@AnthonyVanity's Wife @DeAnnaUndead Moving On in Hollywood … With @ShaneDawson?!

Anyone following Anthony Vanity's wife DeAnna Undead on Twitter or formspring knows that the couple's marriage is on the rocks. ...

@msleadingg aka Juli Hudson in LA … with @OwnagePranks ?

Popular online entertainer and real-life coffee barista Juli Hudson was in Los Angeles this weekend visiting her good friend, popular...

Jemima Vanity


Guess Who Was At Bamboozle

Camwhores, cocksuckers, and boys whom cocksuckers want to make cocksuckers tore themselves away from Stickam this past weekend for The...

LiveVideo Soliciting Stickam Entertainers

Paul Nigher, acting on behalf of LiveVideo.com, has been approaching some of Stickam's most popular Entertainers, offering them incentives to...

Anthony Vanity’s 100K Myspace Deleted

Transsexual immigrant and aspiring recording artist Anthony Vanity, who is a mod in StickyDrama's chatroom, confirmed that his Myspace Music...

Drama Drama Drama

A curious mix of Stickam users met in Hey0oxjon's Live last night, and some good old dirt was dug up. Jon...

Anthony Vanity and Hot Mami Call a Truce

Anthony Vanity, who is a mod in StickyDrama's chatroom, tonight informed us via PM that the feud between Hot Mami...

Stickam Death Threats: The Latest Trend!

The feud is back on! Jeffree Star banned Anthony Vanity from his Live Saturday night, and then brandished a...