Oh yes, dear readers:  We took it that far.

At 3pm on the dot, all of Los Angeles came to a screeching halt, as movie stars and illegal immigrants alike stared at the sky and asked in unison, “What the hell is that?!”

The high-resolution photos taken by a professional photographer won’t be ready until Monday, but StickyDrama was present during the pwnage and took a few quick shots to post today.  We could not help but chuckle at the few hardcore yuppies who quit yapping on their bluetooth earpieces for a moment to admire our handiwork; security guards emerged from their front desks, perhaps wary of some terrorist attack; one Stickam employee sent us a txt that the message could be seen from their house; after a few minutes, at least 2 helicopters circled the Bank Tower, apparently trying to get a glimpse at what the fuck was going on.

We had the pilots do 3 rounds of skywriting, in order to get the shot right.  The message read, “U GOT PWNT BY STICKYDRAMA.COM”—forgive the vernacular, we were limited to 25 characters.  While the wind might have distorted the lettering, we did not observe any typos.  “STICKYDRAMA” was spelled correctly; suggestions that the planes wrote “STICKYBRAMA” are inaccurate, as the below photo proves:

StickyDrama has created content for cable television, but we will admit that a production of this magnitude was a learning experience.  Our next skywriting stunt, “STICKYDRAMA <3’S ADAM PARANOIA’S P33N,” will be even better.


  1. this is stupid haha I doubt anyone came running out of buildings, we see this type of shit everyday in downtown. planes writing with smoke to promote things is done everyday in LA.

  2. Apparently retards here dont understand the concept of a disposable income.
    God forbid someone have enough money to be able to do whatever they want with it.

  3. How is writing shit in the sky conducive to pwning someone?
    You may as well have just sent them a fucking e-mail that said “U GOT PWNT BY STICKYDRAMA.COM.”
    Either way it’s stupid.
    Yeah, I’m sure they felt SO shut down.

  4. idk any other site that has done this, grats to pulling it off
    jw… did site traffic go up at all from this?
    hahah ill hire some ppl to put my myspace URL over the beach in the summer

  5. haha i saw this when i was driving and i was like wtf does that say.. then i was like ohh stickydrama..

  6. what a waste of money – this fails at life to an unbelievable level. The redeeming qualities of hiring a company to write stupid, pointless garbage like this in the sky is pathetic.
    sellout isn’t even the word for this site.

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