StickyDrama can be somewhat stubborn.
It would doubtless bring us more traffic if we focused our gossip-mongering on the banal press releases of real celebrities, instead of the outrageous follies of nobodies. For example, we don’t find anything particularly lulzy in the so-called “racy” photos hacked (or should we say leaked) from Miley Cyrus; but we take exquisite delight in Audiowh0regam’s response to whoever Photoshopped her previously released n00dz.

As of this post, the pseudo-n00dz are still linked on her own Myspace profile—below the Stickam gif in her General interests. Meanwhile on her Stickam profile, she has a new song about the latest Miley Cyrus hack. Is Audio the next Weird Al Yankovic?


  1. Heard of a gym ?
    How could you look so fucking fat in the first picture and then anorexic in the 2nd ?
    You probably photo shopped the 2nd yourself, the picture looks lighter anyways. Way to cover the lower half of your tummy which is the fat with the paper.
    Your just an attention whore, right when your name was starting to disappear you do this to yourself.
    Maybe if you weren’t so busy looking for your nudes and shit on the internet and being so worried about that you would look decent. Quit partying and drinking. Go taker yoga or something, cut out the Macdonalds.

  2. OK! This girl is NOT skinny,
    but she is NOT fat.
    She IS sucking it in. Look how unporportionate her arm looks
    to her abdomin in the side angle pic. She has no muscle tone becuase of how deep her belly button goes in in the
    first pic.
    She probably stopped eating for a couple days to take these pics becuase she WAS bigger during SXSW.
    Honestly chelsea, for you to
    actually care that much about an internet image is pathetic. For you to continue to take nudes of yourself, is dumb.
    If your fat or w/e, be happy
    with what u are. To be that insecure about ur self just shows weekness and thats why
    everyone bullshits with you. Thats why sticky drama LOVES TALKING about you.
    ur 18, ur an adult, grow the
    fuck up.

  3. we all see the wrinkly, mushy fat hangin’ off your sucked in belly. why do this anyways? she must have been depressed, locked away in her room when she saw that her n00dz were all over the god damn place and thought hey. maybe i can make my own pictures and suck it in and show eryone. chelsea. we can see your fat face. now go cry for a couple months. plotting on how you can prove everyone wrong. your fat, try slim fast.

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