So fine, Mama, you don’t think it’s necessary to curtail Kiki Kannibal’s internet usage, or even to monitor it. Granted, she’s already a lost cause.
But what absolutely amazes StickyDrama is that you have Kiki supervising her younger sister Dakota, who claims to be 15 but seems significantly younger. We wonder how many pedophiles have jerked off to this video of the two of them stripping to Britney Spears, recorded on Easter Sunday no less:

StickyDrama understands that no parent can watch one child, let alone two, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. HOWEVER, when millions of people have seen your underage daughter’s goodies, it might be prudent to exercise some caution. Seriously, has anyone on Stickam and Myspace NOT seen Kiki’s privates?
This video was recorded by Just Jeremy while StickyDrama was in Louisiana; that’s his gay-ass voice at the end, although he claims to be str8. Kiki’s e-squeeze Hey0oxjon promptly shut off Jeremy’s internet in revenge. At least chivalry ain’t dead.


  1. Jon, lastly, while your on this stupid power trip and being busy being a complete nasty fuck, remember to remember the lies you tell people. You aren’t very good at what you do if you can’t even remember the bullshit you spew to people. BTW, the comment about how his dad speaks to him and where his mom sleeps is very true. I guess their problems are showing up in the kid. Jon, you aren’t cool, and you aren’t as intelligent as you think you are; you are just mean, abusive, and a control freak. (ie CYBER_BULLY). I’d love to talk to you in ten years and see how shitty a life you are having because at the rate you are going, you will be making those around you miserable, and it will come back to you. I used to think you were just a poor geek, but then I realized you are not. You are a lonely, mixed up, twisted creep. Geeks and nerds have so much better hearts than you. You are like the psycho kid that tortures animals in the backyard and laughs about it. Get some help kid.

  2. Psssh, Jon was never really kiki’s e-squeeze. Are you kidding me? His white trash dad be too busy yelling at him telling him “you don’t fucking know how to make food” and probably slapping him around a bit for Jon to have any stable, normal relationship. Yeah, Jon’s momma is too busy sleeping on the couch because she can’t stand Jon’s dad. Like father like son I guess. Jon, everyone with a brain knew you were a little shit who just had to spam Kiki’s room with your shitty hax thing. Did you ever stop to think what kind of person does that kind of shit? A creepy, self-absorbed, mixed up little boy who is on a power trip. Karma is a bitch Jon, and it will eventually catch up with you Jon. Something bad will happen to you because you do bad things to people, and you think it’s “okay”. You always have some lame ass excuse to hurt people. Well, there’s no justification for what you do Jon even in your mixed up head. You call yourself Chivalrous? Do you honestly believe your own crap? Nice guys wouldn’t leave derogatory comments against their girlfriends up. Nice guys don’t even bother about lying about something so simple as how long you played guitar. You told Kiki seven years, yet on your stupid You tube you say two years. Nice guys don’t go around hacking people that piss them off. Seriously, Kiki never gave a shit who you hacked or even if you did. She’s not like some other vindictive bitches out there. Well, in the end, you ended up showing your true colors, and they were nothing but muddy shit.

  3. well “hey0oxjon” it’s been a few days and my internet hasn’t been shut off yet… i guess this proves you can’t really do shit, which i already knew. peace.

  4. I love how people call her an attention whore and other rude names….
    When your the one giving her the attention by even posting what you think.
    Shes “e famous” for a reason.
    Her haters have helped her out.

  5. Its funny how everyone is attacking kiki but she only responds to my stuff lol i luv it.TO KIKI: u know how many lil racist white chicks i have been with that said they would never date a black guy?!?lol,Ho if u met me i would have u suckin my dick and i would prolly screw u then i would not even call ur skinny ass the next day.yep the very ones that say nigger this and nigger that be riding my nuts when they leave daddy’s house and are in college.

  6. ANONIMOUS said, March 26th, 2008 at 12:43 am
    Lol, who is this Hey0oxjon queer? I never heard of him but he certainly can?t ?hack?. None of these so called stickam hackers can. and I don?t care if he thinks he has my IP either he doesn?t and he wouldn?t be able to do anything with it anyway.
    You sure about that? :[
    DRDos these are mostly ip based.
    these also shut your net down =[
    hold on sir i’ll show you >.<

  7. its kinda weird a 16 yr old is dancing in a bra but it seems like dakota is always treated bad like she always has to wear a ugly mask or bunny suit

  8. lmfao. Everyone’s like fucking 12 eh? I’m not a kiki fan, infact I am banned from her room. BUT grow up, she’s dancing in her underwear so what. I do it too. Though I don’t choose to do it on cam infront of stickam and old perverted guys. I will admit that probably wasn’t a smart move kiki ;], but come on people, you’re acting like she has a strip pole in the middle of her room and she’s baring all. Stop being such stupid fucks.

  9. Lol, who is this Hey0oxjon queer? I never heard of him but he certainly can’t “hack”. None of these so called stickam hackers can. and I don’t care if he thinks he has my IP either he doesn’t and he wouldn’t be able to do anything with it anyway.

  10. but dez your always going to be be a nigger and a fag.
    I’ll be able to get into l.a clubs.
    You’ll be able to get into Homo cotton clubs.

  11. what’s so wrong about this?
    she and her sister are clothed…
    and they are mearly dancing with funny lil masks on…
    it’s for comedy, not pervertedness…
    kiki is entertaining.

  12. people only hate her cuz she tells it like it is. like with that fight with that fat girl shes fat kiki said it. shes pretty and skinny and knows how to bank off it. im sure shes nice in real life. idk. but you all just hate cuz she gets more attention then you. you say shes an attention whore but thats all stickam is. you sit on cam and let people look at you, we dont go live in hopes no one comes in.

  13. in 5 yrs, kiki will have aids, and live life as a failing pornstar turned dancer in a dive joint. her vag is already so loose she can be fisted without lube by 5 grown men… her mommy must be proud…

  14. LOL i’m pretty sure kikis mom was in her room while this was happening egging her on. shes always there when kikis live. someone needs to put some sense into mama kannibal.

  15. Have any of you clicked onto the fact, your giving her the exact attention she wants? 51 posts simply because a teenage girl danced around in her underwear to get attention… and surprise, surprise it got attention. Shes hardly the first girl under 18 to dance around half naked on a cam! I applaud you all for giving her what she wanted. I expect she is readng all these posts and lapping it up. Maybe NOT feeding her ago would the answer?

  16. Fine. But My Point Is Prescinding From That. Though I’m Sure You Haven’t Monitored Her Speech For As Long As She Has Been On The Internet. The Point I’m Making Is, She Is By NO Means “Sweet”. I Listened To Her Once For 10 Minutes And She Spent The Entire Time Talking About How A Girl Was Ugly Because Her Nose Was Big, Amongst Other Things.

  17. Although I’ll agree Kiki’s conversations on Stickam are far from June Cleaver, she’s not this racist, homophobic, or bigot that people make her out to seem.

  18. Have Any You That Are Defending Kiki Ever Listened To Her Speak For More Than 10 Minutes? This Girls Basis Of Conversation Is Talking About And Insulting Others. She Can’t Go 11 Minutes Without Spewing Some Discriminatory Rhetoric Against Someone On Stickam. She Is Not “Sweet”, And She Is Definitely, Absolutely, Not “Hot”.

  19. oh i forgot she called me a nigger ..racism dont bother me and im not gay my GF looks way better than her.i think its funny..shes from florida and everyone knows florida is like a redneck version of california.

  20. E, please leave you assumptions about me to yourself. I am not “ass kissing.” I’m simply expressing my views. If you don’t like it, don’t read my posts. It’s simple.

  21. i got bored half way through reading all these, but to whoever it was who said kiki seems smart and mature is an ass, kiki regularly promotes racist and xenophobic slurs at none american people who venture into her room. something her mother condones. she hurls abusive stereotypes at people, when she doesnt know them atall. she is neither smart nor mature, and her parents dont do a fine job if her mother encourages her to say what she feels. allbeit of a discriminatory nature.

  22. Kiki is an ugly anorexic whore and so is her sister…they are both very annoying, and kikis ex looks like a fag…look at his gay ass hair style

  23. thank god someone has a brain. shes internet famouse that will not get her V.I.P in a club in LA…they will look at her like…bitch what the fuck are u get to the back of the line..nahh u no what..GTFO!!

  24. Kiki is an attention whore, no news there. sarcasticpanic stop fucking defending kiki’s ass, this serious asskissing business you’re doing.. Not working. At all.

  25. And it’s sick when 24 year olds who have nothing better to do than go into a 16 year old girl’s room and record her dancing with her sister. That’s a problem. That’s bad. And that needs to be taken care of.

  26. Why do people keep bringing up her nudes? It was a lapse of judgement and I’m sure everyone has them. She’s not perfect. She doesn’t claim she is, nor does anyone else. She’s dancing, big deal. Get over it.

  27. actually i do the same
    and people do worse
    it’s not gonna matter in a while anyway
    she’s acually funny
    when she’s not talking like a lil annoying LG

  28. its just some 16 yearold attention whore…she want ever really be anything..u know why..cause everyone has already seen her noods so she want be in playboy and shes not entertaining…so she want be an actor.she could use about 20 extra pounds.I went into her room one time..and its really is…she wishes to be like audrey kitching and hannabeth someday…oh please never compare this girl to Miley Cyris nor Britney Spears she doesn’t have a lick of talent..the only thing she has is her dad’s credit card and a fan base of pedos and 15 yearold… BAM BITCH!

  29. idc what they were doing i think kikis funny as hell and people should be able to do whatever the fuck they want hell ive even stripped on cam with all my friends.
    big deal

  30. lmfao
    i secretly love kiki kannibal
    i think shes funny n mean
    but when shes mean to me
    so i was mean to her
    for christ sakes shes just dancing but i do have a thing to say about DOKOTA
    why is that bitch always wearing ugly mask???
    shes like 12 i swear
    or whatever kikis real name is

  31. eww and you can hear him pouding icecream into his fat jelly belly by the sounds of the spoon slammmin against the bowl

  32. ewww what a fag, you recorded me without permission
    thatsss illegalll! and plus youre 24, um ew exactly 8 years older than me and thats illegal too!!

  33. Oh, yeah because it’s suddenly “mature” to dance around in your underwear and bra like you’re on drugs.
    There’s no way she’s mature.
    She just wants to pretend she is.
    I feel embarrassed for them.

  34. shes just a net celeb..nobody really cares..anyway..her sister is ugly as hell though..and i dont want to see those nudes..eww..but for real though..its just a video of them being retards..who cares.

  35. just great Brittney Spear’s protege
    Next she’s gonna be holding Dakota hostage in the bathroom and running off and marrying Hock!!
    Someone please put a leash on this chick before she ends up in an asylum singing “overprotected”

  36. I feel bad for Dakota she has a lot of potential. Someone should take that child away from the crazy Kannibals. Kiki is trailor trash and she probs always will be.

  37. LOL@SarcasticPanic
    “She?s not flashing or exposing her body in anyway.”
    Srsly have you seen half the videos on sticky drama, not to mention the others that have been screened? Not to mention her n00ds floating around out there, hahaha
    As for her mother, well..Im not gonna touch that one..I dont even know where to start with her. But I wish my mom was as cool as her…so I could be a bitch too

  38. Kiki Has The Body Of A 12 Year Old. She’s Ugly In The Face, And She’s An Absolute Bitch. Videos Like This Epitomize What Is Wrong With Parenting These Days.

  39. Oh ok, it’s ok for a 15 year old to dance half naked in front of god knows how many people in her live?
    The bitch is a nasty attention whore and her parents need some sense slapped into them.

  40. Kiki’s hot, and her sister is funny. She seems like a very smart, and mature beautiful young girl with a lot of haters. But dance with some clothes on cutes, people talk shit, and if you’re really not all they say, why don’t you try to prove them wrong AND not to give them something to talk about.

  41. i would fuck kiki’s asshole without any lube, i’d use her tight asshole to jerk off my rather large errect penis. then i would shove it down her throat and make her choke on it.

  42. hot??? Kiki an ugly is an ugly 12 year old slut with nudes and every time I see her sister she acts brain dead.

  43. Yeahhh, It’s not that big of a deal because shes not flashing or showing anything, BUT It’s fucking retarded to go live knowing how many cr33py ass pedoz, and you’re going to dance all stupid and half naked,
    But whateverrrrrrrr.

  44. She keeps it classy. It really isn’t that big of a deal. She’s not flashing or exposing her body in anyway.

  45. yea thats not bad… there is nothing strange about dancing on cam for tons of strangers in nothing but your bra and panties! yeah thats normal… UMM not where i come from! she is such an attention whore is makes me sad for her. foreal.
    keep it classy!

  46. She’s not doing anything bad. She’s dancing with his sister, big deal. And obviously I do not know Kiki’s mother personally, but from what I’ve heard, I can infer she and her husband are fine parents. Stop criticising her mother. She’s proved to be a great mom.

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