Meet Kris with a K, a tatted and sexy but otherwise worthless douchebag from Ohio who’s well-known both on Stickam and in LA’s scene:

Like so many other delicious str8 boys, Kris hated where he lived.  He had fucked every girl in his little pissant town and needed someplace more cosmopolitan.  So when the studpuppy hit us up for a place to crash in LA, we were only too happy to oblige.  Kris wanted to move to LA permanently, immediately, and didn’t want to expend any more energy than absolutely necessary.

For a little while, everything was magical.  Kris was in the city he loved.  He partied at the trendiest clubs.  He dined at the best restaurants.  But of course, some bitch had to fuck shit up.  They always do.  To be precise, this bitch right here:

Her name is Natalie, but in-the-know trolls might be more familiar with her from Kris’s Formspring as “baby momma.”  So called because the bitch says she’s pregnant.  With Kris’s baby.  And she was none too pleased that Kris was flashing those nipples of his for all of Los Angeles to see.  In fact, she went off-the-charts ballistic.  It is not without a grimace that we recall her nonstop barrage of txts and phonecalls, demanding that he get the firm tight ass back home.
Now, Kris is str8.  And the one downfall of all str8 boys is that they are stupid.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  And Kris was so stupid, that he thought if he went back to Ohio and tried to raise the kid, things would be OK.  But apparently things weren’t OK, because last night Kris posted Natalie’s n00dz.
Maybe the trolls among you won’t think this is a big deal.  Posting an ex’s n00dz is de rigeur—required, as the French say.  However, posting the n00dz of the expectant mother of your own child strikes StickyDrama as about as lulzy as things get.  Far more lulziness, it should be added, than boys of his cuteness typically deliver.  (Have you ever seen Dennis Hegstad do something this funny?)  We asked Kris, whatever could have provoked him to such an extreme act?

So what’s next?  For starters, StickyDrama is fairly confident that we’re going to have Kris back again.  Because now there’s some crazy pregnant stripper out for his blood, and he really needs to get back to safe and warm LA.


  1. lol i love how herpes is the way to try and ruin people i probably did fuck your sister but herpes? no i just got blood work and so did the girl i “got pregnant” no herpes for meeeee:) haha tell your sister to check out the other whores shes fucked:)

  2. I shit you not, my sister fucked ‘kris with a k’ a while ago, a huge drunken mistake because she now has herpes. Big surprise right? But just be warned about this no good douchefag. He ruined my sister’s life.

  3. Meh. The proportions aren’t that good at all, and her face is so average it might as well just be blurred out.
    Hell, she cuts it off on all those pics herself.

  4. Why would she be mad about her n00dz in the first place? She’s A STRIPPER. I don’t think she has a problem w ppl seeing her naked.

  5. lol if he wasnt blurred out you can clearly see he is about 5 feet behind me. that is called good angles with the camera . if i was gay i would be living the life in good ol’ DTLA

  6. this is bs
    he is gay if he was straight he would not let any of yaa lick his ass
    straight I don’t think so

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