There are two things in this cold cruel world that StickyDrama loves:


1.  Big hard cock


2.  Posting about Kiki Kannibal


Combining the two is like … melted dark chocolate wrapped in bacon.  With a hit of ecstasy in the gooey center.  So our readers can only imagine our pleasure in posting the n00dz of 20-year-old Jake Wolf Crunk, who apparently is Kiki Kannibal’s latest victim e-boyfran.




When shown Jake’s impressive scene stick by a troll on Stickam, Kiki articulated herself with maturity and eloquence.


 [kaltura-widget wid=”is5e65cvc0″ width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]


We’d love to hear what she has to say when she learns that Jake took this photo for another girl after he and Kiki were already an e-item.


Of course, he’s in a band


  1. look, jake told Kiki that he thought he was crazy and a sociopath and had multiple personalities. She thought he was just having one of his many “diabetic moods”…..oh, how wrong she was. Resourceful little girl found this and she tweeted that he really was a sociopath because he had EVERY single trait listed on the following:
    It’s serious girls. mark my words. there is no happy ending with this guy ever.

  2. Kiki is such a dumb bitch…
    [Obligatory comment about how jake wolf’s dick is small and his neck tattoo is fucking ugly]

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