Ryan Andrew recently sent StickyDrama an unretouched photo of popular Myspace cutie Alex Evans, who won our first Eye Candy contest.

Quoting Ryan:
“The picture of him unphotoshopped is pretty bad. It’s not horrible, but not as good as the pictures he has up on MySpace. You can see that he uses foundation that’s too dark for his skin, his eyes aren’t as blue in real life, his chin and jawline seem pretty messed up, his eyebrows need a ton of work, etc. I’m sure a lot of obsessed girls would be somewhat surprised if they saw that photo of him, since everyone knows him as the ocean blue eyed pretty boy.”
Granted, Alex isn’t that bad au naturel; and he probably didn’t even know what the fuck StickyDrama is, let alone that he was in our Eye Candy gallery. Nevertheless we are distressed that Photoshop was probably the only reason he managed to beat the naturally suckable Dennis Hegstad—and only by a slight margin.

Dennis, who appears on cam in various degrees of undress and intoxication, was StickyDrama’s favorite to win. We’ll take Dennis “raw” (so to speak) over a retouched Alex anytime.



  1. It’d be nice if people could just do it the old fashioned way and use good lighting instead of photoshopping themselves. It’s one thing to screw with the levels or the overall temperature of a picture, or to get rid of a zit or two, but really.

  2. lmfao that photos of alex is altered, negatively, lmfao his eyes are blue you can even see in his video’s which pretty sure you can’t photoshop AHA

  3. for the people who dont know. alex evans pics some of them are real, but most of the ones people themselves tag arent. sorry but those are of a guy that looks like him, his name is jaq and hes a emo boy, and my boyfriend. can you guys help me stop people from stealing these photos and saying they’re of alex evans.

  4. I always thought Alex wasnt that good looking when I looked at his dev account you coulld see all that work on his face

  5. you stupid haters. monsieur breaker of hearts is so soo cuter ; and i have never heard of this guy, nobody else will either i hate to break it to you but he looks like some wanna be chris drew haha. you are all just mad cuz alex is successful? you have never had a clothing line before? im going to assume nobody loves you, if your going to just hate on somebody you have never met for reasons you don’t even know are true or not. im going to say im pretty sure none of you have stared into his eyes. photoshop has nothing to do with how cute he is ; or what an amazing person he is. jealouslyy all over. come on really people, your all talking about him. lmao, that is just proving how famous he really is. you obviously like him enough to spend time commenting about him ; nice hating guys. he will never think of you yet you think of him. haters make ALEX EVANS famous<33

  6. Alex is very cute even though he’s not retouched. The light was horrible, as you can see his eyes are purple, lol. And like everybody else, he doesn’t have the talent to look completely gorgeous in all situations so… Maybe you shouldn’t be so harsh =)

  7. hahahahhahaha WOW umm thats NOT Alex Evans…. its a look alike do u see snake bite holes?? cus i dont and i zoomed in oh and if u hvae ever seen his utube vid he looks the same as the pix so fuck off

  8. um WOW u realize that isnt alex evans rite? he has snake bites and u can clearly see there r no snake bites holes on that look alikes lips oh and if u ever seen him broadcast his eyes r blue or on u tube his eyes r blue! and looks just like his pix so fuck off

  9. Sorry, but I don’t believe he looks like in those pictures of him taken with the camera phone… -.-
    I’ve seen that video of him and he does look pretty much like his myspace photos.

  10. haha, theres a video on youtube of alex evans, and hes just as beautiful in that.
    this is obviously a horrible picture of him.
    everyone has bad days.
    oh, if you want to find the youtube video, search “alex evans teacups” (:
    oh, and suck it alex haters. :D!

  11. I fucking love Alex, and Alex looks hot in that picture he looks way hotter than any average boys do. Also, who cares if he photoshops ? He has a clothing line, he sings, he acts, he models & is a photographer. Dennish is ugly, he doesn’t look hot at all. Go alex <3

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