Alright not really. But fucking close enough. His blonde cunt of a girlfriend Samantha made the outrageously hot but pathetically pussywhipped Dennis Hegstad delete his Stckam account.
Dennis explained that Samantha didn’t like how much time he was spending online, and the unspeakably evil bitch even objected to his real-life socializing with friends from Stickam; his partying at SXSW was the proverbial straw that broke the whore-camel’s back. So in order to smooth things over with her, Dennis deleted his account, and online sodomy might not ever be as enjoyable again.
In memorial, we here post our favorite images of the delicious boy:
Woe, a thousand times woe unto cocksuckers, who might never again be treated to the sight of his yummy body, tight undies, and face handsome enough to make us forget about sucking cock for 2 seconds. Why God, why?


  1. holey shit honestly i almost cried when i saw the headline. don’t fuckin scare me like that. yea me and dennis arnt on good terms but i do love the boy and he’s too cool for stickam. just wow i thought he was actualy dead.

  2. mygif
    omg said, March 17th, 2008 at 12:44 pm
    ummm hes kissing audio!!!!!!
    >>>thats cus shes a FAGHAG.

  3. you should change this articles name. he’s not really dead, far from it. you just want to catch peoples attention, which obv works. but in a pathetic way. it’s not the end of the fucking world, geez.

  4. p.s; that means = talk shit now!

  5. i don’t think having / not having a stickam is a valid reason for “not having balls”. but hey, to each his own.
    it’s not a big deal, i could honestly careless about it, and this is the last post i’m gonna say about it.
    my girlfriend didn’t tell me , nor did she ask me to delete my stickam. i just told her i would because it doesnt mean anything to me, and she means a lot to me.
    = my reasoning.
    i have a life, i have friends and i love … all of them.
    and if you want to see any pictures of what i “really” look like, just look at the SXSW pictures / videos.
    and hey, to everyone who was cool with me / has met me…
    you know who i am / how i act in person, since i come across as a “druggie” on stickam, yet in person … i’m not like that.
    ask frankie donjae (frankie) , commentcurtis (curtis, audiowh0rgasm (chelsea) , or the few others who have met me.
    but hey, until the day i might possibly make a new stickam …
    … take it easy people, deuce.

  6. you guys…. not worries.
    his neck was too big for his shoulders… his whole head was too big for his body
    so pretty much its ok if we never see him again

  7. i typed in the bar, walked away from my computer to get some food. when i came back, the title of this post was the farthest my screen would show without scrolling down. I shit in my diaper for a minute. Dennis is my buddy. i love him

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