John Hock apparently hasn’t realized that StickyDrama has eyes and ears everywhere. Early this morning in Pandah’s Live he blabbed in mixed company that he and Amor Hilton “broke up.” He furthermore makes a point of telling his supposedly platonic friend Chelsea Lynn that the mother of his child is “a fucking cunt.”

While the desire to peacefully co-exist might lead to a temporary reconciliation, these screenccaps support the rumors that Hock and Amor’s relationship is in its death throes.
Oh dear readers! StickyDrama is delirious at the thought of the dirt that’s going to come out when these two finally call it quits. There will be such an outpouring of betrayals and n00dz and AIM logs that we’ll be busy for years cataloguing it all.


  1. shit, i remember when i used to have a stickam and this guy(pandah), who’s like 22 was all fucking hitting on me, and i’m only 14. shit, hella nasty.

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