Perceptive people in Johnny Boy’s live last night may have picked up on some tension between Lush and Connor. When the CFL shut off the lights for the night we knew something was amiss, but never thought we would wake up to such news.

A relationship thick with immaturity, competitiveness and wonderful vanity; we watched Lush and Connor build a mansion on sand so to speak, and the lack of foundation was visible today. The shaky relationship is reportedly over as the two made it known by plurking their pain away today.

Reports have been coming in that it was Connor who called off the relationship. Some people are smelling lies and a possible stunt. We will just have to watch Lush’s Myspace since that is his official online representation. The many pictures of the two will be coming down off the page. We have already seen Connor make his new top friend Chris Crocker. D:

Its worth noting that we predicted in past articles both that Connor was using Lush and that this relationship was doomed for destruction. However should it be true, should it really be over then allow the CFL to express our emotions through a small commemorative video:

Update: Details emerging… read more.


  1. I never liked Connor. He hardly ever said anything and always acted so vain. Matthew is way hotter than him. Conner, get over yourself. 🙂

  2. the chris/connor thing was a frikkin joke.
    its not really any of our business but theirs what happened.
    matthew lush is a great person.
    try doing some research before you open your mouths.

  3. I think it’s quite sad, but I too saw it coming. I just think it’s pathetic that Connor goes around flaunting his stuff towards another guy after a break up that occurred not too long ago. I don’t know about you, but if I was in a serious relationship with someone and we broke up, I wouldn’t be flirting around all of a sudden. With the assumption that Connor is now supposedly “dating” Chris (Which just makes Chris as much of a pedo as Matthew), Connor never gave a damn about Matthew. If he did give a damn, he wouldn’t be flirting around with Crocker and actually respecting the feelings of his once beloved. Even if Matthew was an ass to him, I think they both should have learned to respect each other a little more. But, now that all is over, well, I think Matthew just needs to learn that starting a relationship online is always going to end in failure for him and Connor… well, I have no advice for him.

  4. connor isn’t using matt for fame.
    connor and chris are not really together.
    its a fucking joke people.
    if you seriously believe all of this, you are moronic.

    matthew lush is an asshole.
    he deserved to be dumped.

  5. all Connor is doing is using both matthew and chris for fame. i hope chris enjoys his newly found internet boyfriend, he’ll get screwed over in the end I’m sure. Connor doesn’t even seem sad about the situation. I’m thinking it was all fake. I feel sorry for people who date connor

  6. he was obviously just a poster trophy twink. that’s what happens when you meet people over the internet, kids.

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