Amor Hilton, who was 4 months pregnant with the spawn of Jonn Hock, today posted a Myspace bulletin announcing her miscarriage.

StickyDrama was crestfallen as the realization dawned upon us that we woud be denied our highly-sought Live abortion, which we have never had the fortune to post. Moreover the public nature of the miscarriage announcement, much like the public nature of Amor’s pregancy and relationship with Hock, entitles us to ask certain questions, such as:
-Was she ever really pregnant? The entire pregnancy could have been nothing more than a publicity stunt: Amor didn’t seem to be gaining much weight, and the ruse couldn’t have lasted much longer.
-Who the fuck ends their miscarriage announcement with an emoticon: =/
-If she was pregnant, did her smoking and tattoos affect her health to the point of miscarriage? Could the stress of their fighting have been a factor as well?
-Without the responsibilities of fatherhood, for how much longer will Hock remain with Amor? By all accounts he’s ready to hop along to the next vagina with an apartment. Right Chelsea?
-Assuming they do separate, will Hock or Amor go on cam drunk, talking shit about each other? We would hope so! God owes StickyDrama at least that much, for not delivering on the Live abortion.


  1. ahahaha bitches name isnt even amor
    its nicole friend or frend (something like that)
    I remember when I was good friends with kent billions and he told me that amor had told him like 2 years ago that she was 16 when she was 14
    pathetic cunt
    honestly, i wouldnt give a fuck if this was real. amor is a fucking bitch and deserves everything that she gets. and as for the whole brooklyn thing?
    brooklyn had gia and then it died 3 days later, im friends with her close friend. so idk what to say about that
    speaking of which brooklyn is pregnant again ahaha :p
    and as for John running to Chelsea?? chelsea likes someone right now and its not john

    If you were for realz preggo Amor, I am terribly sorry for what has happened.
    Some of the things you did while pregnant, if you were, weren’t the best of things to do. Also- Homeless? Do you not have shelters where you are? Are you both incapable of obtaining jobs? Honestly, I think you two would have been some the most irresponsible parents, get off your asses and support what you both caused. It’s really not that difficult. If your baby had been born, all three have you would have some pretty fucking shitty lives.
    And to the person who left comments about ultrasounds- Plural? Usually the first ultrasound is done at 8-10, sometimes not until 12-14 weeks, and if Amor was only 4 months pregnant, she should have only had ONE ultrasound. The second doesn’t usually happen until 18-22 weeks of pregnancy, that’s 4.5-5.5 months for all you tards.
    And for your conversation with her? 11 weeks IS NOT 4 months. 11 weeks would put her at nearly 3 months pregnant, and she would have had ONE ultrasound, if any. According to everywhere else, she stated she was FOUR months pregnant, so why the fuck up in your conversation with her pregnancy period? I’m curious, as well as convinced it was a big hoax.
    And I missed the part where she was bleeding profusely. Because that’s what happens when you miscarry… You bleed.
    Anonymous said, April 27th, 2008 at 1:59 pm
    It’s actually called a DNC not D&C. It is not a two day procedure nor do they insert a large metal object into your vagina BEFORE putting you under. This is all bullshit! She is the biggest liar I have ever seen! UNBELIEVALBE! There are many other “flaws” in her scheme but I don’t want to write a paper on it. GROW THE FUCK UP Nicole… I mean… Amor.
    “Amor just posted a blog WITH pictures. Fuck you StickyDrama. You don’t say shit about losing an unborn child.”
    Just because she took a picture of an ultrasound and a certificate doesn’t immediately prove that she was ever pregnant. amor could have got that ultrasound/certificate from anywhere or anyone. she even said that one of her friends recently had a baby, so if amor was that smart, she would have asked her friend for the ultrasound and certificate.

  3. Yes, It is sad she had a miscarriage, I don’t think she was faking, and i am sorry that you lost your baby. But for the people that are saying to leave them alone, this is a hard time for them, and they need to have there personal lives. THAT IS THE BIGGEST LOAD OF SHIT I have every heard. They put there personal lives all over the internet so if people want to comment about it they can. And that “My mom smoked while she was pregnant with me so I am going to do what I want with my baby” Video is just another example of how putting your personal shit all over the internet is going to fuck you in the ass in the end. So boys and girls learn this lesson. It you are underage stay away from John Hock, If you don’t want people in your personal lives do not announce personal things all over the internet, and if you are pregnant DON’T SMOKE. Just because your mom or your friend did it and there kid is okay…. Amor was not so lucky.

  4. to all you people who are saying she was never pregnant because she didn’t have a baby bump, let me tell you this. When my sister was pregnant with her first child, she didn’t show until she was 5 months pregnant. When she got pregnant with her 2nd child, she began to show a lot earlier, like I think 2 months. Now, she’s preggo with her 3rd baby at 3 months and damn, you can totally tell she’s preggo. haha. But the point I’m trying to make is that when you are pregnant the first time, you normally won’t show that much until you are in your later stages. And with the more kids you have, the more pregnant you will look in the early stages of your next baby.

  5. total fake
    nobody ever wonders why we never saw baby bump pictures? or why JOHN DOESNT EXPRESS any feeling for this fake miscarriage. hopefully she’ll go back to being a no one now. because shes so boring

  6. If she was ever really pregnant she never showed at all. I’m 4 months pregnant and have a big belly that you can tell is more than flab. As far as her blog, her ultrasound picture could very well be anyone elses. Even a print out from the internet… go look up ultrasound on google images. I’d change my mind if the picture of the ultrasound was up close. It would show her name… though we don’t know her real one, right? hahaha. And the proof of pregnancy sheet doesn’t look very authentic if you ask me.

  7. Uhmm, no Amor is not mature. If she was mature, she wouldn’t be knocked up at 17 to a pathetic asshole.
    I don’t care if it was real or not. If it was, then yes, I really feel bad for her, it’s pretty shitty. But you can’t bitch about people debating it when you a) weren’t showing and b) posted about it on a fucking myspace bulliten.
    If it’s an emotional time, keep it to yourself. It’s your life, no one else really has the right to be in your buisness, and when you post it, you clearly want them to be.

  8. I think amor had an abortion and covered it up. i dont blame her, she must feel pretty unstable when the father of her unborn child goes running to chelsea lynn whenever things go slightly wrong. I just think the grief she is showing seems a bit..childish. Most people who have miscarriges are withdrawn and just totally different from the way amor is acting. She is acting like her hamster died, not a baby..

  9. I think amor had an abortion and covered it up. i dont blame her, she must feel pretty unstable when the father of her unborn child goes running to chelsea lynn whenever things go slightly wrong. I just think the grief she is showing seems a bit..childish. Most people who have miscarriges are withdrawn and just totally different from the way amor is acting. She is acting like her hamster died, not a baby.

  10. Ah 17 or not it really dosnt matter.
    shes more mature then any of you assholes will ever be.
    your all closeminded fucks.
    Go burn in hell
    and leave her the fuck alone for once.
    or is your life that boring picking on people when their vunerable is exciting to you?

  11. “my mother smoked with me, and i turned out just fine!”
    apparently not if you were stupid enough to make the same mistake. amor would have been an unfit mother. as horrible and sad as it may be for her, she doesn’t deserve a child.
    stupid people should breed.

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