Darren Shuman, a friend of Nick of Radiation Year, was crashing over at StickyHouse for a few days.  For a little while, Amor Hilton badly wanted him to rummage around her vag.

But then the fancy took him to remove his half-inch labret piercing and show us a hole that nobody would touch.  Not even Amor.  Still, we had the fortitude to whip out our handy dandy videophone and recorded what we consider to be quite possibly the grossest video ever posted here.  Yeah, grosser than that girl who let her dog eat her pussy, grosser than the bitch with one arm fucking her boyfriend, even grosser than that video of some fat faggot breaking a glass bottle up his ass.
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Most labret piercings are much smaller than a half-inch, mostly because labret’s don’t stretch.  In order to fit a whopping half-inch gauge into his labret, Darren made the wise decision to have that section of his face cut out with a scalpel.
Ah, youth.


  1. labrets will actually stretch. it just takes time. the way that darren did it is the proper way to achieve a spaced labret. most modification artists are entirely capable of reversing any procedure with minimal scarring. darren is a good friend of mine, and a phenomenal piercer. his labret is well maintained, I should know, after all, im the one that cut it for him
    oh, and to the retard that said piercers don’t make money. you don’t know what your talking about, shitty piercers don’t make money. professionals do.

  2. Skye you want Darren, admit it! Second off Darren’s my best friend, and he’s an award winning piercer and makes a fuck ton of money doing it.

  3. i wonder how much jizz the matress amor fucks on has… poor sticky house probably reeks of cigs, bad breath and clownwhore pussy

  4. he’s a babe, and i’m not grossed out at all by that empty labret hole. he and his ears are sexy as shit.

  5. @Anon 11:53
    Professional piercer doesn’t really count as a career dude.
    Managers at fast food joints make more than most piercers.

  6. @spaz
    No, I’m getting a hard-on because of your sad excuse of replying with anything intelligent.
    You fail at life and intelligence, sir/madam.

  7. “I counted 4 toothbrushes in a pot, and one on the counter, so that’s 5 refugees plus Amor = 6.”

  8. he’s actually a professional piercer. not some toolbag with no future. I’ve actually had alot of work done by him. he’s very good, and very clean actually.

  9. @spaz
    No, that doesn’t count as a win for you. You’ve also just made yourself look like more of a retard.
    You don’t know what BME is, yet you commented ‘Oh yeah, the BME which gave us the video of a guy cutting off his cock and balls.’ which means you either have an idea of what BME is, or you talk shit about things that you have no idea of and claim to know what they are. So, you fail.
    I say that counts as an EPIC FUCKING FAIL for you.

  10. I don’t know what the fuck BME is and I didn’t know that video was fake.
    I still say that counts as a win for me.

  11. @spaz,
    A) The video was fake. The guy who filmed it used a fake dick and balls and even showed it at the end of the original video, but it was edited out.
    B) BME didn’t make the video. Whoever put it on the internet called it the BME pain olympics because people would actually think it was real. The fact that you thought it was real proves how much of a moron you are. The video has never even been hosted on BME, so you are indeed retarded.
    Fucking stupid closed minded dumb ass.

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