Today cutie Nicki Screams assisted Ryan Rohypnol in tattooing our author name (Lolatyou) directly on Ryan’s right ass cheek — which we recorded. When we started on this venture joining Sticky in carrying his banner, we did not have any desires for attention. There were no requests or bets to earn this coveted spot on Ryan’s ass. He did this knowing full well that all we wanted, was a clear, well-lit, unobstructed view of his cack n’ balls while he jacked it. However, we’ve accepted the gesture and we’ve decided to find it charming.

Now the CFL joins the ranks of those who’ve had this. David Frost previously did the same for Anthony Vanity when the two were inseparable.

Now we just need someone to please do the honors with a big ole’ ‘STICKY’ on their ass. As we post, Ryan has just picked up his new girlfriend, the diva-goddess Amor Hilton. They plan to have sexy cocktails and wild monkey jungle sex all weekend.


  1. ryan is such a fucking liar. he’s like 15 who thinks he’s badass cause he steals from open cars in the suburbs. i can’t wait until i see someone beat the shit out of him one day, and hopefully i’ll be the one doing it.

  2. Shut up, Ryan Rohypnol, and tell the world how you’re not even 18 yet. All of us that grew up with you know you’re a lying sack of shit that tells everyone he’s fucking 20 when you’re really not even old enough to vote yet. Scumbag.

  3. LOL stfu with your stupid comments about Amor she’s right behind me waiting to cuddle, and we don’t want to look at your stupid comments on something that was supposed to be lulzy this not about amor NOR me it’s about a fucking tattoo and obviously its not sterile nothing is sterile you need something to make something that had backteria on it at one point so stfu and choke on a little chris crocker penis.

    Thank you,
    Ryan Rohypnol

  4. ^^^ LOL dude Lorelai/dirtdykediva will never reply to your lameass. And also, did amor have to fly to see Ryan?? Theyre a very random couple, IMO.

  5. ! Coma, you made me rofl. Anonymous, those aren’t pimples on his unhygenic ass…theyre herpes. And mystic, where the fuck have u been? Dirtdykediva was temporarily blind and dated the cokehead dadvid for like four months. Sad.

  6. WTF??? Dirtdykediva dated David? She’s too pretty for him. And rofl if he really has lorelai tattooed on him he really must be dillusional. There’s no way in hell that she really liked him whatsoever.

  7. Yeah this is the worst procedure I’ve ever seen. Read the black book on bloodborne pathogens, please.

    and I would get the word sticky tattooed on me for money. I already have a bunch of random shit on my thighs..

  8. My god…

    using alcohol on a freshly
    new tattoo is SO fucking horrible for it.

    well, alcohol shouldnt be used for
    any tattooing or piercing purposes.

    not very smart..

  9. it says on her myspace she is 19. she’s definatly not only 16. she models for hot hopic. isnt there like a certain age for that?

  10. how come noones making a big deal about amore dating ryan rolypoly or whatever his names lol
    hes like 14 or somthing and isamore 18 or 19?
    but if john hock looks at a 17 yr old the world wants him jail.

  11. what do dirtdykediva and Anthony vanity have in common? That ugly pimplely faggot Dayvid has both of their names tattooed on him!

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