Amor Hilton seems to want the entire online world to know what idiot she was for bringing a sexual predator into her life. Keep them bulletins coming, sweetie!
StickyDrama has some difficulty understanding the nature of 17-year-old Amor’s relationship with 19-year-old John Hock. Apparently he can “force” her to move to Chatsworth, but not to refrain from posting bulletins that reveal what a hopeless mess their lives have become.
It is not without a smirk that StickyDrama recalls Tiiffany Toast’s summary of her experience with John Hock, when she was 15 years old:
Amen, Tiffany. Amen.


  1. funny haha. i love how half the people on here comment about tiffany like they actually know her. try, i do. known her for a good fucking minute too. like personally know her dumbasses. not over the internet. ha. and i think its EXTREMELY funny how you think you know the situation, when honestly the only ones who do are john and tiff. so grow the fuck up people. this is ridiculous. ha.

  2. tiffany is so fucking ugly john could do so much bette like srsly i wanna lick my finger and wipe off her eyebrow.

  3. kinda funny that i havnt even seen my own video =] haha
    i really dont fucking care if its out its out wtf can i do about it all i can do is sue the shit out of whoever post it ! so whatev no use in makeing a fuss about it but it really fucking sucks
    and to you above me theres no proof that im a slut because im not gtfover yourself

  4. LOL at tifanny’s video. your video makes me puke and once again that video proof that you are a SLUT.

  5. i myself live in the valley, and if i ever saw these worthless shits id beat john in the face and smear his blood all over her for being an ignorant bitch.
    out of all the regular good lookin dudes in the valley she picks the biggest faggot of em all. haha.
    all they do is complain and bitch about their lives, but don’t do shit about it. She’s definitly not a winner, but can’t she at least see her life is going nowhere and wont…?

  6. why do all of us keep reading up on this shit lmao
    Im so done with this im tired of argueing back and forth with john over shit that i know me and him could care less about
    and if amor your really pregnant im reaaaally sorry i know how you feel babe and i hope things work out
    and john i hope you and her can work shit so that if she does have a kid that it will live a good life
    this is scary im in a good mood i just got my paycheck last night $314!in 1week
    hell yeah for urban outfiters disributers!

  7. she said on her question and answer blog that john calls her a fake slut all the time!! and has made her cry so many times! yeah he seems like a winner!

  8. can we see tiffanys video again
    i wanna try to estimate how many fists you can fit up there since we fucked
    HAHAHAH dieee

  9. i dont even remember when i talk to you guys about that but i gues it was way b4 i got my laptop thats my living room =P

  10. yeah john fill out a FASA form and get a student load and go to fucking college thats what normal people do even TiffanyToast is attending college
    shouldnt that tell you something
    so im agreeing with the person up there.
    Even people who cant afford to eat are in college
    you know you can get foodstamps too john HAHAHAH
    oh wait you dont have your own address though O_o oops nvm

  11. Poor Amor I tried to warn her I really did. I miss that girl and she could have done way better. Way to go John. Way to ruin someone that actually had potential to be someone and I’m not talking about gay e-famous shit.
    Fucking idiot.
    I miss the old Amor with blonde hair. She was a badass and a good friend.

  12. Yeah Im not goinng to lie Tiffany Toast is pretty fucking hot if you ask me. Im suprised John could even get a girl like that considering what an ugly fuck he is.
    Leave the girl alone shes tight as fuck.

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