Not one week has passed since Tomy Toolshed announced his so-called “Final Show” on Stickam, and voila: He’s back on Stickam talking shit and asking viewers to subscribe to his show. Same old shit. But Tomy’s behavior deteriorated from immature to downright repulsive when he defiantly admitted on-cam to statutory rape.

Tomy began his so-called comeback by shit-talking his ex-girlfriend Britni and having NathanAmazing DDOS Elliot Ben’s Live (in exchange for showing 16-year-old Nathan his cock). Not very smart, pissing off someone who has your family members’ phone numbers. Britni promptly went into Elliot’s Live and PMed him Tomy’s grandfather’s phone number; the Jew called him. Tomy, who has pranked Elliot’s stepfather, whined that calling family members “crosses the line.” Elliot only called Tomy’s progenitor twice though, and the conversation ended in I-love-you’s as Tomy helplessly watched. Angered that she would thus enable Elliot, Tomy declared he could “keep calling [Britni] all night.”

The feud between Elliot and Tomy is nothing new. But Elliot Ben’s recent gains in the rankings have no doubt been especially irritating to Tomy, whom Elliot has shot past. In fact, Elliot has lately so outperformed Tomy that the latter even tried to convince the Jew to “work together.” Elliot, who yesterday hit #1 in both the StreamRank and Most Subsribed charts, contemptuously declined.

At this point StickyDrama would like to remind our readers that Tomy was leaving Stickam “to make my father proud … so I can hear him say for once, “I’m proud of you Tomy.'” WELL, we would like to know how proud the father would be to hear his son not only admit to the crime of statutory rape against 16-year-old Angelica Applesauce, but defiantly challenge anyone to “prove it” and try to have him arrested. Since she was under 17 years of age at the time but older than 13, and Tomy was legally an adult not more than 5 years older than she, he is guilty of a ?criminal sexual abuse,? a Class A Misdemeanor under Illinois statute 720 ILCS 5/12?15.

Tomy makes the point that he’s a puny boy who couldn’t force anyone to have sex. Therein lies a common misconception among Stickam users: the difference between consensual but statutory rape, and nonconsensual rape involving physical violence. While Tomy did not harm Angelica physically, she was clearly not comfortable with the sex and the experience has scarred her psychologically; a 16-year-old is liable to be manipulated and intimidated by a 20-year-old.
StickyDrama finds it disturbing and offensive that so many Stickam users blame the victim in these situations, choosing to denigrate the younger girl and excuse the older boy’s actions.


  1. Well first off, this wouldn’t be the first time Tomy has had sex with someone underage. At college he had sexual intercourse with a 16 year old (at the time) that went to a local highschool, then not six months later had sexual intercourse with another 16-17 year old.
    He needs to grow up, and begin to take the consequences of his actions, he is an arrogant asshole.

  2. the ongoing argument between elliot and tomy is childish. I am disgusted by his behavior that he would talk so foul about a girl he was “so in love with”.

  3. ew who gives a fuck? he looks like he’s 12. anybody who wants to fuck him should find a real man. tomy is a little boy

  4. Tomy’s said plenty of times he hates stickam and is gonna quit. didn’t sticky have an piece and a video of him calling justine_mn saying he was leaving for good because he didn’t get into the casting call?
    didn’t he get an account on another cam site because he thought he could be more popular on there?
    also, did anyone else watch his show when he had his friend from like, middle school on? did anyone else think that it was rude that tomy didn’t show him out and went between ignoring him and ignoring his room?

  5. Stickam is never ending drama, hence why it attracts so many teens. Not saying I’m not one, and I’m not trying to be hypocritical. I love the drama on Stickam; hence why I come to Stickydrama. But the thing with Tomy is that he’s the source of a lot of drama, because of the fact that he’s “e-famous”. He really has no right to complain about it when his drama could easily be out to rest, but he choses the ignorant, immature way out of it. I’m not sure of it’s for the sheer attention of it, or what, but it seems he just wants this shit to happen. He was online tonight, but wasn’t even at his cam. That’s a sad way to get views and subscriptions. Why leave your chat open if you’re not even going to be there? It’s a waste of the internet if you ask me, not because it’s Tomy, but because it’s just wasted space. There’s so much monotonous, redundant, empty space, I wish that with all the automatic shit we have online now, there was something to automatically get rid of people wasting internet space. It’s not infinite, as much as we all like to think. It’s also Stickam’s money and bandwidth being wasted so he’ll just get adds and subscriptions.

  6. BRIAN DOLL FACE: the reason why he was holding up that sign is because stickam = neverendingDRAMA.
    while holding the sing he said “i dont hate stickam, i just hate the drama and shit that come with it”
    the DRAMA, not stickam in general.

  7. tomy tooooolshed ! ! ! ! ! ! so he had sex with a 16 yr old that happens so often nowadays. just forget about it !

  8. Tomy not only will go after girls.. he will go after boys too and I’m proof of that! That lying piece of trash!

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