Without Newave, it was painfully obvious to all that Friday’s STC lacked its usual comedic rhythm. While a quick flash of p33n would have been enough to forever engrave the night into the minds of the several hundred cocksuckers jerking off during Adam Paranoia’s solo webcast, his pito remained confined to his trademark red pants and the show was a debacle.
Newave’s mellow presence is usually the perfect counterpoise to Adam’s exuberant outbursts, which this episode seemed to die faster than crab-lice sucking on Daniel Hilton’s AIDS-tainted blood. Adam took recourse in his weekly bag of clips, featuring such highly-respected Stickam users as InstantEulogy.com, a fat kid, Hot Mami, and a half-naked redneck soldier whose cock StickyDrama would probably not object to sucking.

Audrey Kitching was absolutely no help whatsoever, appearing about as coherent as a streetcorner hooker high on crack. Seriously, whose cock did the worthless bitch suck to get that front page banner?
And since when does anyone give a flying fuck about Roxy? Might as well have the gecko co-host while you’re at it.






  1. wow, all of this internet shit is so lame.
    i don’t know why i read all of this.
    but i <3 sticky.

  2. I’m supporting this idea all the way! I can not imagine who would disagree with it. On the whole – make posts like this more often.

  3. you guys need lives. all this crap wont matter years from now .. or should i say 10 days from now.

  4. i heard the same and considering the fact that he’s actual real friends with people who don’t like audrey and roxy, it makes sense

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