Yesterday on a whim, StickyDrama opened both Audiowh0regasm’s Live, as well as the SXSW 08 profile’s.
And we GASPED at what we saw:
This side-by-side comparison is a testimony to the principles of cinematography; and whatever one’s opinion of Audio’s skills as a correspondent, it cannot be denied that she is the Stephen fucking Spielberg of camera angles.
Putting aside this fascinating miracle of physics, StickyDrama would very much like to know who the fuck is supposed to be doing the job. So far Adam Paranoia has conducted all the interviews while Audio is off singing Kumbaya with whats-her-face.
And while we’re bringing up Adam, did anyone else notice his venom-tipped barb:
StickyDrama wasn’t viewing Live as Adam took a big smelly crap all over Audio’s self-esteem; we were both thrilled and stunned to find Adam’s swipe saved under the SXSW 08 profile’s videos. We also found it telling that Adam said he was “just kidding” after teasing members of a nearby guitar booth, but no JK followed his crack at Audio.


  1. John, i think its SOO funny how you lost after spamming everyone to vote for you.
    she won fare and square. It doens’t matter if we like it or not.
    Even when you cheated you didn’t get as much votes as her..
    stop freaking whining already. the whole thing is OVER.
    p.s. i love fatties.
    she isn’t fat anyway.

  2. You didn’t win because you’re a moron. They know what causes unwanted pregnancy. You can’t seem to figure it out though.Chelsea goes to school full time and works full time. She’s not stupid enough to mess up her life like you and the funny thing is you do it over and over again.

  3. i just think its unfair that i lost i mean im a god compared to audio she is a ugly fuck, everyone loves me, i have soo many fans and she doesnt. im such a dick i know! but ohh well deal with it!

  4. ^ sometimes like you could be 130-140 thats a lot of a difference most people are stoekd when they loose 10 pounds

  5. Did any of you see her rock that interview today with Tech 9…it was great!! And by the way she looked great too. Kiki you still have the body of an adolescent…shut up until you grow up, or did mommy tell you what to say.

  6. i will not find them for you and kiki just drop it seriously this post is fuckin dick leave her alone.

  7. on the mac you can angle your cam to0 make you l0ok 10 lbs skinnier. the sxwsxwcxw camera is straight on and shows everything.
    SHES FAT!!!!!!

  8. The first image looks photo shopped. Like someone widened it. She looks good. Leave her alone. Jeez.

  9. i’m not getting naked on cam.
    I relized how gross that is.
    but there’s screenshots some places and i think a video
    atleast i ADMIT what i have
    and i’m 15
    not 18

  10. i lol’ed after i read this wholee thing. Chelsea isn’t fat. Brandy is fat. and internet camras make you look differnt, like mine makes me look like a have a HUGE nose but in real life i really don’t. it’s just because of the shadowing. and danielle what you and john said was harsh and weird that you’re still talking even though you “never wanna speak to hm again” after he “raped” you. like i love john he’s a great person but chelsea is 18, and you danielle are 14 and you still act more like a slut than anyone on
    like you said, “;] youre kinky. i like it.” why don’t you just ask to get fucked again. and you talk about how many guys sell you drugs and then how you lied about your age and how you saying that chels wears so much makeup when you wear SO MUCH FUCKING black eyeliner and white shit on your lips makes it look like cum and considering it’s you, it probably is. You’re parents obv. don’t care about you since you have 20 year olds from Texas and fuckin AZ sleeping on your couch and then you fuck them. You’re also a backstabbing son of a bitch saying shit about me to mike larsen and then saying you don’t even have his aim. SUREEE that’s because last time i was in his room you said “MIKE ANSWER MY AIMMM” you’re a attention whore on the internet and a whore in real life. i don’t care what you have to say about me danielle i seriously wish someone would kick the shit out of you because you need it you’re a shitty friend and a fucking asshole. now befor you say “DESI YOU’RE A WHORE YOU GET NAKED OR GUYS ALL THE TIME AND BLABLABLA” well hun, the dif. between what i do and what you do is that i don’t have the guys over my house and fuck them
    ps. i love john hock.
    FTW LOLZ JS get a fuckin life.
    i’m so done with this whole internet thing. seriously.

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