John Hock’s defense attorney Bruce Blumberg filed a motion on August 26, petitioning the Maricopa County Superior Court to release Hock from jail.  The motion is merely asking that Hock be released pending trial; it is not asking for the charges to be dismissed.  Under Arizona law, suspects awaiting trial for sex crimes can be held in jail without bail “when the proof is evident or the presumption great.”  


Readers can download the complete motion here.


The crux of Mr. Blumberg’s argument is that the video recording StickyDrama gave to Phoenix police does not depict the crime of sexual assault.  At least not under Arizona law.  Apparently, in the great State of Arizona, the fact that Hock “merely showed a peek of her mons vermis”—which is to say he flashed an unconscious girl’s pussy to a roomful of hundreds of strangers—is not a sexual assault.  Nopers!  Mr. Blumberg argues that since “no penetration of any sort” was shown on-camera, no penetration occurred  off-camera either.  And shame on us for presuming that when Hock dragged the unconscious girl’s inert body off-camera right after he exposed her vagina, he did anything inappropriate.


Aside from his legal arguments, Mr. Blumberg makes several outright mistakes regarding how Stickam’s live streaming service works.  Those mistakes prompted StickyDrama to send the prosecution our corrections (plus a little lagniappe about Hock’s close relationship with Stickam and some of its employees) in the form of an affidavit, which has the weight of sworn testimony in court.  We also included affidavits from Danielle Alexandria and Amor HIlton, both of whom had intimate relationships with Hock, and whose testimony might prove useful to one or both sides in the trial.


Because Stickam will not allow us to display their logo, and our web host will not allow us to display their messages to us regarding Hock’s warrant, we have blurred out some of the evidence in this post.  We also blurred out some personal information belonging to the witnesses, out of common-sense privacy.  Beyond that, the evidence below was faxed to the Maricopa County Attorney’s office late this afternoon.





  1. If that video showed anything you know damn good and well Sticky would have posted it and as far as Danielle goes she admitted she is a liar. She lied to Hock. Who says she’s not still lying. Look @ how much attention she has gotten over this. I guess her being a liar gets her that 15 minutes of fame so many people use Hock for. Shame on you Sticky, Danielle, and everyone else who listens to this TABLOID and thinks it is truth. Can’t anyone read the disclaimer. Crazy how one man (Sticky) can set out to destroy another and you people are dumb enough to believe what he says. Go pick up The Enquirer or The Star and read about 6 headed babies.

  2. hock’s fail of a life was good for some lol but he deserves the justice he’s gonna get but sitting in a prison cell.

  3. The bigger question is where the fuck were Danielle’s parents? I know I wasn’t able to just hangout with 19 year olds (boy or girl) when i was 14….

  4. Anon 12:09 That comment is probably the most ridiculous and extreme generalization i have ever read on this website.
    AND, as much as i dislike John Hock, Danielle was aware she was 14 years old obviously and had sex with John willingly. It is pretty disgraceful that a 14 year old kid feels the need to be fucked so young, My little sister is 14 years old and isn’t that messed up. She was trying to grow up too fast and it is just as much her fault as his, and if it was possible for both of them to be charged for underage sex, that would be more fair.

  5. ^ wat?
    Re-read that shit to yourself and consider what feelings of your own you’re transferring onto other people.

  6. It is, or course, clear that these losers only object to Hock’s actions because they are frustrated at their own ball-less inability to molest the underage boys they so desperately lust after and are furious that Hock is doing with girls what they are too cowardly to do with boys. Pathetic, really.

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