You shouldn’t believe everything you’re told online.
StickyDrama has become increasingly annoyed by reports of various impostors, claiming to be us and demanding n00dz—almost always girls’ n00dz.
The impostors go around on Stickam and AIM, under various screen names which we will not bother to list here. Suffice it to say, StickyDrama has but one AIM screen name, and it is:

Any other screen name claiming to be us is a fake. Our StickyDrama AIM is set to private, meaning we can be messaged only by users we have added to our buddy list.
We maintain 2 Stickam profiles, (which we use in our chatroom) and (our “official” profile). Any other profile claiming to be us is likewise a fake.
Furthermore, StickyDrama does not threaten or demand n00dz from anyone—that’s just not our style. We are almost always sent n00dz by bitter ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends; on occasion we screen-record spontaneous naughtiness occurring on Stickam; or we acquire content from porn sites in cases of camwhores such as Tasha Contradiction.
Unfortunately some of our chatroom mods are overzealous and threaten to kick or DDOS guests who do not send them n00dz. We do not condone such methods: If you screen-cap their PMs or kicks and send them to us, we will warn & if necessary de-mod them. StickyDrama mods are instructed to kick for spam and racist language only.


  1. this site sucks now!!!
    theres nothing juicy reported on here everrr!!!
    i check back every day, only to find the same thing on the front page for days!!!
    i hate this site now!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow sticky. you have nothing better to post up ?
    i can see your running out of ideas.
    You have to make up posts to keep your stupid site alive.
    i hope you fail <3

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