So many comedies and tragedies unfold on Stickam, the site at times seems an amphitheatre for the Digital Age, where thousands come to be amused by the histrionics of their favorite online characters. For months StickyDrama has blogged on the intrigue of the e-famous. But have television writers entered the fray, sanitizing distinctively “sticky dramas” for broadcast cable?

iCarly is a Nickelodeon series revolving around the title character Carly Shay, star of her own webcast produced by her best friends Freddie and Sam—who resemble our own Adam Paranoia and Pretty Nicki. But it’s really NathanAmazing who should sue for the character Nevel Papperman, a shameless Xerox copy of Stickam’s most fearsome buttpirate.

In the episode “iRue the Day,” Nevel, whose website receives five million page views per day, shuts down Carly’s webcast. The hack was an act of revenge: He had earlier confessed to having crush on her, and she told him the feeling wasn’t mutual.

According to StickyDrama’s AIM logs, Nathan plays out the same little drama 2.3 times per week, ever since we started keeping track of the 15-year-old p33n-freak. The plot could have come straight off the pages of StickyDrama, had Nevel demanded that Freddie whip out his cock and eat his own cum. Wouldn’t you agree, Nick?


  1. I would def see sam as more of a kiki kannibal, shes bitchyyy and loves to make fun of people haha
    pretty nicki doesnt do shit on stickam

  2. funny how you show that picture of “nathan” as if it’s really his picture and he’s really a teenaged boy!

  3. i am also wondering why sticky was down for 2-3 days randomly with no explanation.
    could it be matthew lush shut them down like he said he would?
    this post did entertain me though.

  4. i was actually intertained by this post.
    it does not involve nudity or someone having abortions.. hint hint.
    and i laughed pretty hard at the creepy fact that they look so much alike.
    funny how the blonde and the gay kid fight, just like the nicki/nathan fights we’ve all seen.
    you never know, writers will go anywhere for ideas,
    and during that writers strike they had nothin better to do than play online.
    so maybe… it did come from stickam.

  5. it seems like too many people posting on here do not realize (or don’t appreciate) that sticky is making a clever joke. if anything, there should be more posts like this. i feel like you guys are the reason why shows like The Hills and shitty movies like Meet The Spartans are in demand.

  6. ‘freddie’ looks SO MUCH LIKE adam, holy shit.
    looks like a pretty fucking terrible show though.

  7. There has to be something going on. If not on stickam theres always something down on myspace extend your blogs reach go for like some myspace drama or something anything but kid shows.

  8. la la la lameeeee
    Cause some drama or make some up don’t post kids shows on here no one cares except for pedos

  9. LOL epic fail sticky c’mon get s ome new material youre running out of things to talk about get the fuck over it JS lololol

  10. blah blah blah.. you know they didn’t look here. stickydrama is just finding it hard to post interesting or eye catching posts, thus this lame ass one.

  11. wow, it really sounds like it
    but i doubt nickelodeon looks here for ideas, i mean it’s a pretty non original plot and these kind of things happen on EVERY website..
    although the characters do look very much alike, grown up versions of each! hah, it could be coincidence
    but even if nickelodeon did infact copy “stickam” (highly doubt that).. whats there to do about it? interesting though. pretty cool.

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