Thank fucking god the Rapist lost.
While the ultimate result was the same, there were two interesting disparities between StickyDrama’s poll and the official Stickam tally. First, our own poll put Audiowh0regasm as the victor by a fairly large margin, whereas according to Stickam’s results her victory was less crushing. Second, Friends For Hire placed significantly lower in the actual voting.
Howsoever the breakdown is, StickyDrama is relieved that we’ll be able to continue making couch-surfing jokes at the expense of the Rapist, who had hoped to use the $2000 prize as a deposit on his own apartment.


  1. Let’s see. Chelsea would use it for college most likely. Hock would use it for crack and alcohol for 12 year old girls. Chelsea looks hot..from most camera angles…Hock looks like a cracked out white Dragonballz Character. You pick who the money would have been better off to.

  2. “adam paranoia rigged it so he can have meet up and have sex with audio. she?ll lose her V card for him while she?s at SXSW”
    i lol’ed at that one.

  3. Anyone else love how, now that she’s won the contest, she NEVER gets on stickam any more? She doesn’t deserve this.

  4. >:| gee if sticky would have posted johns nudes he’d probably have more votes then what he had. i mean we cant help that chelsea is a whore and chose to give her nudes to chris 😀 her fault. honestly john should have won. he doesnt live with his parents nor is he spilled and gets what ever he wants. you know just saying :]

  5. audiowhoregasm is a boring cunt. at least john was entertaining. all shes going to do is sit there while 47 year old men try to make her show her boobs to them.

  6. thats a fake audio :[
    John is a fucking douche with no life! he is just sad that he is poor. I mean if he is soo poor and wants to get his own apt, then why doesnt he go and get a job? Why is he making amor work while he sits on the comp or sleeps all day! Hes just a low life with no life. He is going to be a dead beat daddy too i am sure!

  7. adam paranoia rigged it so he can have meet up and have sex with audio. she’ll lose her V card for him while she’s at SXSW.

  8. Uhh Audio? ^^ come down to earth.
    Ehh, i voted for John, except in the first round. I love John and Chelsea, but john was muh candidate. Oh well.

  9. they both suck the raping racist and a no talented cunt fuck shaggy was the only good one out of them fuckin all

  10. considering audio talks like a wigger i wish more people would have voted for hock atleast he knows he is white.
    I wish he would rape some more willing girls cause thats way more entertaining than this dumb bitch.

  11. ewwww. john should have won. hes a hell of alot more entertaining than chelsea. shes fucking boring
    and her video for hte casting call was lame. shit i fast forwarded half way through it

  12. well he chose to put his life on the internet so people ARE allowed to talk. thats what comes when you’re “famous” even though i dont think john hock is famous but over the internet maybe. and by law, he is a stagetory (sp) rapist. he committed a serious crime.
    i have no opinion on who should have one this because Ive only been in Hocks live so i can’t base a judgement on the others but I find his lives to be a smidge entertaining.

  13. STOP CALLING HIM THE DAMN RACIST. people, god why dont you just shutup. its the fucking internet. and you guys make such a fucking big deal out of it. dont you think he gets enough with you guys making fun of him all the time? seriously. its his life, its his past, he makes the choices. you dont. stay out of his life. god damn.

  14. Really, didn’t want her to win, I don’t even know who she is and I’ve been on the site for awhile wasn’t entertaining times I went into her live and saw her it wasn’t a bit entertaining. Anyone who goes with Matthew lush will surely win. But then again, I say it was all fucked up and I garuntee have the votes from users on Firefox didn’t go.
    She’s nice I guess but I’m so not watching the show now would of rather seen the rapist far more entertaining to watch him make a fool out of himself.

  15. blah is right i guess.
    i dont really havve much of an opinion since i dont know them lolzz.
    plus i didnt vote.
    : )

  16. haahah omg, way to be annoymous faggots. like i give a shit at least i know him in real life and i dont waste my life talking shit about someone i dont know :]

  17. seriously, john hock should have one. he needed the money. and you know what? who cares what he did in the past. its his life not yours. you guys dont even know this kid, but yet your getting in his shit, all over the damn internet. come on.
    he should have one anyways,
    hes way more entertaining.

  18. i voted for shaggy simply because i thought he stood out as an interviewer. john hock i find kinda lame, and although sometimes funny, its only in short bursts. at the end of the day im just glad that racist rapist didnt win shit.
    well done audio, although ur not who i voted for, im glad u won over that dirty child abuser, and i agree with everyone. chelsea lynn STOP THE FUCKING SPAM WE DONT FUCKING LISTEN TO IT YOU PIECE OF SHIT HOCK FAN

  19. no offense to whoregazim but she’s fucking BORING the only thing she does is kiss people’s ass…
    that’s why her live’s suck
    i mean just look at someone like john hock’s or shaggy’s live occasionally they are ALWAYS packed with people… Why? because they are fucking entertaining that’s why…
    she shouldn’t have won.

  20. chelsea lynn get off johns dick seriously. ” P.S hes not racist” um yeah he is if he said that it was disgusting that his ugly bitch molerat of a girlfriend fucked a black guy then thats racist. get off his dick and fuck u for spamming everyone on stickams comments to get him to win. BITCH.

  21. Congrats Chelsea I’m so happy you won.
    Umm Chelsea Lynn can you stop spamming me on stickam and now stickydrama because you are in love with John Hock? Just because he is your only friend and you think by spamming people and defending him maybe might make him rape you too, doesn’t really mean anyone cares. Grow some eyebrows!

  22. ugh, I can’t believe that stupid cunt won.
    Has anyone else noticed how much weight she’s gained since the first started getting on stickam?
    someone needs to put down the fork more often.

  23. lol at all of this crap people commenting on people who have no life’s making a blog about devoted to gossip or drama about people who have no life’s seems like we ALL need to get a life ?

  24. “I only won thanks to stickydrama for posting my nudes , and kissing adam paranoias ass everyday !!! thanks stickydrama <33”
    Oh, and don’t forget you had that no talent faggot whos the most popular person on stickam help you out too ;D
    Shes gonna suck at this.
    I’ve seen her live, I see how she acts, she’t NOT entertaining at all.
    Shaggy and John Hock would have been much better for this. They’re both charismatic and funny.

  25. I only won thanks to stickydrama for posting my nudes , and kissing adam paranoias ass everyday !!! thanks stickydrama <33

  26. Your antipathy for Hock is arbitrary at best. You claim to be angered by his activities with under-aged girls. That, however, can in fact NOT be your actual reason for not liking him, as you make it clear daily that you would (and, by virtue of implication, have) bone any under-aged boy you could get your hands on. In other words, you are wielding the “rapist” attack arbitrarily, even though you clearly don’t give a flying fuck about his sex live except inasmuch as it affords you an easy-to-deploy insulting name. Since his sex live is clearly not the source of your dislike for him, why don’t you come clean and say what’s really on your mind? Jealous that he’s getting the 14 year old nookie and you aren’t? Did he turn down your request to suck his cock? What, exactly, is your problem with him?

  27. Kiki needs to keep people who are more attractive, friendly, and popular?s names out of her mouth.
    UHM, i just commented this blog.
    i really hope you are talking about kikikamel
    because i agree the bitch needs to learn how to keep her fucking mouth shut
    she chose gum like a fucking camel
    i love chelsea.
    i’m so happy she won!

    so what if he didnt do the shitty interview he got more than that scabby bitch!

  29. Chelseys a SWEETHEART! She deserved it. However i wanted to leave this comment to let you all know that kiki kanniball has been calling audio a fat little piggy in her chatroom. 🙁 Kiki is an ugly whore. Oh and i got a detention today for trying to get on Stickydrama, its blocked out & filterd as PORN!!!

  30. She won fair and square, shut the fuck up.
    Hocks “quitting” the site, JUST LIKE TOMY DID, LOL, OH WAIT, TOMYS BACK.

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