On his blog Perez Hilton yesterday posted a video in which he asks his readers to donate to Autism Speaks, an organization promoting awareness of autism.
Interesting. In an interview for the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, which is still posted on Sundance’s Stickam account, Perez jokingly referred to an autistic person as a “retard.”

StickyDrama, while vicious in our critiques, takes care not to make hurtful statements against large groups of people, even in jest. (OK, maybe statutory rapists.) A celebrity of Perez’s stature should be even more guarded of his statements, lest they come back to haunt him.


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  2. umm again i say
    not INTERNETydrama
    and Perez isn’t a stickam entertainer.. so it’s very pointless.
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  5. The video in which Perez calls autistics “retards” is on Stickam. That’s how this is Stickam gossip.

  6. Perez Hilton is a fake fat cock sucking moron. He has to big of a fan base for this to effect anything with him unfortunately.

  7. oh .. roxx .. u’re a dumb individual … READ THE BLOG BANNER “the # 1 blob about INTERNET CELEBRITIES AND GOSSIP”
    PEREZ IS an internet celeb… AND the video of him talking about the retards is from STICKAM @ THE SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL … Do u even read b4 commenting ?
    For real .. some people that comment should just stfu… ignorant moron .. WOW

  8. Break out that wide angle lense once more. LMFAO!!! Perez is grotesquely fat and I bet he’s never been laid in his life. Pretty damn sad if you ask me.

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    Seriously, if you hate him so much, why do you promote him every chance you get?

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