Other than a big thick uncut cock, there’s nothing StickyDrama loves more than being hated. So our readers can imagine our satisfaction when Tyler Swan informed us that his highschool had banned our IP.
We first heard from Tyler a few days ago, before we switched servers, so now he should again be able to load StickyDrama at school, at least until we’re banned anew.
We hope that Tyler’s school isn’t the only establishment to deem StickyDrama inappropriate. If your school or office has banned our old or present IP, please let us know and include a link to its website if available.


  1. yeahhh i tried it and it said the category of this website is “sex” haha….its banned but it didnt used to be. Stickam isn’t banned though

  2. ha our school blocked stickydrama and stickam
    if you know stickam well enough…
    you can go to the japanese version and surf.
    they havent figured that one out yet.
    dumb asses

  3. Stickydrama has been blocked by the NSW Department of Education, so there’s no way of getting to it at a school in this state, unless your heaps fucking smart. But that’s interesting, cause that means that someone else in NSW has accessed Stickydrama before, cause they usually only block sites once someone’s visited it and they determine they don’t like it. And I certainly haven’t been on it at school before ^_^

  4. hahaha yeahh it’s blocked. along with stickam and everything else. even photobucket is blocked. and if you’re suspected of looking at something inappropriate, then they kick you off.
    i thiiink that my school’s site is

  5. Everything is blocked in my school.
    All proxies etc, but I setup my owns proxies on my server and they get blocked within a day. Lately I have been using http://logmein.com which allows me to remote control my desktop from school so its like im on my pc but im in school js.

  6. im not in school but when i wanted to bypass filters n shit there was a site i used called “metacrawler” i dont remember the .___ though im thinking it was .net but i dont remember, google it or search it you might find it

  7. @ ^
    Because they’re trying to spread their hate to other people so instead of their ‘not view’ counting as 1 they can influence other people to ‘not view’ it too

  8. wtf?
    if stickydrama didn’t show some skin this site would be shit. Plus they update us and show how stupid “e_celebs” are on stickam, and if you hate this site so much stop giving them views.

  9. No, my school lets me on here, but when the “brought to you by” advert comes up, that gets blocked. No pr0n=no pr0n I guess

  10. Yeah its probably banned due to porn. Also schools have gotten a lot smarter now and they record pretty much every site you go to. They have to because of proxy servers students keep finding/making to get to sites like myspace and etc.

  11. stickydrama is blocked at my school too. but then again, so is fucking google. you can’t do shit on our computers and if we have to do research we have to email the school admins to override it for an hour or less to use a certain website.
    its gayy.
    but thanks to my best friend and i, we have proxys that we use at school all the time to get on here and myspace. once we even took my webcam to school and streamed live on stickam from my history class. it was awesome.

  12. My school’s censor blocks a lot of websites, but I’ve never tried accessing StickyDrama from class.
    It does, however, block the Scientology (and a few others) website for being a “non-traditional religion.” Other web pages are blocked for being “tasteless.”
    Checking your e-mail is strictly prohibited, at least in the library. However, most e-mail services are left unblocked. Although there was one point where Yahoo! was.

  13. i dont fucking care about this post because im not in school anymore…
    but as long as stickydrama doesn’t provide how to succeed in a school shooting…then i find nothing wrong…
    schools need to worry about other things than shit said or displayed on the internet

  14. umm if you seem to be clueless as to “why?” you wouldnt be allowed on school computers then your fucking retarded , it seems like lately all this site likes to cover is porn realated material , honestly this site is going to shit, nothing real creative really…GET SOME BETTER MATERIAL PEOPLE! lol so my rant is over have a nice day lmao!

  15. Our school has like 3 neo nazi “computer network supervisors” and they ban every site that has more then a ‘g’ rating on it. 😐 But I used to go on sticky during art and it got banned like a week or so ago. Though I can still get on /b/ through school, I figure its because its .org or they just can’t figure it out. Our school got kicked off of Wikipedia server like we got banned for some reason so now they crack down on all our website visiting.
    Its crazy!

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