StickyDrama bumped into Kelli from Compton the other day at a sleazy hotel party in downtown LA.
StickyDrama was not injured in the collision, so we whipped out our cellphone and began recording Kelli’s shit-talking about Breeanna Rose and Chelsea Nelein. Kelli was on a roll bitching about the two Valley sluts before we even had time to press the record button.
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  1. Kelli is doing good. She’s not living off her parents like most of you and she she wouldn’t talk shit unless that person gave her a reason to

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG Genius picture, and lmfao at “StickyDrama was not injured in the collision”
    ahahah Win. Haven’t seen the whole vid but wtffff, I never heard her voice before actually.

  3. “kelli is a fucking waste of life and she should never get her kid back, ever. she tweets about how shes so fucked up, drunk or how she has so many ~pills and then asks people for fucking donations? WHAT?! i seriously used to respect her and felt bad about her situation, but fuck that fat bitch doesnt even know how to be a mom let alone live a decent life”
    I 100% agree with that as someone who personally knows Bree she is an amazing friend with not a mean bone in her body. the fact that this pathetic excuse for a human being Kelli decides to talk shit is amusing! She is one of the most terrible people I’ve met. The only thing she is good at is talking all sorts of shit about everyone. She has no life and she loves to create drama. What an accomplishment. You would think with all that free time she might try and lose the other three people that she ate. Fat slob

  4. fat ass whale thinks she so perfect and can talk shit on people, yet shes like the most fucked up ever and has her own problems to be worrying about. shouldnt she be trying to get her kid back? and not trying to get fucked up every night. way to be a fucking mom. what a disgrace. ps. she has the most fucking annoying voice ever.

  5. ^^stfu there are trashy ugly girls in every town/city. you’re probably one of them
    don’t trash the whole valley for it. and for the record chelz and bree are both fucking gorgeous<3

  6. As long as i’ve known Bree which was since early to mid 2008 on stickam, she is very nice and doesn’t give a fuck what people look like and is always there to help people out and is REAL and trustworthy. Why do you think she made the WPC on stickam? She wanted less drama on stickam and look what happens a couple years later she ends up deleting her twitter and stickam cuz of this shit. She is not a slut and never once showed on stickam like all the other cam whores do these days and also she just did modeling on her modelmayhem thing to build up her portfolio to get enough pictures which were very classy pics with some edgyness to them hoping shed get signed to a agency.
    Fuck, you might as well make a category called Cali Drama cuz thats all its fuckin been on this site anymore and self posts about myspace and kiki kannibal and amor hilton but still better then pcikin up a newspaper and reading 90% of the bullshit they put in it.

  7. I just find this stupid.
    I don’t get why people look like this.
    It’s so fucking unattractive, and all their little scene friends are nothing but ugly cunts. Go brush your fucking hair, take off your makeup and get a life.

  8. hahahah this is hilarious. this is perfect for people who don’t have drama in their lives, they can just watch other peoples.

  9. THIS IS THE BEST POST EVERRRRRR! Bahahahahahahh okay Alex Laven Ummmmm you just one PWNED BAHAHAHAHH i love you Anthony. Oh and Christopher Jacob stfu your just an idiot <3 🙂

  10. Bree is a lot classier and a lot smarter than people give her credit for. She is definitely not a slut. People really should give her much more respect than what she is being given. From what I’ve seen and known about Bree, she’s always been there to try and help people. I believe she even gave Kelli Compton and her kid a place to stay for a few nights when she was in need. It’s sad, and truly disrespectful that Kelli would say such things to someone who gave her solace and refuge when things looked so catastrophically bad for her.
    As far as Chelzzz is concerned. I’ve only spoken to her very briefly once and have to say that she sounded like a very nice and beautiful person over the phone. If she really is addicted to heroine, I wish her all the luck in the world to quit using. I’ve been down the same road and know how difficult it is to stop.


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