Like many teenage couples, Pretty Nicki and Too Live leave each other disgustingly cute love notes.
[mature translation: I love my Nicki/Cody so much]
Also like many teenage couples, sometimes they have public quarrels. Such as when Cody was upset that Nicki hooked up with the late TL.
But what makes this teenage couple unlike other teenage couples is one eyebrow-raising fact: One of them is not a teenager.
Nicki is a 27-year-old single mother dating 17-year-old Cody Collier, better known by his online sobriquet Too Live. Former friends of theirs familiar with their relationship informed StickyDrama that the couple became intimate when Cody was just 14 or 15 years old. At the time, then-25-year-old Nicki had just ended her relationship with then-18-year-old d0w. While the hackers and script kiddies who comprise Nicki and Cody’s circle of friends have no great respect for the law, the illicit and unwholesome nature of the relationship created tension between Nicki and those old enough to know better—which is to say, everybody but Cody.
At first, Nicki did care what people said. So much so that she denied any relationship with Cody beyond platonic friendship. When asked what happened when she visited him, she claimed “absolutely nothing” sexual occurred.
But recently StickyDrama was sent irrefutable proof of Nicki and Cody’s sexual relationship. “Absolutely nothing” apparently includes making out in bed and grabbing each other’s tender naughty bits through their underwear. Their hair in disarray, their few clothes disheveled—wonder what they were up to?
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Confronted with the video, Nicki changed her tune real quick. She admitted to a romantic relationship with the teenager, but still she would have us believe they don’t have sex.
The video was recorded July 5, 2008—the day after Cody’s 16th birthday, according to person who recorded the video. The age of consent in North Carolina—where Cody is known to reside—is 16. Hence, the video does not depict unlawful sexual conduct.
Looking at the video, it’s quite clear the two are very close. StickyDrama wonders just how close they were BEFORE the day Cody turned 16. And we wonder whether there exists any evidence, such as plane tickets or photographs, placing them together in North Carolina prior to July 2008.
Another consideration is this: While in North Carolina it is perfectly legal for Nicki to reach under the covers and pway wiff widdle Cody’s itsy bitty widdle maaaaan, in California it is not. Cody still has not attained 18 years of age, the age of consent in California; sex between Nicki and Cody in California would be statutory rape. So we can’t help but wonder what exactly Cody and Nicki do to pass away the time when he’s staying at her apartment in Southern California, like when this photo was taken:
Our readers will furthermore notice a blurred region in the above image between Nicki and Cody. StickyDrama applied the blur in order to hide the identity of Nicki’s 4-year-old son. Her son’s appearance in the photo leads to other significant questions: Are Nicki and Cody intimate in her son’s presence? Does her son see his mother’s relationship as normal or ideal? Will her son’s sexuality be influenced by his mother’s behavior? Will her son seek out 14- or 15-year-old girlfriends when he is in his late 20s? How does her son’s biological father feel about the situation? And most importantly, exactly how big is Cody’s h4x0r p33n?
Interestingly enough, sources close to the couple suggest that Cody is the breadwinner. Using his hacker skills, and funds gained through activities which probably violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Cody treats Nicki to expensive dinners and gifts. They often take trips to New York City, where they attend Adtech conventions.
Hacker mystique aside, Nicki’s taste for forbidden flesh recalls the case of Debra Lafave. Ms. Lafave was an attractive blonde 25-year-old schoolteacher arrested in 2005 for making a man out of a 14-year-old student in her class. The “schoolteacher fantasy” appeal of the story, and Lafave’s good looks, made national headlines.
The psychologies of the two would make an interesting comparison. “I am not a sex offender,” Lafave told Dateline after she agreed to a cozy plea deal that required her to register as, you know, a sex offender. Meanwhile Nicki continues to believe that her relationship with Cody is love and not, you know, illegal.
Heaven and earth,
Must I remember? Why, she would hang on him
As if increase of appetite had grown
By what it fed on, and yet, within a month—
Let me not think on’t—Frailty, thy name is woman!—

Hamlet Act 1, scene 2, 142–146


  1. o gawd leave them alone iff they love each other its none of ure business guys….
    n they prolly see each other wen the kid is not around……did some1 of u saw him on cam wit them ecepted for that pic
    gawd ill say it again its none of ure bussiess who care about their age

  2. LOL Kirk, you remember incorrectly.
    I never posted anything about Stacy and I never had any desire or interest to do so. Cody hacked this site because Mikeyy asked him to, in turn because we posted how oRLY had hacked Mikeyy’s site:
    Stacy had nothing to do with it.
    Also, it was Eden, not me, who provided Mikeyy with Xanax:

  3. @clo you would need to learn how to spell, before you could ever hope at me giving a flying fuck what you think. and think about what you said. her son, is multilingual, because he’s been given so many opportunities. with your logic, i don’t know how that’s possible when the father’s a shitbag and nicki’s supposedly off all the time hanging out with a “15”yo… even though, when i hung out with cody, which was BEFORE he even met nicki, he was about to turn 17… so i don’t see how he just magically got younger, unless he managed to hack his age too.
    and sticky, you won’t post shit on stacy because you’re afraid. last time you did, if i remember correctly, you got hacked. and then bitched about it for months about how you were gonna get them arrested, then invited 1 to your apartment in LA where you allowed him to get so drugged up he couldn’t move :/

  4. LOL the greatest hack collier has ever done :). Kudos. He’s 15 and got a 27 yr old chick under raps RIFK <3
    Don't mind sticky he/she is just a mean person. Emphasis on he/she 🙂

  5. lol well
    i think they are adorable 🙂
    it isnt like she is 50 going for a 12 year old
    lol that would be quite distrubing.
    and hacker is quite cute 🙂
    😀 <3 and that picture with the words in it he looks really hot
    and the girl is a cute 🙂
    everyone should just fucking deal with it.not our business or concerns what other people do with their life.
    get over it and grow up.

  6. Wait if that’s not her apartment then how old is the man who owns it? Maybe he’s a rapist for having a 16 year old boy in there. No he has a 4 year old boy on his couch too! Someone call the cops they are definitely banging everyone in sight. That photo is proof!

  7. @blablabla where does it show her hanging out with 14 year old scenies? Looks like you must be reading some other post.

  8. Oh, and Sticky has EVERY RIGHT to document on STICKAM drama. So GTFO of Stickam, and don’t broadcast your life if you don’t like it, child molester. I mean Nicki. 🙂
    Didn’t mean to get so out of hand 😉

    Mhm. That’s all.
    and bitch is fucking old. Stop hanging out with 14 year old scenies! Like WTF!? You don’t feel weird, bitch??
    Gross/immature, ughh ew.

  10. ^Yes, Stacy was a source. But not the only source. It’s fair to say that several people in their circle of friends felt uncomfortable with their relationship. Stacy doesn’t give a fuck what people think about her—but other in-the-know people do.
    The photo of them together was taken during one of Cody’s visits to Los Angeles—visits primarily to “see” Nicki. But the apartment in that photo actually belongs to one of the men, not Nicki. I didn’t write that it was Nicki’s apartment, just that the photo was taken during one of Cody’s visits to see Nicki.
    I posted this because there’s a fucking video of Nicki and Cody clearly being sexual in bed. If Stacy had been dumb enough to record a video of herself sending nudes to Ac3, I’d post that too. But she didn’t. Whatever your opinion of this site, I don’t just post baseless allegations. There needs to be visual evidence like photos or videos or written admissions.

  11. Sources “close” to the two? or sources named Stacy that is jealous of the two. Your call. Stacy is not known for her truthful ways. We all remember the”omg tl raped me” story. And anyone who was there like we were back in the day knows Cody did not really know Nikki before he was 16. I’m going to go with your sources are horrible and not believe most of what is written here. That is not even nikkis apartment. I remember seeing lots of stickam people at her place and there is pictures there and that does not even look close. And Stacy sending ace nude photos when he was underage seems fishy if she’s trying to point fingers at others

  12. does she have that condition tha the orphan has where you stay 9 for the rest of your life?
    cause she seriously looks like she’s 9 years old….
    and age is just a number apparently because this girl writes like she’s 12, look at her facebook. her posts look like a little girl throwing around the word “fuck” to look cool.

  13. And by the way, I know FIRSTHAND how it feels to chase someone for two years before you get a hold of them. It isn’t totally unlikely that they waited until his birthday, js.

  14. No, but I don’t even think Cody knew Nicki that well when he was 15.
    I was around back then.
    I remember.
    And you still fail to address the situation involving Stacy and Ace…protecting your sources? How sweet.

  15. Anonymous, if Cody and Nicki’s relationship had begun when Cody was 17, you’re right—no big whoop. But people close to them have had these concerns for years, since Cody was 15.
    Are you going to say that 25 and 15 is kosher?

  16. AND BTW CLO, before you go off insulting anyone’s grasp of ANY language, you should learn to spell “opportunity.”

  17. Such a double standard. Seventeen? Really? If it was a seventeen year-old girl, most people wouldn’t even fucking care.
    Not even the point.
    Point is, nothing is proven here. You can piece together whatever you want but it doesn’t mean anything at the end of the day.
    Nicki is a great mother, and she has a pretty good fucking head on her shoulders. PRETTY SURE she can distinguish between what is right and wrong and what and WHO is the best for herself and her family.
    People also fail to mention that STACY was sending n00dz to 16-year-old Ace around this time…defense mechanism much? People are so quick to point the finger when they’re in the hotseat. It’s a distraction, folks.
    Smoke in mirrors, abracadouche, poof.
    You got NOTHIN’.

  18. @ michael peters
    i SO believe the four year old is fluent english, spanish, japanese, and sign language. because he’s clearly got so many oppertunities to be multi-lingual.

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