So fine, Mama, you don’t think it’s necessary to curtail Kiki Kannibal’s internet usage, or even to monitor it. Granted, she’s already a lost cause.
But what absolutely amazes StickyDrama is that you have Kiki supervising her younger sister Dakota, who claims to be 15 but seems significantly younger. We wonder how many pedophiles have jerked off to this video of the two of them stripping to Britney Spears, recorded on Easter Sunday no less:

StickyDrama understands that no parent can watch one child, let alone two, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. HOWEVER, when millions of people have seen your underage daughter’s goodies, it might be prudent to exercise some caution. Seriously, has anyone on Stickam and Myspace NOT seen Kiki’s privates?
This video was recorded by Just Jeremy while StickyDrama was in Louisiana; that’s his gay-ass voice at the end, although he claims to be str8. Kiki’s e-squeeze Hey0oxjon promptly shut off Jeremy’s internet in revenge. At least chivalry ain’t dead.


  1. Jon, lastly, while your on this stupid power trip and being busy being a complete nasty fuck, remember to remember the lies you tell people. You aren’t very good at what you do if you can’t even remember the bullshit you spew to people. BTW, the comment about how his dad speaks to him and where his mom sleeps is very true. I guess their problems are showing up in the kid. Jon, you aren’t cool, and you aren’t as intelligent as you think you are; you are just mean, abusive, and a control freak. (ie CYBER_BULLY). I’d love to talk to you in ten years and see how shitty a life you are having because at the rate you are going, you will be making those around you miserable, and it will come back to you. I used to think you were just a poor geek, but then I realized you are not. You are a lonely, mixed up, twisted creep. Geeks and nerds have so much better hearts than you. You are like the psycho kid that tortures animals in the backyard and laughs about it. Get some help kid.

  2. Psssh, Jon was never really kiki’s e-squeeze. Are you kidding me? His white trash dad be too busy yelling at him telling him “you don’t fucking know how to make food” and probably slapping him around a bit for Jon to have any stable, normal relationship. Yeah, Jon’s momma is too busy sleeping on the couch because she can’t stand Jon’s dad. Like father like son I guess. Jon, everyone with a brain knew you were a little shit who just had to spam Kiki’s room with your shitty hax thing. Did you ever stop to think what kind of person does that kind of shit? A creepy, self-absorbed, mixed up little boy who is on a power trip. Karma is a bitch Jon, and it will eventually catch up with you Jon. Something bad will happen to you because you do bad things to people, and you think it’s “okay”. You always have some lame ass excuse to hurt people. Well, there’s no justification for what you do Jon even in your mixed up head. You call yourself Chivalrous? Do you honestly believe your own crap? Nice guys wouldn’t leave derogatory comments against their girlfriends up. Nice guys don’t even bother about lying about something so simple as how long you played guitar. You told Kiki seven years, yet on your stupid You tube you say two years. Nice guys don’t go around hacking people that piss them off. Seriously, Kiki never gave a shit who you hacked or even if you did. She’s not like some other vindictive bitches out there. Well, in the end, you ended up showing your true colors, and they were nothing but muddy shit.

  3. well “hey0oxjon” it’s been a few days and my internet hasn’t been shut off yet… i guess this proves you can’t really do shit, which i already knew. peace.

  4. I love how people call her an attention whore and other rude names….
    When your the one giving her the attention by even posting what you think.
    Shes “e famous” for a reason.
    Her haters have helped her out.

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