One has a va-jay-jay and resides in upstate New York; the other lives in Southern California and, presumably, still has a penis. But the differences end there.
From blindly bright red hair to the hideous melange of clown paint slathered atop ungraceful features, Lithium Junkie looks every bit the twin sister of worthless internet celebrity Jeffree Star.
We’re just sayin’ …


  1. Umm sorry hun, but you are a few cheeseburgers away from
    the chub club..either way, your
    sord of fucking hideous, but
    thats nothing that a good case
    of bulimia and plastic surgery
    can’t fix :]

  2. The top right picture of JStar is awful. He looks like he just stepped out of some mobile home park in Alabama. He often brags about his, so called, cosmetic procedures. It certainly doesn’t show here. If he does plan on getting something done he should start with his god-awful-crooked teeth. They are a mess, My guess is the years of tweaking is finallly catching up – meth mouth.


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