If you thought that the City of Los Angeles would have any safeguards in place to prevent StickyDrama from hiring a skywriting company to create cloud messages above Stickam’s headquarters—well, you thought wrong.

That’s right, dear readers.  On New Year’s Day, at some point between 3-4pm PST, five airplanes are going to write whatever the fuck StickyDrama wants directly above the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown LA.  One might be inclined to think, after that foiled terrorist attack against the Bank Tower in 2002, a buttpirate would at least have to go to City Hall and apply for a permit or something.  Nope!  You just call the company and say your credit card numbers and send five airplanes flying toward the tallest building on the West Coast, and that’s all there is to it.  Apparently at an altitude of 10,000 feet, neither the local nor federal government has any jurisdiction, or doesn’t bother to regulate.
As our readers know, if it wasn’t capped then it never happened; and so we’re capping it.  With one of those gazillion Megapixel Nikon cameras.  We could print billboards of the damn thing.  Probably will.
Owing to complexities of skywriting, guaranteeing the message will be written at a precise time is not possible.  But Los Angelenos with a good view of the downtown skyline might want to look up starting at 3pm.  The message will be twenty-five characters, stretch five miles long and last for five minutes.  If nothing has happened by 4pm, then somebody probably fucked up and StickyDrama will be so pissed that red hot laser beams of flaming semen will shoot out of our eyes and incinerate everything in our sight.
But assuming everything goes fine, StickyDrama readers are welcome to join our Post Pwntage Party at The London West Hollywood. Send us message on AIM for details.  We would say come ask us in our chatroom, but the fucking thing keeps crashing every 2 minutes.  Sleeping employees, failing servers—crack the whip already, Kishioka!


  1. It was an uppercase ‘D’.
    All the letters were uppercase, actually.
    It was spelled correctly, aside from the obvious “U” and “PWNT” that were spelled wrong for (I’m assuming) space conservation and lulz.

  2. So I’m on my way back from my vacation in Hollywood and just starting out what do my friend and I see?
    A giant string of letters just being finished in the sky. I had read this earlier too.
    I totally laughed/got pictures.
    I’ll post them when I get back to Phoenix. haha.
    Nice though.

  3. My AIM is set to private … you can only IM me if I’ve added you. I figure, if you haven’t been added by now then I don’t want to chill with you.

  4. Nothing starts of a year better or more right than epic writing over Stickam Cent. Now just to think of the most epic way to fill a 25-character limit. “STICKYDRAMA PWNS STICKAM!” would work and make use of all characters which is hard to do unless you use some random characters. Which the statement covers quite a bit, members, staff, even innocent bystandards have been “PWN’d” by StickyDrama.

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