On the SXSW profile, there is a video entitled boothiness in which a distinguished gentleman named B.O.B. Bob snatches a spare mic next to Adam Paranoia and shamelessly plugs his music. Adam rolls with it, and everyone had a cute laugh.

Mysteriously missing from the SXSW videos is that delicious moment when Audiowh0regasm interviewed B.O.B. Bob and his friends. B.O.B. rudely snatched away the microphone to promote his upcoming shows, and even more rudely dropped the mic instead of handing it back to her when he was finished.But the creme de la creme were the many requests B.O.B. and his friends made for Audio to stand up and “show her ham.””Show us your ham!”
“Get up Chelsea … Let’s see your ham!”
“Yeah girl … get up!”
Clearly outraged, Audio refused; however B.O.B. and friends simply wouldnt take no for an answer. She wouldn’t stand up so as not to reveal her ham, and they kept hounding her as she helplessly looked away. StickyDrama deeply regrets not having been able to screen-record the glorious moment, but we do have these caps:
Interesting that NO ONE stepped up to help her. The anonymous angel who sent us these caps even claims to have heard Adam or Andy chuckling behind the camera.
Anyone who happened to screen-record B.O.B.’s hamming it up with Audio is asked to please send it to StickyDrama.


  1. chelsea’s beautiful and if she doesn’t know that already then she’s not very bright.
    she’s stunning. she’s not fat. and the more you assholes portray a healthy, thin, sexy weight as being “fat”, the worse off this world is.
    stop talking shit. how many of you actually have a reason to critisize? you all are probably alot bigger than she is so get out from behind your computer, jog a little, then MAYBE you can put down other people.
    until then, stfu.
    i don’t know you chelsea but you are beautful, and you aren’t fat at all.

  2. LOL @ KIKI.
    RPP means red pants paranoia.
    adam’s fanclub as stated above. 🙂
    and yes, leave chelsea alone.
    i’m not even a fan, i wanted john hock to win the casting call but i dont think chelsea deserves this.

  3. The most interesting things to come out of the whole SXSW thing is stuff like this.
    Stickam is failing hard at broadcasting this thing. Cameras sucks, sound quality sucks, audio’s own live looks and sounds better.
    I love how Adam leaves her hanging during this “interview” but he’s all over the camera in others.

  4. Actually if you had seen this they were complimenting her…not saying she was fat…they were talking about how hot she was and she was embarrassed.

  5. Leave audio the fuck alone people. She is a thin, beautiful, sweetheart. She doesn’t deserve this shit from any of you. You are all fucking jealous malicious nobodys. Go get a fucking hobby rather than try to spread a dumbass jealous opinion…

  6. i cant believe all you people talking crap about audio.who gives a shit if she’s fat or gay but hell,i still think she’s amazingly beautiful.and to the asshole saying she should develop an eating disorder,STFU.i’ve gone through that,and its not a f-ing joke.leave her alone and maybe she can/will try to enjoy whats left of her sxsw tour thing

  7. ok.. Chelsea knows me better than that … she knows I wouldn’t call her names, specially fat .. soooo.
    here is proof .. chelsea. first time we spoke on the phone was a while ago… we talked about all the blogs at the time were writing about u.
    Once i asked u to call me. I believe in Lushes room and ur mom was on the phone. and she wouldnt get off. and I told u to hit her and call me. =]
    ALSO, u called me from SxSW with curtis, frankie and dennish.. and left me a drunk voice mail. I saved it. LOL.

  8. She’s not fat, at all. She’s average size. I’m not a fan of Chelsea, either, but she’s beautiful, and to keep dragging this out over her WEIGHT is awful and ridiculous. And to the person who said she needed an eating disorder? YOU’RE A FUCKING MORON.

  9. i’m not a fan of chelsea but this is so stupid. she isnt fat nor chubby, stop trying to put her down to make yourselves feel better.

  10. i was in the room for this.
    this wasn’t that interesting.
    stickam is getting too clean now.
    stickydrama is running out of good material.

  11. I feel bad that everyone is hating on her.
    She isn’t fat.
    She doesn’t even look fat.
    She looks really cute on cam.
    This is getting pretty ridiculous.
    I like stickydrama, but to keep dragging this out is pretty crazy.

  12. She’s not fat. I feel sooo bad for the poor girl. She was probably so excited to win. I bet she can’t wait to go home.

  13. That must of been extremely humiliating. Seriously you dumb fucks who keep saying she is fat are morons. Okay a few extra pounds. Like I said before she is not morbidly obese. She looks healthy.

  14. maybe this ‘ll teach her to put down the brownies and get on the treadmill.
    if you’re going to fucking use angles to make yourself look better do not get bent out of shape when people see the real you.
    can’t hide behind that lenses forever baby.
    maybe if we’re lucky she’ll develop an eating disorder… she could sure use one.

  15. yes lets blame adam because chelsea can’t take care of herself…how about no…these things happen..its not like they made fun of her with some prior knowledge to the fact that she utilizes the angles to appear differently on her internet photos…and I’m pretty sure that by “Hams” they were using some lame ass slang term for her tits….if you saw the video you’d understand…but then again, since the site is full of people who want to see awful things, you’ll all believe what you want

  16. i voted for her for one reason, and one reason only. she was a SIF, and i knew SXSW would reveal this. there is nothing wrong with being fat, but trying to hide it with angles and trickery is just sad. she brought it on herself, js.

  17. poor audio.
    those assholes, the whole lot of them down at sxsw.
    and thats pretty much a dickmove for adam not to step in and help her out.
    shes not fat.

  18. This poor girl can’t possibly be having a good time there. Granted she got the prizes, but with all this s@#t about her weight and now the people she is there to interview are harassing her, I won’t be surpised if this whole thing turns out bad.

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