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@AnthonyVanity's Wife @DeAnnaUndead Moving On in Hollywood … With @ShaneDawson?!


Anyone following Anthony Vanity’s wife DeAnna Undead on Twitter or formspring knows that the couple’s marriage is on the rocks.  But while Anthony shacked up with a methhead fuckcraigslisting goblin, DeAnna has set her sights on top-ranked YouTuber Shane Dawson.

DeAnna bumped into the 20-something cutie today at the Hollywood & Highland Mall.  “I told him I loved him, and he held my hand for the photo,” she said.  DeAnna might be in luck:  “Shane is totally into big girls,” a friend of Dawson’s (who wishes to remain anonymous) told StickyDrama over AIM, “because they have child-bearing hips.”
Well whatever floats his boat.  Lucky for him, next week DeAnna is moving to Hollywood, where Dawson resides.


  1. naw he does have girl friends, i saw him walking around lakewood mall a while back with two girls who clearly knew him well. but anyways if he tried so hard to lose weight and be skinny then why would he still be interested in big girls?

  2. @Anon3:34 pm shane wouldnt date her.i think hes dating britanny luise taylor.why are you guys being assholes?

  3. excuse me.
    fucking funny as shit.
    mmm girls got child bearing hips, lemme get a piece of that

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