Where Are Her Parents?

Much online brouhaha was recently made of Jeffree Star's photo with Miley Cyrus. StickyDrama did a little research, and...

Separated At Birth?

One has a va-jay-jay and resides in upstate New York; the other lives in Southern California and, presumably, still has...

The Joy of Kicking Jeffree

Oh Dear Readers! Today was a glorious day. Jeffree Star came into the StickyDrama chatroom ... and we...

Stickam Death Threats: The Latest Trend!

The feud is back on! Jeffree Star banned Anthony Vanity from his Live Saturday night, and then brandished a...

Live Photoshop?

The pink abomination that is Jeffree Star made a rare on-cam appearance tonight. Jeffree was live but off-cam for an eternity...
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