StickyDrama was taking the subway back home from Ikea with Amor Hilton and Parker Tammen, when guess who we bumped into!
Pretty Nicki, the voluptuous 27ish-year-old single mother who’s probably having a whole lot of fun with Cody Collier, known by his online sobriquets Too Live and coll1er. While Cody has been laying low for a year or two, at the zenith of his online notoriety he hacked the bejesus out of Stickam; and he was even associated with the infamous Comcast hack for which teenage hacker Defiant was indicted.

“You know we’re not dating, right,” Nicki blurted out immediately after we asked Cody’s age, without our asking anything about whomever anyone was dating.  Hmmm.  Let’s pull a still frame from that exact moment, just for lulz:

Off-camera, she continued that they were just friends. *Snort!*  Right.  Because you know how many 17-year-old boys have nothing better to do with their weekend than take their 28-year-old friend’s 4-year-old kid out for a trainride.  (We have blurred her child’s face out of the video.)  Well that’s probably for the best, since any sexual relationship between the two would be statutory rape in California, where the age of consent is 18 years old.
Cody, meanwhile, said he’s now living in LA, presumably so he can give Nicki’s kid trainrides all the time.  Isn’t that gentlemanly of him?


  1. Has anyone considered the fact that maybe Sticky’s not talking shit and just stating facts??
    Maybe she IS a slut, and knows it so of course they’re still friends. Who the hell knows.
    He’s not letting her get killed or raped, so he doesn’t seem any evil to me.
    Nicki has been owned so I have nothing further to say.

  2. ^^ yep. Sticky didn’t insult them in any way, in the video or in this post and she went psycho on this post. Bitch is a crazy, sleazy loser. And yes, the listing her age as 21 on myspace thing is creepy. also LOL at her having a blog about predators creeping on underage kids on myspace & how myspace needs to have better protection for underage kids. uhh…

  3. @ anon 7:42
    “Nicki didn’t confront them because she’s not an attention whore who starts drama for no reason.”
    if she wasnt she wouldnt have responded to this post.

  4. i agree with spaz. a good mother wouldn’t risk going to jail to hook up with a 17 year old. also, she lies about her age on her myspace…. she says shes 21? that’s totally creepy.
    why would she feel the need to lie about her age?

  5. who even wants her as the face of their brand??? seriously. i wouldn’t even call her a MILF..
    i bet the guy is into some reallllly scarily grotesque kinky sexual shit, why else would he be with her when he could fuck someone with hotter looks and a longer lifespan

  6. Y’all seem somewhat pathetic, i dont even no amor or nikki as they dont seem the phase me, but it seems nikki just smashed the fuck out of all y’all in a single blow and amor looks like a flithy whore, jesus christ woman i look better than you and i dress up as a fuckin girl, shes not even hollywood famous, shes a pathetic dim witted blonde headed whore who likes to run grand central station !

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