There are two things in this cold cruel world that StickyDrama loves:


1.  Big hard cock


2.  Posting about Kiki Kannibal


Combining the two is like … melted dark chocolate wrapped in bacon.  With a hit of ecstasy in the gooey center.  So our readers can only imagine our pleasure in posting the n00dz of 20-year-old Jake Wolf Crunk, who apparently is Kiki Kannibal’s latest victim e-boyfran.




When shown Jake’s impressive scene stick by a troll on Stickam, Kiki articulated herself with maturity and eloquence.


 [kaltura-widget wid=”is5e65cvc0″ width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]


We’d love to hear what she has to say when she learns that Jake took this photo for another girl after he and Kiki were already an e-item.


Of course, he’s in a band


  1. look, jake told Kiki that he thought he was crazy and a sociopath and had multiple personalities. She thought he was just having one of his many “diabetic moods”…..oh, how wrong she was. Resourceful little girl found this and she tweeted that he really was a sociopath because he had EVERY single trait listed on the following:
    It’s serious girls. mark my words. there is no happy ending with this guy ever.

  2. Kiki is such a dumb bitch…
    [Obligatory comment about how jake wolf’s dick is small and his neck tattoo is fucking ugly]

  3. lol scum? really- both kiki and amor are prettier than trishvicious pan face down sydrome looking thing: srry no offence to DS kids, but fuck that girl is fugly. That was jake’s ex. kiki has boobs. they just aren’t saggy. neither amor nor kiki are big chested girls. duh

  4. lol kiki cant even meet someone in real life she always has boyfriends over the internet from like east ass fuck maine

  5. lol at kiki, she acts like she never seen one before,
    or maybe she wasn’t expecting it to be that small.
    And kiki your tits are NOT attractive in fact your pretty flat chested, at least amor has some.

  6. thanks for the sexy nude but how the fuck did jake wolf’s n00dz turn into amor’s saggy fish smelling breasts. i wished someone would tell me.
    She was the one that told that eden guy to post them so i guess jake posted hers….her breasts are saggy and then i guess some people came forward to say some personal stuff about her

  7. ^ how does it look gross? it looks like a penis. i swear some of you kids haven’t even seen a dick before.

  8. thanks for the sexy nude but how the fuck did jake wolf’s n00dz turn into amor’s saggy fish smelling breasts. i wished someone would tell me.

  9. There was an episode of Stroker and Hooch last night that was ALL ABOUT diamonds. Looks like Adult Swim will be facing a huge lawsuit and Kiki’s gonna be RICH!

  10. amor- nicole- bipolar doesn’t look fine. She’s under 21 and has small titties and if you have small titties at that age, they should be pert and firm, not like some used disease infested slop. She poses as though she THINKS she’s a hot piece of ass, and yet her ass is far from hot and well, her titties are just gross. IF she has something really going on in the body department and posed like it then that would be a different story. Amor is the one that had her friend post Jake’s nudes. Why? Because she’s got pissy that Jake wrote a song regarding “Myspace models”, and we all know what that means. It was for amor and trishvicious. LMAO to the anon at 2:41 a.m.! SEE, even more guys out there to confirm how bad amor smells, and on top of it, how often she gets fucked by guys who consider her nothing more than stinky, used up, foul hole. DISGUSTING! But hey maybe they can plug their noses and close their eyes and pretend and hope they don’t get a bad disease. hahaha.

  11. @hahah nicole friend,
    WTFFFF they look chewed up, like Tara Reid’s. That’s sick. Most of the links don’t work, but a few did.
    Nursing wildebeasts FTW

  12. derrrrrrrrr said, October 22nd, 2009 at 7:21 pm pricless. i bet she hasn’t even seen a dick in real life.
    I beg to differ, she probably sucks a lot of it. Skank.
    Cute 15y/o reaction though. Hahahah, also she could have been shocked that someone had her boyfriend’s nudes.
    “We’d love to hear what she has to say when she learns that Jake took this photo for another girl after he and Kiki were already an e-item.”

  13. anon@11:06 is lying. dozens of other guys fucked her the same night and i talked to many of them and they said otherwise. i would have fucked her too but the club was long dead before my name even reached the top half of the waiting list and i have this weird thing about not wanting weeping sores on my dick.

  14. ^you are such a liar……..nobody can get past the smell of her rank body to have sex with her let alone eat her pussy unless they are high on meth or some other shit

  15. i ate out amor about a month and a half ago at a club and her pussy def wasnt fishy and it wasnt as loose as you faggots say

  16. LOL.
    No one ran me out of here.
    Also, Im on here while I wait for someone to get to my house so QQ some more.
    That makes good sense for his tattoo then, so kudos to him.

  17. he has diabetes you ugly bitch jennjenn why are you still on this site i ran your goober looking ass out of here months ago

  18. i once read that having sex does not make a person “loose” i read that the only thing that could possibly do that is giving birth, which most of the time is unnotticable.
    idk but i read that on a doctors website or somthing i dont even know rofl

  19. funny how the pictures that show how her titties REALLY look were removed. You know the ones where she isn’t laying down or putting her arm up. Put the saggy tube ones back up where she isn’t doing anything to alter the look of those sick bags. Yeah, to the “guy” above you either have a bigger cock than the rest of the guys who complained of her looseness, or you fucked her years ago when she was still close to being a virgin. She does in FACT have a really FLAT ASS and SAGGY middle age woman boobies, and more than one dude has said that she smells REALLY fucking bad. Besides those sized nipps belong on a girl who has at least double DD’s not some marginal saggy B size. That’s what happens when you lose a lot of weight fast by pill popping and have ugly titties to begin with.

  20. ive fucked amor before and her body isnt “loose” infact it took my cock a few miniutes to squeeze into that tight pussy of hers…oh how i miss it

  21. @ liquid
    Yeah and they likely were crappy ones which made you a man hating dyke who cuddles up to females to get some satisfaction of being understood by the same gender.

  22. LMAO to the above!! Seriously, those titties look like they have nursed a few kids! LMAO gross saggy ass titties with huge fucked up nips, not sexy at all; it’s actually rather repulsive. Saggy tube titties will never be in style. Didn’t someone once call them pig snouts? Well, at least a pig snout is firm unlike those sloppy, used condom looking things.

  23. I just saw Amor Hilton’s, I mean Nicole’s, skanky, saggy, flat ass nudes. GROSS, there were five of them or so in which she shows off her saggy 40 year old titties and her flacid,clammy,fishfoul body. Holy shit, those have to be some of the grossest nudes I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. Here’s the deal: Amor, I mean, Nicole, was once a FAT, pig face, bi-polar loser whose mommy rejected, and so she decided to go on a crash diet of pills, booze, days without eating, and fucking whatever came her way. The result kiddies is a USED UP, SAGGY, loose skin on bones, lifeless body. The problem is her face is a fat face so she had to diet extra to even appear thin. She ruined her body, yet even when she was fat, every guy that fucked her said she had a flat ass and smelled really fishy. EW, ew, ew, ew!

  24. rofl sticky howd you get this. pure amazment. was she like not expecting this? PS i think you all are assuming kiki isnt as slutty as she is. Hello she has a new boyfriend every week and has noods. jesus kiki you talk about being classy but you havent even met this guy yet. Thats so wrong. YOU MUST BE IN LUV LYKE FOR REALLLZ> this guys gonna treat a girl right. jesus. shell neveer learn

  25. She was probably thinking of that dick sliding into her when she reacted like that. she’ll probably have the same reaction when he actually does, js.

  26. lol @ anon 3:34pm
    I was checking his myspace pics and lol at Brookiecake’s comments, his pic with the heart under it she says” my name belongs there”. Was this before or after she was with………ah fuck it she’s been with too many to count.

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