Posting his Myspace player was the last favor the adorable Crash Accoustic will get from StickyDrama, until he forks over his n00dz. Nipples can only go so far.

See Crash’s cock


  1. Oh, and I’m kind of thinking that you’re strumming is so accented so that you can stay in tempo, it seems like you have a hard time with that sometimes too.

  2. Crash’s music kind of just sucks. His singing is horrible and sounds like he’s singing through his nostrils, he sounds likes he strums his guitar like he’s mad at someone and has a hard time staying on pitch.
    Please Crash, if you read this, get some fucking formal training and then record some new shit…this sucks.

  3. lol crash ahte me now fer sure but i love his musoic still and i agree wit u crash about diva lol he never beg ppl for number he ask thats it n hes a good friend so dont fucking say shit about him
    miss u crash:/

  4. Diva Disaster begged for my number many times… and i still to this day refuse to give it to her. i dont like little 4 yera old brats calling me up all the time. especially when they are a big of a whore as diva. diva thinks she is so famous cuz she leaves her live open and gets views and has 2 accounts. woopie. die dive die die die

  5. I have random ass faling outs
    with this guy like 10 times a
    day. Good luck getting his cock
    sticky. As much as crash makes
    me extremely MAD, his music is
    good, and everyone should take
    a listen. He has talent. Hope
    you make it somewhere, Johnnie.
    I love you<3


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