StickyDrama was taking the subway back home from Ikea with Amor Hilton and Parker Tammen, when guess who we bumped into!
Pretty Nicki, the voluptuous 27ish-year-old single mother who’s probably having a whole lot of fun with Cody Collier, known by his online sobriquets Too Live and coll1er. While Cody has been laying low for a year or two, at the zenith of his online notoriety he hacked the bejesus out of Stickam; and he was even associated with the infamous Comcast hack for which teenage hacker Defiant was indicted.

“You know we’re not dating, right,” Nicki blurted out immediately after we asked Cody’s age, without our asking anything about whomever anyone was dating.  Hmmm.  Let’s pull a still frame from that exact moment, just for lulz:

Off-camera, she continued that they were just friends. *Snort!*  Right.  Because you know how many 17-year-old boys have nothing better to do with their weekend than take their 28-year-old friend’s 4-year-old kid out for a trainride.  (We have blurred her child’s face out of the video.)  Well that’s probably for the best, since any sexual relationship between the two would be statutory rape in California, where the age of consent is 18 years old.
Cody, meanwhile, said he’s now living in LA, presumably so he can give Nicki’s kid trainrides all the time.  Isn’t that gentlemanly of him?


  1. Has anyone considered the fact that maybe Sticky’s not talking shit and just stating facts??
    Maybe she IS a slut, and knows it so of course they’re still friends. Who the hell knows.
    He’s not letting her get killed or raped, so he doesn’t seem any evil to me.
    Nicki has been owned so I have nothing further to say.

  2. ^^ yep. Sticky didn’t insult them in any way, in the video or in this post and she went psycho on this post. Bitch is a crazy, sleazy loser. And yes, the listing her age as 21 on myspace thing is creepy. also LOL at her having a blog about predators creeping on underage kids on myspace & how myspace needs to have better protection for underage kids. uhh…

  3. @ anon 7:42
    “Nicki didn’t confront them because she’s not an attention whore who starts drama for no reason.”
    if she wasnt she wouldnt have responded to this post.

  4. i agree with spaz. a good mother wouldn’t risk going to jail to hook up with a 17 year old. also, she lies about her age on her myspace…. she says shes 21? that’s totally creepy.
    why would she feel the need to lie about her age?

  5. who even wants her as the face of their brand??? seriously. i wouldn’t even call her a MILF..
    i bet the guy is into some reallllly scarily grotesque kinky sexual shit, why else would he be with her when he could fuck someone with hotter looks and a longer lifespan

  6. Y’all seem somewhat pathetic, i dont even no amor or nikki as they dont seem the phase me, but it seems nikki just smashed the fuck out of all y’all in a single blow and amor looks like a flithy whore, jesus christ woman i look better than you and i dress up as a fuckin girl, shes not even hollywood famous, shes a pathetic dim witted blonde headed whore who likes to run grand central station !

  7. Sticky is right. You are all calling her a bad mother, for what? He never said that. From everything i see on her twitter that child is VERY well taken care of, probably better than all of you. All sticky said was he saw them together, nothing more. And here you all assume they are having sex and numerous other things. Who cares if they were hanging out in LA? I sure don’t. She probably said they are not dating because she knew what sticky wanted to post about. Everything i see of hers online says single so i believe her.

  8. LOL @ all the hate this post is getting me. Did I call Cody or Nicki names? No. Did I say anything rude? No. Did I suggest Nicki was a bad mother? No. And I also hid her child’s identity in the video.
    If you don’t like this post, then you must have a hard time with reality, because all I wrote that Nicki was in LA with Cody–fact. And that any sexual relationship between the two in the State of California would be statutory rape–also fact.

  9. Albeit her alleged relationship with that kid, what right do any of you have to judge on her parenting skills? Pretty much every single person posting on this site is underage and doesn’t have kids. You have no idea on how to be a parent, regardless of what you think. None of you have a leg to stand on giving an opinion on parenting abilities based off information you get off the internet. The majority here don’t know who the fuck any of these people are.

  10. Anyone whos saying Nicki isnt a good mother needs to fuckkkkkk off. Shes a great mother. She loves her son and does everything possible for him. Unlike Fatass from Kompton (kelli).

  11. Nicki is clearly an unfit mother and her child needs to be taken away from her as soon as possible.

  12. Why is her name pretty nicki? Was she once pretty, because she ain’t the cute in the video. Not tryna bash but I was rather disappointed.

  13. i’d think chris is a total ass for calling amor a slut and throwing an insult at her in every sentence but she still trails behind him like a dog.

  14. ^LOL. “Romantic dinner.” I tossed the slut a Xanax and bought her a $1 plate of swedish meatballs with lidonberries and mashed potatoes. Yeah, I’m sooooo in love.

  15. sticky is fucking amor, i knew it!!! why else should he be taking her to ikea for a romantic dinner?

  16. When you are incapable of maintaining relationships both professional and sexual with people over a long period of time one has to wonder what is wrong with that person as is the case here with Mr Stone. As you can see the only reason he is able to maintain a relationship with anyone is when a favor is bring reciprocated suchas money or a place to stay. One has to wonder how dull, empty ones life has to be living the way Mr Stone does. Also don’t allow the excuse of being in LA just for the entertainment fool you everyone knows that is Hollywood. LA is a slum with poor scene boys willing to suck old man dick for some money or a place to stay or for legal prescription drugs. Oh how this website has gone down hill talking about people who haven’t been relevant on the Internet for longer than I can remember.

  17. Nicki looked uncomfortable the whole way but was just being polite.
    It is like a scene from high school with sticky and amor being the bullies.
    Seriously you spend your days taking Xanax and going to Ikea and starting bullshit drama because your life is so empty?
    Why do you always bitch about amor too if you guys are best buds?
    Nicki didn’t confront them because she’s not an attention whore who starts drama for no reason.
    I bet the reason she said “We’re not dating” before anyone asked is because you always make up shit sticky and claim its true. She just clarified it before you were able to get home and post about their secret relationship.
    Fucking fail, i used to be a big fan of this website but this is just pathetic.

  18. “Let’s play Global Thermonuclear Warfare”
    “No, let’s play Global Thermonuclear Warfare”

  19. She looked pretty chill to me in the video, not troubled, maybe irritated? I would be annoyed by a faggot with a video in my face too. I think she did a nice thing by not being angry in front of her son. She’s a good mother for not getting angry in front of him like you seem to want her to do. What’s wrong with you people?

  20. Nicki’s comment isn’t “win” due to the fact that she was so easygoing and friendly with them in the video. Then she’s suddenly throwing a bitchfit. Did she confront them then and there? No. She is playing that hide-behind-the-computer game.

  21. WOW notice how ms nicki is so tense throughout the whole video
    Why so troubled to be caught on a metro with Cody?
    He IS delicious however..
    Since you can pass for atleast 25 though, i think that you think your “allowed” to fuck 17 year old boys

  22. ROFL @ spaz 156 pm.
    Nickis a nice girl. And her comment made my day. Das ist alle.

  23. overall this just all made me feel bad for nicki.
    That video felt like some sick n twisted highschool reunion.

  24. nicki’s son is autistic, and she won’t do anything about it to help him. she just denies it and tells the doctors to fuck off.

  25. lmaolmao!! Nicki is such a fucking slut good god. “The bad man and scary clown” You mean the same clown who fucking booked a shoot @ the same place as you? You are fucking retarded and your crackbaby needs to grow some balls, lmao just saying

  26. i know nikki and mario…
    and clear to me the kids frightened, yall are stupid ass low lifes.
    seriously get a life and stay out of others. you all go on this site to amuse yourselves..who fucking cares?
    you dont have an important enough life to focus on instead of others?
    you all make me sick.

  27. “the bad man and the scary clown”
    Oh shittttttttttttttttttt! LOL.
    Well, as I figured, your average teenage ‘hacker’ is a giant pussy in real life.
    LOL xanax and Ikea. Keep workin’ that liver, Amor.
    People can actually be friends, although 28 female and 17 male is pretty weird even for THAT.

  28. It’s funny to me how long posts about Cody stay up on here (even his parents home address)
    If he is indeed such a skilled hacker, you’d think the posts have disappeared already.
    Surely hacking stickydrama is easier than stickam.. (ha)

  29. I actually like Nikki because she has enough sense to know that taking xanax and going to Ikea with Amor Hilton is not healthy, let alone a good idea.
    What the real story here is how you openly hang out with Amor yet post rather disparaging content about her on your site. Hmmmmm. Okay.

  30. Yawn. I don’t see any evidence of sex with ANYONE here, let alone children. Pathetic. I don’t see drug paraphernalia either, what was that last person even talking about? How can a person be on the wrong side of 30 if they are under it? JW. I see the kid hiding behind his mother which looks like he is uncomfortable at least. I’m also scared of clowns I don’t blame him. Nicki was smart not to confront them in front of her child. That Twitter is private, I can’t see it. Failpost. On a more interesting note, was that Amors new fuckbuddy in the back? I give him 2 days. To catch the STDs that is.

  31. What’s funnier here is Nicki acting as though her son had some huge problem with Amor or Chris, when clearly you can see him chatting it up with Amor in the video. Doesn’t seem to be upset at all between the giggles and chatter. Not to mention as soon as Codys’ age is mentioned Nicki immediately states “you know we’re not dating right?” when not one person had mentioned dating or pedophilia at all. And lets talk about someone not having balls to say anything to someones face? Not once did Nicki have the audacity to confront Chris or Amor in the video, yet so vivaciously throws libel in her comment? How about, when you stop having sex with children and living online (publicly at that, I mean who makes a twitter account for their four year old son?, you wouldn’t be involved in any “drama”. And honey, a seventeen year old scene boy won’t protect you or your son! Stop acting like you are better than anyone on the metro. Maybe you shouldn’t blatantly expose your child to such things (drug paraphernalia, pedophilia, illegal internet spamming, aka your life) then you wouldn’t have to make such a fuss pretending like you’re a good mother to the internet you care about so much.
    P.S. atleast Amor dates guys who can vote.

  32. Nicki is on the wrong side of 30. She is a pedophile and should have her son taken from her. Disgusting.
    For once, Amor wasn’t the grossest person on the metro. Nicki was.

  33. im not 28, thanks. also, im NOT dating anyone right now. ive been single for quite some time regardless of what you think or believe. i cant meet friends/business associates in hollywood for lunch with my son without “the bad man and the scary clown” (quote from my child) bothering me? interesting. did you see us kissing, holding hands, or fucking on that train? no. i was attempting to safely get my kid to the real train so we could get home. the metro is scary enough without this nonsense (look at the people who ride it), and you really did scare my child who is only 4, which crosses a line with me. there is a time and a place for your so called “drama” chris and that was not it. you are 30fuckall years old, and you should really know better.
    ALSO Amor, hun, i heard your “whisper” to chris about our run in with dirty shirty. YES i said i would NOT model for them after seeing your photo. is that a problem? i wont be associated with you as far as any companies go and thats that. YOU are not my style. its not as personal as you would love to believe. i just wont follow your path. next time you have things to say to my face grow balls and say it, dont whisper at 3874 decibels (google that, i know big words are not your forte) and think that i cant hear you. only the bad drugs would make you believe i was that deaf.

  34. ^^ of course someone instantly goes for the amor attacks
    THIS ONE’S NOT ABOUT HERE THIS TIME, there are many more for you to read if you’d like

  35. Damn Amor looks tacky. It’s such a shame cause she actually is a pretty girl but it seems like she just throws on all the jewelry she has and whatever clothes are clean. I kinda feel bad for her :/

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