Thank fucking god the Rapist lost.
While the ultimate result was the same, there were two interesting disparities between StickyDrama’s poll and the official Stickam tally. First, our own poll put Audiowh0regasm as the victor by a fairly large margin, whereas according to Stickam’s results her victory was less crushing. Second, Friends For Hire placed significantly lower in the actual voting.
Howsoever the breakdown is, StickyDrama is relieved that we’ll be able to continue making couch-surfing jokes at the expense of the Rapist, who had hoped to use the $2000 prize as a deposit on his own apartment.


  1. Let’s see. Chelsea would use it for college most likely. Hock would use it for crack and alcohol for 12 year old girls. Chelsea looks hot..from most camera angles…Hock looks like a cracked out white Dragonballz Character. You pick who the money would have been better off to.

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