StickyDrama, who right now is staying across the street from Stickam at the Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles, received the following email while scouting for Sticky House locations.  Apparently one Stickam employee is upset by the actions of his co-worker Charlotte Bullen, and has come to StickyDrama to air his grievances.

Charlotte is a Stickam admin who, as her anonymous co-worker proves with cellphone photos taken inside the Bank Tower offices, sleeps and does homework on the job.  Her co-worker further alleges that Charlotte manipulated AVC’s Human Resources department into unfairly terminating another employee who had complained about her sleeping.  We herebelow post the email and photos sent to us, almost exactly as we received them:

Aside from minor grammatical and stylistic polishing, and the removal of Charlotte’s manager’s name, the story is directly from the mouth of a present Stickam employee.  Although we do not know this employee’s identity, we have confirmed the essential details of his story with other Stickam employees whom we know well enough.
Given the hours of her work shift, StickyDrama suspects that Charlotte is the good-for-nothing cunt admin who was kicking StickyDrama out of our own chatroom for such petty offenses as typing out sexually suggestive text, but not streaming or linking any nudity or pornographic imagery.
Needless to say, we hope the bitch gets fired and ends up selling churros on Figueroa.


  1. if you’re gonna call him a hypocrite, at least spell it right. js.
    (insults tend to pack more of a punch when they’re not so obviously written by a retard… oh and actually using your name and standing behind your words is also key.)

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