A YouTube video uploaded last week has already racked up almost 2 million views—probably because it features five 7-year-old girls performing a “Single Ladies” dance routine that would make Madonna blush.

StickyDrama figured the controversy would get the video pulled from YouTube, so we screen-recorded a copy.  Go fuck yourselves, Google; click the above thumbnail to watch, dear readers.
The so-called World of Dance routine took place in the usually sleepy Los Angeles suburb of Pomona, about an hour East of StickyHouse in downtown LA.  Throughout the video, StickyDrama gasped along with the crowd, not because the girls’ dance moves were impressive (which they were, no argument there, the routine was technically skillful in our opinion) but because they’re practically clapping their pussy-lips for a live audience.
As our readers watch the video, please keep in mind these girls are 7 years old.  SEVEN.  StickyDrama would like to know whether these girls’ parents received child-rearing advice from Cathy Ostrenga, who is also known to whore out her minor daughter.


  1. These little girls are no worse than little girls who do Beauty Pageants….which I love by the way but that is a moot point. In my opinion those girls are going HARD and were simply doing the choreography from the Single Ladies Video that Beyonce did…..I mean if anything those girls probably like Beyonce and that song was huge and were just recreating it….I don’t think they were trying to be hoochies or skanks….and to everyone calling them that, you should think twice I mean they are only seven.

  2. i have to say they did good, yet i haven’t seen dancing like that before from seven year olds not because it was “inappropriate” but because i normally see girls my age(in high school) dance like that in comps, so yeah they did great!!

  3. Please….The girls did great!Who could make something Sick or perverted out of this??Pedobears galore!Makes me ill considering I’m a mother of two daughters!

  4. scrap the outfits and give them something less slutty to wear.. & I think it’s fine, wish I had moves like that D;

  5. They’re fucking ridiculously amazing, holy shit. I wish i could be that good and i’m 16… Hahah. You people need to pull the stick out of your ass. Sex sells and people take advantage of that, it’s america. What’re you gonna do?

  6. theyre fucking amazing,they will grow up to be someones back up dancers,much talent there :3

  7. Wow fucking Stupid! people dont know what to do anymore to become famous on youtube. go put your head in a blender.

  8. They would’ve have failed on the appropriateness portion of the judging around here. But come on people this is from Lala Land LA!!! If they ever did anything decent and morally right we probably would’ve have been saved the careers of many a glam metal band.

  9. honestly it isn’t THAT bad. yes, the outfits are somewhat inappropriate and yes a few of the moves werent necessary but anyone who is around the dance community would know theres worse out there. not saying i agree with the exploitation of young kids but really watch toddlers and tiaras and i guarantee youll see worse. much, much worse.

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