Kudos to “lulz,” the MyDrama author who first reported the arrest of Richard Chaney—whose online sobriquet is RichardHeartStealer—on charges of statutory rape, plain old vanilla rape, and possession of child pornography.

To quote lulz, Richard “sent all his recorded vids to this guy he ‘trusted’ and that guy sent all those vids to the police.  This guy also posted those vids on the internet.  So girls, if u ever did something with Richard over cam, then [I’d] be scared.”
Richard “is accused of having a 14-year-old girl engage in live video sex acts, and of later having sex with her,” the Orange County Register reported.  Gee, wonder where he met her?
Why won’t Stickam follow StickyDrama’s example, and officially make their site for users 18 and over?   You should really sit back and think on that, Steven:  StickyDrama is arguably more responsible than you.  In a year from now, being CEO of Stickam will probably be as respectable as being CFO of Enron. 
Might as well call yourselves Rapekam at this point.  
PS—Hey CNN, did Stickam delete Richard’s profile?  Email [email protected] for a backup.


  1. oh wow, he would come into my lives and never go on cam, but would always just pm me and ask me to kick everyone out and go private with him. most of the time i always ignored and changed the subject, but he’d keep going. Then at times he would actually talk to me normally, so i thought he was okay after awhile, and id go into his lives and hed always be playing beer pong with his friend but id leave cuz, yea no fun. but im so glad i said no whenever he asked to go private, and ignored him. woo go me!

  2. richard always tried to get me naked, thank god, i didn’t. rofll. he used to have my old videos and he would come in my live and like telll me and gave me his sn an would im me sometimes to try an get me naked rofll. im so happy , i didnt. ahahhaha.

  3. richard is a faggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  4. I first met Richard when I was 15. I then met and hung out with him a few times after then to around age 17. He knows god damn well how old these girls are. and he knew I was 15 when i met him. I had somewhat sexual relations when I saw him but nothing more than making out. I witnessed him on stickam talking to more than 2 girls at a time on video, girl flashing on the cam, ect. He knew very well of what he was doing, and he was more interested in underage than of age. obviously that is a problem. you cant blame a 14 year old girl for having sex with him, at that age girls dont know what they need or want they just want to have any type of attention and usually that involves sexual relations with older men who know how to sweet talk and make a girl feel good about themselves. it is called seducing and that is really what he did. he gave the attention these little girls craved and they feed his sexual needs by flashing and fucking him. What really got me upset is that he had the fucking nerve to RAPE yes, RAPE an unconcious 17 year old girl.. and you cant ever tell me that it is ok and she was asking for it. it is disgusting. and he is a predator that should not be in society. no rapist should and i hope he gets 14 years in jail. Nice or mean doesnt matter, hes still a wacky that can only get off on underage girls. btw hes Hawaiian, period. sick and twisted

  5. richard and i are really good friends. i even worked with him before and no he’s not hawaiian or mexican. he’s half asian half something else and he lived in hawaii until he moved to california. i had a feeling that this would happen to him. it’s pretty sad. i’ve always warned him about girls but i remember him saying that he cant help it, he couldnt resist a pretty girl.

  6. dude i fucking know richard personaly
    i have known him for a good 6 years now when the fucked did this happen ?? stickydrama admin could you give me more info on this please

  7. Live**
    I guess one more thing… I doesn’t surprise me either lauramoon… If girls are going to dress older then they really are, what do they expect but to get hit on by any guy that are attracted to them. I bet you most of these girls who were underage and having sex with Richard, probably didn’t tell him that. -sigh- All this shit is just ridiculous! ALOHA… LMAO!

  8. All of your are so stupid. Richard and I were friends once upon a time when he used to leave here in Hawaii. I actually feel bad for him. I think the real problem is parents not being more involved with their children’s lives. Sex is sex… If you’re old enough to want it, you’re old enough to have it. Age is only a number. All you guys need to stop being such prudes. Oh, one more thing, go educate yourselves on the 50th state. MORONS!!!

  9. no you’re the only idiot left who still believes richard is innocent and a “sweet guy”.
    face it, richard wore make and used trick angles to look decent on stickam and take pics.

    who is david then? the guy whose mugshot is on the right.

  11. I think Anthony said something about stickyhouse not on the website cause they cant use a certain company’s logo lol.

  12. The server got rebooted and I think it broke some part of the code somehow … things always get some bug here or there, now that I’m aware of it I’ll have it looked at

  13. Rofl oh that.
    I suppose. Hard to say definitely, since they don’t mention the name of the game’s creator in the reports. Mikeyy, Hock and StickyDrama were mentioned by name in most of their respective reports.
    Those above-linked reports are also not “national” networks, they’re local affiliates.

    look at all my old comments: i predicted the downfall of stickam
    notice how they *still* will not change their age limit and private room options because they know that is their only appeal (they are sick)
    i also championed the cause for exposing stickam for the porn company that it is
    as disgusting as it was for me to see the videos of adam paranoia actually *endorsing* john hock??!! now i am finally getting some justice
    and notice how sticky the official ass-kisser of stickam is now biting the hand that feeds and turning on it’s master lol since stickam is trying to distance themselves from stickydrama??
    hmmm that’s funny i don’t see anymore posts by sticky describing adam paranoia as ‘loveable’ and ‘suckable’ HAHA and i bet adam and the rest of stickam really *loved* reporters pouring over all the old embarrassing posts/comments that are all neatly archived on stickydrama for them to see LOL too bad none of them saw this coming
    wow. talk about karma biting u in the ass and looking at my old comments i am glad i had a hand in helping it along :D:D

  15. lulz you moron. you just stole the info after it was posted on anonib the day he was arrested.
    the real story is someone who didnt care for richard met a 14 year old girl who was one of the girls who fucked richard from stickam. he became friends with the girl. then goes to richard and informs him that he knows the girl and will convince her to tell her mom unless richard trades all his caps.
    what do you think richard does? trades all his caps to the dude thinking he will be safe.
    the guy then tells the girl to tell her mom and ends up getting richard arrested anyways
    richard was a fucking idiot
    no i wont give names as to who convinced the girl nor will i reveal who the girl is, but she basically looks like shes 12

  16. my mistake, the this about the videos being sent to his friend was yet again another here say. so girls have nothing to worry about. he got cause because
    “Chaney was arrested June 5 after the mother of a 14-year-old girl told authorities that her daughter had performed sexual acts in front of her Webcam for Chaney, and that Chaney had later slept with her, officials said.”

  17. I know Richard in person. YES that is what he looks like, NO he is not Mexican, or Asain, he is from Hawaii. He’s like South Pacific or some shit. He hasn’t always lived in OC.
    And yea, this doesn’t suprise me, ngl.

  18. that’s two different people, idiots. the stickam screencap is david. his mug shot is the one on the right on the projector board thing. i presume the guy on the left (who ISN’T richard) is the guy david sent the pictures to.
    pay attention, dumbass.

  19. ive been masturbating for richard while ive been living with my boyfriend who is dying, for a couple months now
    richard is a sweetheart

  20. He’s not asian, he’s hispanic. And it’s really sad that none of you can tell the difference. The two races look NOTHING ALIKE.

  21. Ok lets say they did make it 18+ only…
    that hasn’t stopped all the lil 13-14+ kiddies from saying oh im 18+
    all they have to do is make up a fake birthday and they are in..DUH
    cause when i search 18-20 there half the time under age..WTF

  22. not only does richard have videos of girls he capped, but he has ones that he got from his friends.
    in stickam chatrooms, he listed the girls that he had videos of and told people to go check them out:/

  23. Not only that, Sticky, but you know it’s him from the freckles under his eye on the picture from his webcam and the mugshot. Exactly in the same place.

  24. so a long time ago me and richard were friends and yes i’m over 18 but i did flash him on cam and he later told me he recorded girls but he never said underage girls nad wait if that guy he gave the videos too uploaded all of them on the internet can’t he go to jail for distributing child porn even though he turned them in. ugghhhh if a video gets out of me i’l be so embarrased i’m a clean cut girl and this wold be horriable :{ yeah i know it’s my fault too UUUGGHHH FML!!!!

  25. Well he was arrested for rape and kiddie porn, he probably didn’t look his best that day. Plus I’m sure the police didn’t let him put on scene makeup, do his hair, or use flattering lighting either.
    But the nose and eyes are identical, and you can see the holes where his snakebites used to be. The police make you remove all piercings, I’m told.

  26. hey ive been in that guys live, no wonder he hasnt approved my on myspace. hes arrested haha hmmmm… hes cute though
    and ive seen him live he doesnt look like harold and kumar.

  27. I had a feeling this was gonna happen to him. I was “friends” with him awhile back (at the time I was 15, and he knew that). He always asked me to get on cam in his room and then kept begging for me to show on cam, or for nudes.
    Keep in mind I never showed him my body so don’t call me stupid for saying “tomorrow?” ’cause it never happened.

  28. His profile screams pedo. If any girl was stupid enough to show that kid their tits, then their at as much blame as he is.

  29. the fallout from this will be huge. considering they confiscated his computer and he’s been recording girls for 2 years, id say there are hundreds of videos of stickam girls with their name in the top right, on his pc.
    hopefully stickam and this piece of shit get what they deserve

  30. “It’s a pity the sheriff’s department wouldn’t do his favorite scene angle for the mugshot. Without the downangle collarbone bullshit he looks chubby and ten times as mexican.”
    LOL he looks like 2 diff people.

  31. i remember him in this one girls room making her actually beg for him to turn his cam on.. then finally he said he would if she kicked everyone else out of the room. i’ve never seen a room clear so fast…
    girls are so ridiculously stupid when it comes to scenefags.

  32. lol mathewstar, what a fucking cock mongoloid.
    seriously it is NOT normal to fuck an unconscious girl and then record her
    its NOT normal to ask a 14 year old to let her dog lick her pussy
    its NOT normal to take a bath with a couple of 15 year olds when you’re a grown man
    people who sympathize or make excuses for this piece of shit should rot in jail with him

  33. Chaney is accused of having a 14-year-old girl engage in live video sex acts, and of later having sex with her. He is also accused of raping another woman who was unconscious.
    sounds familiar, ahahaha.

  34. Matthew, not all of us rape the unconscious. Don’t project. Just because you get down with people sleeping on public transit so they don’t scream as much doesn’t mean everyone else does.
    It’s a pity the sheriff’s department wouldn’t do his favorite scene angle for the mugshot. Without the downangle collarbone bullshit he looks chubby and ten times as mexican.

  35. I knew there was something about richard when his friend sent me his myspace profile a while ago.
    Glad I never met the guy.
    His myspace and mugshot pictures are soo different wow.

  36. Did anyone read this?
    “A search of Chaney’s apartment uncovered a video of him having sex with an unconscious woman”
    HAHA OMG!!!!!!!!!

  37. Oh damn.
    Bro is fucked upppp.
    Like he looked so cute.
    I didn’t know he was asian till now too…
    Whatever, he’ll get what he deserves.

  38. At the bottom of the article it says:
    “Authorities released photos of Brown and Chaney in hopes that any possible victims would contact them. The SAFE team can be reached at its FBI offices at 714-542-8825 or 310-477-6565.”
    I would suggest any under age girl who went private with him and did shit contact the police. The story says he had other illegal videos as well, which I’m sure were the caps from stickam. So basically if you got capped I’d assume they’d make an effort to get your IP and talk to your parents.
    Might as well let them hear it from you rather then them.

  39. They won’t make Stickam 18+ because they would lose most of their members. A lot of them look high school age or younger.

  40. lets see where SherBear is to defend this guy now. sher, why dont you tell everyone how you masturbated with richard while living with your bf who is dying.
    how low can you go when youre basically disowned by family, then taken in a by a sick guy…then have the nerve to bate while livin under his roof? fucking whore

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