1. dumbest….bitch….ever. what the FUCK is she even trying to say other than the obvious “I just dont think he should go to jail.” Dumb girl…

  2. ROFL @ It’s probably wrong of him to have sex with a 14 yr old..
    just saying but the bitch LOOKS 14, so yeh..

  3. I agree with Audio. Obviously this video isn’t refering to the more recent events which he does deserve to be charged with sexual assault for [use your brains people it clearly isn’t rape]. Statutory rape laws make no sense to me. I’ve seen a lot of fourteen year olds who look twenty so it isn’t like it’s that hard to actually mistake them for someone of legal age not to mention so many people lie about there age. Really think about it, do you ask someone to see their i.d before you fuck them? Most likely not. These little girls should just learn to keep their legs closed, the sex was more than consensual. I wouldn’t doubt that they only started bitching about it once he decided to throw them away and move onto the next chick.

  4. shes a dumb cunt.
    im sure she’d feel differently if it would have been her being fingered live on stickam.
    shes such a dumb tramp.
    and she needs to scrape about 10 pounds of makeup off her face.

  5. MasterBation is sooo much safer,Healthier, and LESS aggravating…remember that Boys and Girls!!!

  6. Btw??Since when is fellatio considered rape??I’m confused??sexual assault maybe…but rape??

  7. This video is SO fucking old, most people posting “what a dumb bitch!” most likely don’t even know about the Danielle situation..

  8. what the fuck?
    what a stupid bitch.
    raping someone is NOT a misunderstanding.
    wow she must be hungry for views. hmm.

  9. You’re all fucking DUMB
    I personally talked to audio
    this video was hella old and had absolutely NOTHING to do with this go around for hock… so get the facts straight before bashing someone you cock suckers!
    i LOVE Audio!

  10. stupid empty headed cow , stfu and get raped then youll want your rapist to go to prison ugly bitch!

  11. Lmao, okay. Let’s send you back to 14 years old and let a guy do shit to you that you dont want done and see how much you like it I’m sure you’ve been there tho sans the “not want” part if you condone an action like that. Hopfully while he is in jail (if it happens) he’ll get fucked into recovery by another in-mate, that’d be epic!

  12. i dont think he should go to jail first of all because the 14 year old girl was more than willing to have sex with him. When it comes to him “raping” the girl on stickam, i think if the girl wasnt passed out she would have had sex with him anyways, and she put herself in that situation; she was the one who was wasted out of her mind. i think he should get some form of punishment i guess but i dont think it’s that big of a deal as they make is sound.

  13. i get the impression she doesn’t think he should go to jail.
    she just wants the attention this video was pointless, she kept repeating herself 3578495 times like no one cares?

  14. See the zoom button up in the top right? This video is over a year old. Stickam got rid of that feature a long time ago.

  15. I AGREE! the stupid bitches who are obsessed with John who would do whatever they can to be with him and be popular should be punched in the face. Im sure the girl was not passed out. SHE JUST WANTED ATTENTION! lolol
    online groupies are like retarded and need to punched in the stomach.

  16. I was hoping most StickyDrama readers would realize this video is from late 2007, shortly after Hock committed statutory rape against Danielle. From the comments, I see some readers do not realize that.
    This video was re-posted because I believe that AVC, as well as Hock’s friends and fans such as Audio, should have realized at THAT point, in 2007, that Stickam was not an appropriate playground for a sexual predator like Hock.
    StickyDrama sounded the alarm in 2007. No one cared to heed our warning. Now, that decision will come back to haunt AVC and others who defended or ignored Hock’s despicable actions.

  17. John SHOULD go to jail for the rape that was obvious with the other girl, but I think Danille made up the whole thing because if little girl had been raped, she would not have been all about giving John (from NJ) head while he was on cam, etc. She likes the attention. And what everyone here seems to forget, or maybe you know… you’ve never been raped so you don’t understand but after that happens you really wouldn’t want to be all over the internet let alone TALKING about it, bringing it back up.
    Rape is rape. Cry a fucking river.

  18. wow shes a fucking moron. he was talking in the live when it happened about how he bet that he could have sex with the girl. he got her drunk. it was date rape. audio you are a fucking moron. if you think john hock is a good guy than thats like saying water isnt wet. grow a fucking brain blondy. take that cake off ya eyes too, if i wanted to look at a coon id look in my trash. but then again you might be there also

  19. i dont understand why hock couldn’t have just grown up and gone out with someone his own age instead of these sceney weenie 15 year olds.

  20. that’s why she don’t want him to go to jail. stupid bitch.
    Calling someone else a stupid bitch, quite hypocritical with your illiteracy.

  21. ^^^it doesnt matter if hes changed unfortunately. he still has to lie in the grave he dug himself.

    he fucking changed. and you all need to STFU and get lives before talking shit about people you dont even know.

  23. this bitch is mad dumb. first of all. john has all rights to be in jail after all the shit he’s done. i mean. don’t you ask the girl whats her age before you have sex with her? so its his fault. so he deserves everything thats coming for him

  24. Yes,this video is old, but…
    If the girl lies or not, you’re still having sex with a 14 yr old, ignorance is not an excuse. I MEAN, HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW? I could understand 16 maybe, but did this girl even have her period yet?
    John Satan Cock has fucked up way too many times, did “not know” too many times. He needs to be punished.

  25. this video has been posted before its wayyyy fucking old
    so everybody why dont you read a fucking comment before you go on a wild ramapage

  26. This video is old, probably over a year old when this was about Danielle and John Hock. Danielle’s story kept changing it which is why she never pressed charges, and she did lie about her age to everyone including me.
    Audio isn’t talking about what happened with the chick on cam, she’s speaking about Danielle.

  27. LOL! he shouldnt go to jail?
    he showed off and harrassed a girl via webcam without her permission, regardless of age. you’re retarded, audiowhore. John Hock is a sick dick, and has gotten away with way too much..he had a thing for underage girls, so for him to “misunderstand” her age…is complete bs. john hock is a sicko.

  28. maybe it was a mistake the FIRST time, but i think after it happens that many times, you need to say to yourself, “hey, maybe i should actually find out, and CARE how old this bitch is.”
    you get what’s coming to you, and in his case, it’s jail.

  29. yea he defiantly did not know that the girl was asleep when he was fucking the shit out of her the dumb bitch made a stupid chose by hanging out with John No Cock but really John just need to be sent to a mental hospital and clam insanity… and maybe they wont give him the chair hahah dumbasses

  30. ^^^
    agreed. this is from 2007
    shes still fucked up in her logic about the whole “having sex with a minor” thing..

  31. So what, she’s not allowed to have her own opinion? If what is happening to Hock was happening to anyone you cared about you’d think the exact same way, hypocrites.


  33. While I do stand up for Hock a lot, I disagree with this.
    What John did was inexcusable and he should do his share of time for it, the girl can also be to blame.
    If you knew what he did in the past, why would you go see him? OR DRINK WITH HIM?
    Both sides are to blame, just like it is every other time.

  34. John isn’t even going to jail because of his alleged rape of underage girls. It’s because he raped a girl on cam. Wow, people need to get their facts straight before they form opinions

  35. are you kidding me ? of course he should go to jail you dumb bitch , and this isnt about danielle its about the recent one dumb cunt

  36. statuets of limitations on stat rape can go up to 3 years.
    if she really was 14 then thats an even bigger felony.
    its the same shit richardheartstealer is dealing with now. its about time all these kiddiefuckers go to jail.

  37. she’s probably fucking him too, that’s why she don’t want him to go to jail. stupid bitch.

  38. “he should only get charged for the girl who was passed out
    not the counts of stat. rape”
    Wrong. Statutory rape is still against the law. However, he is being charged with raping the underage girl on LIVE while she was UNCONSCIOUS. That deserves a nice long prison sentence.

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  40. It is moments like these that I question my atheism. I doubt that somebody as stupid as this cunt can remember to breathe without divine intervention.

  41. is this about hock and his recent rape, or excuse me “misunderstanding”?! either way, sexual involvement between an adult and a minor isnt a *misunderstand nor a *mistake. some things are inexcusable and thats why he should go to jail! now, if (she had/has a little sister) her littler sister got molested or raped, she would support the predator?! people like her are what make this world/ generation SO FUCKED!

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