On the fly, former Playboy producer and present owner of SHE LLC Nancy Goodwell cast Amor Hilton in a production about “cougars,” or older and usually wealthier women who have younger and usually not-so-wealthy boyfriends.  StickyDrama was accompanying the Scene Princess on one of her Xanax-charged shopping sprees about Hollywood.
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Amor strikes us as a tad young to be a cougar, but what the fuck–it’s television, right?


  1. Anyone else notice how she leans back and stands all weird to appear short? Wtf.. She does it on IRL Life when Andy Vanity calls her a “lil hooker”

  2. Cougar?! She’s barely 18, trust me I know. She dropped out of high school in 10th grade and started playing adult.

  3. People get compensated for being interviewed . If you watch shows a lot of reality shows you’ll see in small print they’ll tell you some people were paid for their time.

  4. wow she is so fucking ugly. See used to be pretty alright, a year ago I guess. Take out that ugly ass piercing on top of your lips. It looks like some kind of growth.

  5. Amor needs to have her hair black and cut like it was then, put smaller bars in her piercings, not go up to her medusa with lipstick, do her eyebrows better, and not dress like a complete hooker, and she’d be 10000x prettier.

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