After screen-recording softwares like SnapzProX and Camtasia, breakups are probably StickyDrama’s best source of dirt and n00dz. So it was with great jubilation that we received news of Tomy Toolshed’s breakup with his girlfriend of almost 4 months, Britni.
Both sides leapt into a trash-talking of the other, with Tomy’s being the most vituperative. Apparently he was outraged that Brini had gone Private with Dylan Maniac, a mutual friend of Tomy & Brini. Tomy accused her of “stripping” for Dylan; Dylan & Britni claim everything was harmless chat, and they just wanted some privacy from cappers.
Things took a vicious turn, first when Tomy declared multiple times that Britni’s pussy stinks “like a sewer” and offered to send StickyDrama more of her n00dz. (She has many floating around online.) Then Dylan chimed in, describing how Toolshed shamelessly couched-surfed from Sammantha in Chicago to Britni in Florida. The exploitative picture Dylan painted of Tomy is far darker than the lovey-dovey one found on Tomy’s Myspace, in which he professes his love for Britni:
Then it was Britni’s turn to spill the beans to StickyDrama. In addition to sending us new n00dz of Tomy, she detailed how he would frequently slap her on-cam, and ran up a $300 phone bill on her account talking to other girls and fighting with Stickam’s cutest Jew, Elliot Ben. She also confirmed that her parents demanded that he leave their home, due to his inability to hold down a job.
Please see our n00dz section, for the n00dz of both Tomy & Britni.
The follies of the heart are so delicious to follow, and those on Stickam are the tastiest of all.


  1. apparenty he lives in a sewer. or just another sluts home since he cant get his ass to go to school and get a real job

  2. i use to be a fan
    of Britni untill this goof came along he she stoped coming online because he was always live. i also know when he first was suppose to go to florida he deciede not to making her waste money on a plane ticket. hes a complete jerk

  3. Thank god I don’t have a boyfriend as obssesed with computers as Tomy. I can’t imagine someone getting mad at me cause of private chatting LOL Grow up and get a real life and a real job!

  4. also girls if you say oh its tomy toolshed i had to help him, im such a fan. guess what, ive been there. its nothing special. its not worth the trouble.

  5. yeah finnaly she realizes. i told her from the begining i dont wanna see her get hurt the way he hurt sammantha. im not worried about tomy’s feelings. hes a complete loser in my opinion. he goes from girl to girls cause they hoplesly fall for him and uses them. he doesnt have to work all that much. he get their phones and uses them. i took him in as a favor for britni when the whole sammantha thing happened, he sat on stickam and when we got kicked out we went to my dads and all he complained abot was the computer. he ramed my cell billl to like 364 dollars. and i baught him ciggerattes and shit. and he said he would pay back, i havent seen the money or heard from him at all. hes a cheater, jerk and user.

  6. Tomy’s got no tool in his shed.
    His dick is like 4 inches.
    No wonder that cunt of a wannabe ditched him

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