Amor Hilton and Kelli from Compton got into a nasty catfight on Twitter, posting each other’s phone numbers.




But their argument took an interesting turn when Kelli went to Amor’s residence in Encino so that Amor could “talk your shit to our faces, behind a fence.”




How far will they go?  Will the scene princess confront the—uh, fat unemployed unwed mother—or will she puss out?  One thing is certain:  If hair-pulling is involved, the Valley is going to be littered with lots of pink and blonde debris.  StickyDrama will be providing up-to-the-minute coverage of the catfight once the bitches start tweeting again.


  1. Yea I mean I get their both fuck up,s but Kelli has a child now, and to still be playing this stupid “Im tougher than you game” is so pathetic of her. I feel sorry for that baby, she said how she wasn’t going to have an abortion because this was going to be a blessing, but if this is what she puts that child through then she was better off giving it up for adoption.

  2. you guys are fucking idiots defending nicole (amor). most of you people have never even met her in person youre just her myspace/stickam friends. stop defending someone you dont even know. and second stop talking shit about kelli’s parenting. her parents have full custody of the baby so before you decide to open your mouth and talk your shit get you shit right.

  3. AMOR IS A WHORE AND DESERVES ALL THE SHIT THAT HAPPENS TO HER!!! she causes it, take fucking responsiblity.

  4. The number she gave for Amor was her number if it no longer is now. I’ve pissed her off a few times and had what she must have deemed as “threatening” voicemails. Idk, I just saw them as funny.

  5. well when someone says they dont want to be apart of this and they say there done and going to ignore this that means there done but they refused to leave and said no there not done. everyone is plotting against amor.. its not cool at all…. if you dont know her then dont judge her. shes actually a really cool person and can be there for you. ray you admitted she used to be a cool person and idk why you guys dont get along to this day but im not going to but into your business. kelli you were provoking this wayyyy too far and you were the one saying your just backing up your friends but you seem to be the main one who wanted all this to happen. if you really wanted everything to be okay then you would just END things and pretend the other person that you didnt get along with didnt exist. we told you guys we are not going to come outside and talk so just leave because its over shes going to be the smart one and move on with her life and you guys refused to leave. i have nothing against you guys as people but from what im seeing im going to say my side. and this has gone way too far. what is the point in doing all of this anyways? is it to make yourself feel better for bringing a person down? thats pretty low=/ idk this needs to stop though. just let the girl live her life and you guys live your own. just ignore her and stay away from her and she will do the same to you guys

  6. Kelli is a mother, Trying to pick fights with 17 year old girls should be the last thing on her list.
    And I can’t believe you would be on kelli’s side on this sticky?
    You seemed like a smart enough guy to see that this post clearly should of been about how the fat mother is trying to fuck with a little girl,
    over it all about bashing on amor.
    You’re picking favorites, that’s not good for bloging.
    You should just change stickydrama to

  7. she isnt being harassed. they simply asked her to come out and talk shit to their faces like she said she would. shes getting what she asked for. why have pitty for her? she deserves it. dont mess with my girl chynna if you dont expect to get your shit fucked up ;D

  8. Kelli needs to take care of her baby and stop trying to be a 16 year old again. grow the fuck up bitch. kelli gets fucked up on booze and bars and passes out leaving everyone else to take care of her kid. kelli smokes weed around her kid smokes cigs while holding her baby doesnt change her diaper until shes soaked. you should have ur kid taken away from you, your a piece of shit mom!!

  9. Id run if I was amor hilton aka nicole friends…some people aren’t afraid too go to jail over easter bunny clamydia wanna be sluts like amor….run beast run into the cave you came from

  10. Id run if I was amor hilton aka nicole friends…some people aren’t afraid too go to jail over easter bunny clamydia wanna be sluts like amor….run beast run

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