it’s not that great.  But if we examine the quality of Iran’s music videos, that country must be one godforsaken pile of shit sprinkled with AIDS blood.

Anyways that’s the impression we got watching a Persian music video featuring our own Kayvon Zand.

Oh yes, that’s Kayvon.  Clapping and grinning and doing whatever it is that Persian guys do to woo a frumpy middle-aged Persian gypsy at the beach.

Truly, the art direction of this video is an expression of a supreme Cheesiness which transcends the power of words to describe.  From the caption of a fax number to the backgrounds of psychedelic vomit, our soul was borne away along a symphony of bad taste and barbarous language.



  1. All persians think they are royalty. Who gives a fuck, wow four generations. Like that has anything to do with you other than being squeezed out that whore’s cunt you call a mother. You aren’t royalty you gypsy fuck and you aren’t ignorant, you’re just plain stupid. LOL culture, your so-called culture is the result of your area being fucked in the ass by invaders. You have a narrow vision of your history that given the light of day reveals that the royalty card you drop means nothing to me or any rational person. Your royalty are nothing but a pack of disloyal, back-stabbing cunts. So keep pointing out how you are an aryan and how your race is superior. Because it just goes to show your stupidity and biased arrogance, typical of an area full of backwards country people with a huge inferiority complex and dominated by cavemen who use religion to maintain the illusion of their impotent manhood.

  2. Mr X, The X stands for Ignorant. That’s why you have no face and no name.
    It’s ppl like you that fantasize about the good ole Hitler Days. Got news for you buddy, we have a BLACK PRESIDENT NOW! Time to say good by to your old world slave dreams.
    Get the fuck over it, our world is multi cultural. What is a country but political boundaries . Yes, my parents were born in Iran, but my dad’s side were Russian immigrants who crossed the caspian sea.
    My heritage and culture are beautiful and rich.
    Iran translates to “Arya” in farsi.
    Arya means Aryan. What is now modern day Iran is where the Aryan race was formed meaning white ppl. Do some reading Douche Rag.
    My family has blue eyes, light skin, light hair. The arabs when they invaded Iran brought Islam and lots of the cultural influences you see today.
    Don’t you dare say persians are the trash of the middle east, we have more culture than you can handle.
    I can trance my family back to four generations.
    Google my family faggot, Zand Dynasty.
    Little surprise, My great great grandfather was a monarch, Karim Khan Zand. Not one to brag , but your ass needs the whoopin.
    Tell me about your lineage, if you even know.
    So before you cut ppl down and talk shit, look at yourself. You are a shitty person who hides behind a fake name on the net, have no face, and talk all this racist shit. This is the USA 2008, white is not the majority. And guess what?, your shit does stink! and thats why you dont have the balls to show that tired old mug of yours.
    Eat shit.

  3. What ever faggot. Enjoy your trip with dirty alcohol laden apes. Yeah don’t address the facts of my post, stick to the fantasy arrogance of your monkey tribe. Nobody gives a shit about them or their latest rape by America.

  4. No one wants to read politics here son.
    And LOL! since when have I planned on travelling to Iran to have sex with another man? I’m sure they won’t hang a BOY for walking around topless on cam.
    Unless you’ve been taught otherwise in your M-E Economic expertise.

  5. roman you little faggot they would hang you there so I don’t know why you act like you are a team player. iran would be dirt poor and culturally bankrupt without the happy accident of oil being there and being a parasite on the western world. That place is the only one more backwards than the USA with their caveman religious zealotry. When they want a degree in that shit hole where do they send them? That’s right the USA or UK. Because they live in the 1400’s.

  6. LMAO, here we go again.
    How many potatoes are caught up in your ass this time Mr. X?
    Trailer park of the middle east?
    I guess you’d think fucking two Afghans and their Syrian mutt is more productive than the delights of Persianism, simply because you’ve been taught oh-so-much about the Middle Eastern economy.
    Pop out those potatoes, wash off from the Afghan/Syrian orgy, then tell us how you feel.

  7. There is no such thing as race besides the human race. Religious texts invented that concept to keep ignorant dogs like you enslaved. So, Jews aren’t a race and neither are the Greek cock scabbards. But iranians are trash, they are the trailer park of the middle east.

  8. Oh boy lots of talent there kneeling on the beach so some persian cougar can flounce around you. What lineage do you speak of? You mean all the way back where Alexander The Great raped your whole empire? What have you done for me lately.
    Oh and roman you are delusional, the only reason they talk about mongrel iranians is because they are worthless dogs. The Jews they talk about are assholes for the most part and would be so no matter what religion they claim.

  9. Lol I had lots of fun shooting this video, def an experience.
    For the comments about Persians. Some ppl need to stfu, as I am American first, being born here. And, anyone who is just American isn’t lucky enough to be able to trace their lineage.

  10. Anthony Vanity, that made me laugh so much. Go out and meet some real educated people that don’t spend their life on the internet.
    Kayvon looks hot in that video lol

  11. AV, I understand that you have to kiss Sticky’s ass but honestly the fact that Sticky is one of the most culture hungry people YOU KNOW doesnt really mean much. And yes I can tell the difference between humor and hate and how sometimes the former, consciously or not, is used to perpetuate the latter. Lastly, no my life is in no way miserable, I simply happen to think that this post embodies some of the things that are simply wrong about some Americans and given the nature of this blog I doubt it that the author of this post has a thin skin or even gives a fuck about my comments.

  12. Posts like this help to do nothing but perpetuate the idea that Americans are ignorants and self-centered. It’s amazing how some Americans don’t think twice before criticizing a symbolism of someone’s culture simply because w/e such symbolism might be does not meet the “quality” that such self-centered American demands and offcourse since such self-centered American is ignorant, he/she cant understand that culture is not measured in terms of quality. Meh, idgaf if people dont wanna educate themselves but I figured I’d give my 2 cents. In this case, posts like this one prove that Obama having won the presidency doesnt really prove anything regarding the American people who certainly still need to be educated in a lot of different aspects.


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