@PrettyNicki in Los Angeles With 17-Year-Old Hacker Cody Collier, aka Too Live, aka coll1er

StickyDrama was taking the subway back home from Ikea with Amor Hilton and Parker Tammen, when guess who we bumped...

Federal Jury Indicts Teenage Hacker "Defiant"

Wired Magazine and G4TV both reported that teenage hacker James Robert Black Jr, better known by his online sobriquet Defiant,...

Blonde 27-Year-Old Mother Definitely Banging Teenage Hacker Cody Collier aka "Too Live"

Like many teenage couples, Pretty Nicki and Too Live leave each other disgustingly cute love notes. Also like many teenage couples,...

Too Live, Former n0d Leader, Identified & Located

Cody Collier, known on Stickam as Too Live, coll1er and leader of the now-defunct Team n0d, has finally been found. The teenage...
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