Despite all its resources financed by DTI, Stickam was unable to webcast the heavily promoted Live Finale of its SXSW Casting Call Friday night.
The finale was supposed to begin at 5pm PST in Streaming the Cube; however STC’s Live couldn’t handle the hundreds of users who had come to watch the event, and the room crashed many times. After about half an hour of on-and-off starts, the room more or less stabilized and the finale proceeded, although the entire event was beset with heavy lag. The chat was nothing but a constant stream of spam for viewers’ preferred finalists, with Audiowh0regam appearing to have the most supporters. Three Stickam Admins (who were next to StickyDrama during the show) ineffectively threatened to ban spammers; even if they made good on their threats, for every one spammer banned, three more seemed to take their place.
Besides chuckling at the extreme difficulty Stickam was experiencing, StickyDrama was more than slightly amused that the Rapist was apparently DDOSed; his internet connection inexplicably dropped several times, and it was almost impossible for him to even speak. Also not to be overlooked was Mikeyy, who was able to snatch a camspot as an undefined user.
Judging by the spam in the finale, and by StickyDrama’s own poll, Audiowh0regasm will emerge the winner. Nevertheless we eagerly await with the rest of Stickam for the results of the voting.


  1. fuck u u aint shit to me stickam or shaggy i bet he dont even want u in his room
    wtf id bed to differ? and i dont act as if im 6
    u learn to respect me before even posting again

  2. Shaggy is a great and humble person Mack. You just don’t understand. Shaggy is MORE MATURE than you’ll ever be!

  3. She was probably the best choice. She’s competent, interesting, she knows how to keep a conversation going, and obviously her looks are going to attract views and everything. I’m glad she won.

  4. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The STD Gurl won BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shes gonna embrass tha HELL outta Stickam….picture tha interview…Audio: “Excuse me one second, I gotta scratch “downstairs”

  5. oh really did shaggy win?
    hope so he the only one that actually knows what he is doing and the only one without boobs and dont suck cock

    Q:Can I use copyrighted music in the background of my video?
    A:You may not use copyrighted music for you video/s unless you have received legal permission from the artist/band.

  7. so i have been reading this blog and i think some of you are not informed on what the casting call was looking for let me help.. the following are taken from the casting call website… which you can find here…
    Q:What is a Stickam Correspondent?
    A: A Stickam Correspondent is someone who will act as an official Stickam show host for specific, designated events. The chosen correspondent of this first casting call will be an on-camera host for Stickam?s live coverage of the 2008 SXSW convention in Austin, TX.
    Are there any restrictions as to who can apply?
    You must be a member of, be at least 18 years of age and reside in the United States of America.

  8. I’m proud of you my children JRoc and Trezure. There’ll be cookies n milk waiting for you in heaven upon arrival.

  9. HaHaHa.
    wow. no one in this Blog that supports Shaggy is immature at all.
    Lets bring down the Other contestants and try and Make Shaggy look Better in Comparison.
    Grow up, You arent helping Shaggy at all by making yourselves look so idiotic.
    and let your Minds catch up with your age.


  11. idcWHOwins said, I think John Hock should win because going to his room is fun most of the time…………….
    Response~ This is where I have a problem…. ^^ Wow! Unbeliveable!

  12. and we think your logic is stupid as well.. we will will have to agree to disagree on this one…stick a fork in me im done.. goodluck to ALL of those who were nominated. im out>>>>

  13. Iv realised now the reason I didn’t understand was because of the lack of punctuation in the sentence explaining it 😐
    And i thought the {}s were meant as brackets.
    But anyway, I want John to win.

  14. ur the idiot. i took my tag off. cuz obviously u think im shaggy ur the fool.. and obviously you dont read either. or maybe your in still in kindergarten learning how to reads.

  15. okay so basically i think its down to Audiowhoregasm and John Hock.
    I think John Hock should win because going to his room is fun most of the time, he has a great personality, is very outgoing, and would be in the right environment[spelling?] at SXSW. And plus didnt get loads of votes from brainwashed Matthew Lush fans.
    Audiowhoregasm probably wouldnt be where she is right now in the competition with out Matthew Lush. I think it pathetic how she basically only relies on him and his fans to get her the win. So, maybe she isnt a sex offender? what difference should that make when it comes down to who is going to be interviewing musical artists at SXSW. and also ive been to her room several times and not one time has she entertained me. Shes boring and has a fake personality.
    So yea, thats just my opinion so haters, keep hating on.
    John Hock FTW

  16. I assumed that someone was pretending to be you so they could say stupid remarks to make you look like an idiot to lose you votes, but if your willing to own up to being that ignorant then be my guest.
    Not everyone on here is who they say they are, for example im not actually ‘Mr. T’, the only fool being pitied is you. (aha cheesy)
    Plenty of people take naked photos of themselves on their phones, it’s like looking in the mirror at yourself but more compairable to other people. You don’t see people naked in person that often, but pictures of them are all over the place. The difference is that most people who do that don’t have hackers after their pictures. And theres a big difference between Paris Hilton and Chelsea. If your famous it’s what you expect so you do need to be extra careful, but Chelsea isn’t, shes pretty big on a relatively small site, but your not going to see her on the front page of the newspapers any time soon.
    And for the record the talking about boobs started once your fans starting saying that that picture was the only reason Chelsea would win, and you agreed.
    And the person 2 posts above shaggy who said “Everyone has their favorites, but when people are going to show their tits for votes what does that say about that person?” is a complete idiot who needs to learn how to read.

  17. “i dont think even mtv would hire a whore and someone who has posted nudes all over the place. even they have standards. unlike stikam who obviously has none what so ever.” Are you stupid? Can you say Tila Tequila?

  18. You guys fucked up hardcore by electing an idiot named Bush, so show the world you can vote for the right person and vote for Shaggy.

  19. im not pretending to be anyone. your not making complete sense.
    and your little scenario was not needed. fyi..if you don’t take a picture then it doesn’t get leaked. your trying to say shes a victim. when in all reality she she’s not. to me its the same exact instance that happened with paris hilton. before her album came out her “sex tape” got leaked. oo poor paris. cmon! im a female and you best believe you wont find any topless pics of me out there. but thats besides the point. again i dont know how this casting call got turned into talking about boobs?

  20. Grow up people, it doesn’t matter who your vote for. Everyone has their favorites, but when people are going to show their tits for votes what does that say about that person? Come on we are voting for someone to represnt stickam and if one person has 10 years on other WHO CARES. That means they are more experienced and the others need to keep practicing, we all know who they are, so GROW up get your head out of your ASSES and VOTE for shaggy, we all know he is better and more professional.

  21. ‘Real Shaggy’ as in not someone pretending to be you to make a fool out of yourself.
    Of course I ‘hear myself’. Everything I say makes perfect sence.
    How it got leaked definitely matters! Theres a HUGE difference between sending the picture around saying “Heres my tits, vote for me ;)”, and someone stealing it. It’d be like someone taking a picture of you through your bedroom window getting changed and then sending it around.
    And it doesn’t take a genius to work out what ‘AUDIOwhore’ means. Audio, as in music? MusicWhore? Shes a ‘whore’ for music, not cock. Its quite clearly a metaphor.
    I find it funny that your calling other people stupid.

  22. nope shag isnt here.
    ok we all have different opinions and we all support different ppl. there is one thing we are going to agree on… the casting call show was crap and we are all going to agree to disagree.
    so we support different ppl. im not going to sit here and bash anyone. theres obviously reasons why we like the ppl that we do. i just hope that this contest is a clean one and hasnt been manipulated by hackers and cheaters. but, in reality, it probably already has.
    how sad for those that really deserve it.

  23. what real shaggy? if ur referring to me.. im Trezure shaggy is the tag in show of support. and excuse me did you hear yourself? theres one topless pic? its not her fault? um she took the pic does it really matter how it got leaked?..and FYI AUDIO CALLS HERSELF A WHORE! are you serious with that comment you made? wow! I am still amazed of the sheer stupidity that people have been posting on here. wow

  24. I think Shaggy and his fans have managed to prove themselves as immature as they claim the rest of the contestants are.
    Calling another contestant a ‘whore’ because chances are they are going to beat you? Pathetic.
    Seriously, Chelsea hasn’t even been ‘posting her nudes all over the place’. As far as I know theres one topless (not even naked) picture of her, and that wasn’t even her fault, someone hacked it off of her phone.
    Id be suprised if that even was the real Shaggy posting these comments, I don’t think any 30 year old is that stupid.

  25. shaggy is out man! SHAGGY FTW!
    he will win casting call john hock is a little 14 yo make up waring boy! audiowhore enough said! mwhahahahaha! dont even get me started on all the others!!!!

  26. I have to agree with the ladies. Shaggy is the best personality for the JOB. Exactly what it is…a JOB. A representation for an awesome socializing site that is blowing up all over the world. I mean, if they wanted only crazy hair and boobs then Shaggy wouldn’t even have been on the running so, um…. get your heads out of your asses people.

  27. woot go bk!!! mtv? not even! i dont think even mtv would hire a whore and someone who has posted nudes all over the place. even they have standards. unlike stikam who obviously has none what so ever. if they did then hay i wouldn’t even be posting this right now!

  28. ah yes… i love all the intelligent comments.
    anyways…. lets take the “shaggy is too professional” out of the equation. what if he wasnt so experienced? he would still be the same person. just as funny and smart. just as witty and classy. and still very ENTERTAINING! shaggy is about putting on the best show possible. which in my opinion he does. the casting call has turned into a popularity contest when infact its a JOB. a job that the person will represent stickam. i guess if stickam wants to be represented by some attention whores or emo kids thats fine. i mean how typical right? i thought stickam wanted to be original? we have enough of that on mtv.
    oh well…. i guess we will see….

  29. The simple fact is the role of an interviewer is to promote and bring out things from other people. Shaggy is the only person I believe no in this to promote themselves. As an interviewer it’s not your job to put attention to yourself and promote yourself, but the person you are interviewing. This might have come down to a popularity contest but nobody but Shaggy would be remember for their interviewing talent if they won.


  31. I’m pretty sure the casting call winner should be someone everyone wants to watch, and I do Believe everyone up there will be able to conduct a great interview, who cares if Shaggy is the most experienced, he has more than a decade on some of the contestants.

  32. Shag is the best for the job..if people wanna see boobs go buy a porn or a playboy..SHEESH this is for a person to represnt stickam in an INTERVIEW not some whore to show tits!

  33. HMMM SINCE I DON’T THINK YOU PEOPLE CAN READ.. THE “CASTING CALL” CALLED FOR AN INTERVIEWER!!! thats it!! theres no mention of “hot on the scene” or someone who is not a professional! please don’t make me type this again! stop being stupid and actually read!

  34. all Im saying is anything who has anything to say about shaggy…they say “he is the most experienced” or “he is the most professional”… Now you guys act like he is the perfect person for the job..but the casting call didn’t asked for the most professional or experienced…and im not saying he shouldn’t win but the casting call asked for someone hot on the…since when is some 30 year old dude that plays reggae music “hot on the scene” rofl

  35. Nobody cares what they want, thats why we get to vote and thats why theres only 1 ‘professional’ in the final :p

  36. ok bottom line.. this competition called for an INTERVIEWER! i don’t recall seeing anything where they wanted a non experienced person to apply. also one who says.. “LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE” after each word such as audiowhore did. no offense. but it is what it is.

  37. I don’t think shaggy should win BECAUSE he is a proffesional. He’s going to continue doing whatever he does even if he doesn’t win, the others deserve a chance. Sure his video seemed the most professional but he interviewed a boring guy and he himself barely showed any personallity at all.
    I want Chelsea or John to win, but if Megarrr or FFH won I wouldn’t be too disapointed.

  38. the thing is….Shaggy may be the most experienced interviewer…..but this competition didn’t call for the most experienced…it called for anybody. Stickam also attracts teenagers…and I dont think the majority of teeangers in america..where stickam is located…really care about him and his little reggae music..I see alot of the older crowd on stickam in his room. I dont really care who wins, and its not going to hurt my feelings if you correct my english or tell me how crappy my writing is…its still understandable

  39. Ok, First off I would love to say that the Casting Call finale was HORRIBLE mess! Very unprofessional and lacked any kind of format what so ever! and now I realize that it seems to be the theme for this casting call circus. Evidently, Stickam’s Casting Call is a circus for teenagers who lack interviewing skills, un professionalism, and immature behavior. hence why people have already named AudioWhore as the winner. if this was a real contest for interviewing skills, experience, and professionalism, we all know who the real winner would be. have fun with your circus! I am no longer interested in any more of this madness. peace

  40. Just wanna let everyone kno dis….I WANT SHAGGY TO WIN!! he was the only one in tha videos that actually made sense…them other people….Hock, Audio, FFH, Megarr and whoever the hell else aint got a chance in hell…but seems like this casting call thing has turned into a popularity contest….it will come down to whoever has the most fans…Shaggy actually has some experience with interviewing…them others seem like they just came off the street to do this…Audio looks like she got an STD…Megarr is a whore…Me and Hock are cool but I dunno about him…IM A SHAGGY SUPPORTER!! Hate it or love it

  41. deng everyone hates against tomy. anyways the live finale was irritating how the room was crashing and then we couldnt even type cause the room was full and people were spamming and being immature, it wasnt about spam who you want to win it was a recap on whose voting and some questions for the top six. but good luck to everyone whose running :]

  42. Personally, I voted for Friends for Hire. John Hock looked like a cracked out moron in his interview. Audiowhoregasm’s interview was sloppily put together in 5 minutes with someone who nobody would care about, ever. Nobody knows about that kittykat girl. Megarr would be my second choice, though she comes off a bit fake. As for shaggy, I can’t make an honest opinion about him because I didn’t view his video and haven’t gone into any of his live shows.

  43. Tomy, please don’t ever try to make a rational statement again. You come off looking like a fool that can’t put a sentence together in a way that can be understood. I mean “quirks and additions?” “…it has been run so poorly on the whole thing.” Honestly, dude…don’t speak. Sounds like English is your second language, if not third. No wonder you keep getting fired from jobs. Try McDonalds, they have pictures on their registers, maybe you can put your 4-5 brain cells together to make that work for you.

  44. Whoever wins deserves it for having to deal with all this bullshit coming from this poorly constructed competition. No matter what people say, everyone has their own quirks and additions that would make the showhost great,it just sucks that it has been run so poorly on the whole thing.

  45. Audio you’re a fucking skank STFU. I don’t know how you managed to suck a faggot’s dick well enough for him promise to commit an act of degradation and faggotry for votes. But in my opinion, Matthew the AIDS carrier is as close to a Stickam employee as you can get, with all of the perks and allowances he gets from them, thus making it ridiculous for him to use his show to promote some skank. It’s the same as if Adam Paranoia were to use his popularity and front page status to garner votes for a candidate, let alone a midget chubster like Audio. I’m assuming Matt the AIDS carrier was asked not to participate for this very reason. Think about it.

  46. First of all, I was really upset that things didn’t work out as planned last night :/ I thought it was gonna be a really fun show, I was really hyped up about it…but you know, whatever it’s cool. I mean, when John’s shit stopped working, I really didn’t even want that to happen because winning like that is not even fun.

  47. lol mikeyy is so sick but if audio wins it would be cool dont really care but i WANT FRIENDS FOR HIRE to win!

  48. Audio is going to win, no dount, with help from Matthew Lush or without, Im pretty sure she had a big fanbase before he entered the picture.0_o
    As for Mikeyy, he always manages to get the LULZ ^_^

  49. Shaggy should win, but he won’t.
    Audios going to win because she had that no talent fag help her.
    Leave it to Lush to somehow participate in this at the end, lol.

  50. Audio has my vote..Noodz or not
    The Chat was terrible, and everytime I came in after its horrible crash rate, I couldnt type anything..not that anyone would see it with all the fucking spammers in there. Goddamm..
    BTW: No more Stickycam?

  51. Is this the same Audiowhoregasm with her porn all over the internet? I sometimes don’t get stickam. Why would they want a person that puts porn of themselves all over the internet to represent them? Not to mention the sex offender that is running…Unbelievable !!!!!! My vote is for shaggy because I do not want the person that Represents stickam to make an ass out of stickam.

  52. btw…. for those ppl that were saying that Shaggy was “too professional”? uhhh….I hate to break it to you, the casting call…. its called A JOB!
    try it some time.

  53. OH GOD! This was a disaster. I mean, why didn’t stickam anticipate this? I’m sure all of the supporters as well as the finalist were disappointed. I know I was. I wanted to see the finalist battle it out and debate or something. Also, they should have disabled the chat because we all know that ppl were going to spam the shit out of it, and that crashes rooms. Also by disabling the chat, we wouldnt have had to see all the disrespectful ppl and all the immaturity.
    I am a Shaggy supporter. He is a great entertainer and believes in quality. Shaggy is a professional… hes classy, hes smart, hes funny, he’s the entire package.
    If the stickam community is smart they will vote for REAL entertainment. Not for the people that had the most spam in the room.
    Shag will be a legend. The other finalist, (with the exception of a few) well…. they are just a fad. I hope ppl vote for a real person that will have a real career with longevity, instead of a flash in the pan kid, that has no common sense.
    My name is Bari and i approved this messagae. sorry about the grammar and the typos. im venting.

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