Bisexual hillbilly Allen Fame contacted StickyDrama today with joyous news. He’s going to be a daddy!

Allen’s fianc?e Ember Fame is 2 months pregnant and due to deliver in December. The two have been living together in Houston, Texas for the past 5 months and plan to marry before Ember gives birth. That way, the child will just be a hick and not a bastard hick.
StickyDrama grabbed the bull by the horns and asked Allen point-blank whether he will be able to resist his cocksucking urges:

Well, there you have it.
Since the marriage proposal was Live on Stickam, we see it fitting that the birth be webcast Live as well. Charge up the laptop, Allen!


  1. They are both disgusting pieces of
    shit who don’t have jobs and
    can barely make a living off of
    HER parents because his are trash
    and well you could talk shit about
    me saying this but you have no idea
    of how much this is all true =]
    poor baby. way to bring a child
    into the world guys =D
    great job!
    fucking idiots.

  2. woooo.
    im gonna be an aunty.
    im sooo happy for yall =]
    cant wait for baby fame to get here!
    && pryce i agree lol
    i aint changing shittyn diapers either lol

  3. THAT IS DISGUSTING babys and marriage GROSS its so fake and their most likely gnna end up divorcing and hes gnna end up getting put on child support.happens everyday,
    im glad im a REAL faggot not a piece of shit bisexual :]
    but i was fucking cracking up as i was reading this topic XD
    good job sticky ;D

  4. An update for the people who support us, we have our first ultrasound on the 15th of May I’ll post pictures of our amazing baby fame as soon as I get them =]
    Thank yall for being behind us.

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