Naive underage girls encountered an obstacle yesterday when attempting to vote for everybody’s favorite statutory rapist. John Hock’s profile on MTV’s online Paris BFF contest now redirects to Mikeyy’s commecial website, as well as flashing the bold declaration “Mikeyy is God..!”
The rapist is not too upset: Mikeyy’s script auto-votes for Hock just before the re-direct. But MTV might be less understanding. Whereas Mikeyy has not destroyed or defaced any of MTV’s data, the use of such a script on MTV’s site could still be considered copyright infringement, interfering with business activities, and stealing potential ad revenue. Whether or not the rapist had given Mikeyy permission is irrelevant; the site is property of MTV.
To best view the redirect, we suggest playing this video in full-screen:

Profiles with scripts have not survived for long on the BFF site: the ravishing Tiff84 was removed today, after leading the pack with over 200,000 votes.


  1. Defacing a website in any way shape or form is elegal including redirects with out permission of the owner.Yes he broke the law.

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