1. dumbest….bitch….ever. what the FUCK is she even trying to say other than the obvious “I just dont think he should go to jail.” Dumb girl…

  2. ROFL @ It’s probably wrong of him to have sex with a 14 yr old..
    just saying but the bitch LOOKS 14, so yeh..

  3. I agree with Audio. Obviously this video isn’t refering to the more recent events which he does deserve to be charged with sexual assault for [use your brains people it clearly isn’t rape]. Statutory rape laws make no sense to me. I’ve seen a lot of fourteen year olds who look twenty so it isn’t like it’s that hard to actually mistake them for someone of legal age not to mention so many people lie about there age. Really think about it, do you ask someone to see their i.d before you fuck them? Most likely not. These little girls should just learn to keep their legs closed, the sex was more than consensual. I wouldn’t doubt that they only started bitching about it once he decided to throw them away and move onto the next chick.

  4. shes a dumb cunt.
    im sure she’d feel differently if it would have been her being fingered live on stickam.
    shes such a dumb tramp.
    and she needs to scrape about 10 pounds of makeup off her face.

  5. MasterBation is sooo much safer,Healthier, and LESS aggravating…remember that Boys and Girls!!!

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