1. the reason her ass is so big here is becuase she shit her underpant.
    dumb cunt if i were her mom i would not try to protect her. i’d take pics of her in the shower and give them to sticky drama to embbaress the dumb fuck.

  2. yeah i know its not wrong to pose in underwear but i still think its sick for a 16 year old to pose in her panties its still sexual and a minor shouldnt be doing shit like that

  3. Anyones ass can look huge with angles like that.
    Dont fool yourself kids, we’ve all seen her prancing around in her undies and we know kiki’s ass, or lack of one is def. not that size.

  4. “Anonymous said,August 5th, 2008 at 9:07 pm
    slut. if my kid were 16 or 17 taking these kinda pics and posting them to god knows who, i’d slap the bitch and break that fucking computer and her camera”
    You’re forgetting something though, her mom IS probably the one taking the picture ~js

  5. her family needs some serious counseling.
    if i took pictures like this when i was 16, my parents would have locked me in my room until i was 30.
    its worse that her little sister takes all these photos.
    i mean, what kind of sick twisted shit is going on here?

  6. Few days ago I woulda defended her.
    Hahahahaha but fuck that now
    On the real, this girl wants to come here to Hollywood and become an actress?
    I can tell you the only movie shes gonna star in is coming from RedLight District.
    /fuck hoes.

  7. 1. she does have a booty
    2. that mens her boobs might not be big.
    3. it’s called a padded bra you dumbasses.
    4. kiki if you read this it’s sad to see you being almost 16 you have all this shit you have to go through why not get off the computer get out and see what life is all about
    no i don’t love her and no i don’t hate her
    it’s whatever

  8. she should get her old hair back then maybe her ass won’t look so big by comparison.
    just saying.

  9. “so i pretty much love how all the ones that are defending kiki are anonymous LOL, /fail. hai yall who defend the trashy slut, who takes the photos for her? obviously not her because as far as i can see her hands are in the picture also at that angle. it would be extremely hard/impossible to set a timer. and i seriously dont think kiki would have the brain power to set something like that up anyways. thanks mama kannible for taking the raunchy pics of your daughter, im sure everyone enjoys your slutty girls slutty pictures especially, 4chan, 12chan, anonib, ect. at least thats word on the street. keep it up.”
    Actually, the only time I’ve ever seen Kiki on any chan was when her n00dz leaked. She’s never posted.

  10. pretty lame if you dont wanna wear babycakes because kiki does
    i mean come on if you like that stuff just wear it
    just think something like…. ‘oh well it looks better on me then on her’ or idk stop being lame

  11. kiki’s a beautiful girl. it’s easy to talk shit behind a computer screen. put your shitty ass faces and bods up here dipshits and lets take a look at you.

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