Many thanks to a Frowndr admin for sending StickyDrama this cute little gem, which we couldn’t resist posting right away.

Frowndr’s admin explained, “I found this profile of Chris Crocker on Grindr (iPhone application for gay men to meet and hook up), and posted it to my website.  He claims to be a top… uh huh….  On the application, its sorts users by distance, so the other user that is closest to you shows up first. It also shows you how far away someone is, so say, if you are in the same store with someone, it will show them as Zero feet away.”  StickyDrama has a Nokia, so we’ll just take his word for it.
While we’ve all seen Chris at less than his best, StickyDrama was shocked that he would use such a stubbly unwashed picture for his profile.  Since the app is designed for mobile users seeking impromptu encounters—for which the e-famous femme might not have any opportunity to shit, shower and shave—perhaps he wanted to give potential hookups a realistic idea of what they were getting themselves into (so to speak).


  1. is he supposed to get a laser treatment so he doesn’t grow facial hair? I’m sure shaving your face daily is a hassle. Fail fucking post, go troll on something lol worthy.

  2. Boy George beat up that hooker, BH likes little boys… so I guess it’s possible Crocker likes being the butch.

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