NathanAmazing finds himself in a curious position. The 16-year-old cocksucking hacker had already seen the cocks of all the online str8 boyz who would give in to his threats, and had already hacked Stickam, Myspace, email, AIM and MSN accounts of all the str8 boyz who wouldn’t.

He and his cocksucker friends then devised a new scheme for tormenting str8s. They would call straight phonesex lines pretending to be a horny female porn star, and doing a rather convincing job of it thanks to their pubescent voices. Immediately after loads were blown, the cocksuckers burst into giggles and informed the caller that the lady of his dreams was a teenage boy.


  1. This blog is simply smashing. In my humble opinion of course. As this post is rather debatable I don’t think all your blog visitors are going to agree with it.

  2. what I said wasn’t rude lol
    and this is straight from my cell:

  3. Brian, Please do not text me in the middle of the night when i am passed the fuck out being all
    “Yo i’m on stickydrama! blah blah”
    Especially when all they say about you is,”cocksucker friend” and/or “faggot”
    Really not something I’d go around bragging about lmao.

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